My fanfiction about (obviously) Leah Clearwater. Enjoy my Midnight Storms-


Leah! Get up!

I groaned and rolled over on my back.

Cmon! Youre so lazy! You always sleep in like this!

Shut up Seth I wanted to yell back. Who wants to get up on a Saturday? Not me, thats for sure.

Dont make me have mom get you up!

I was defeated. She dumps water on you if you dont get up.

I sat up and ran my fingers through the hair that what sticking in my eyes. Im coming! I screeched, angrily.

I reluctantly stood and walked into the kitchen. There stood Seth at the microwave, pulling out some bacon. Ugh, why bacon? Is that all he was able to eat these days? And microwaved? I
shuddered at the thought of the taste.

I trudged over to the cabinet and stood there. How much had he eaten before the bacon? I went shopping yesterday and the first couple shelves were almost empty.

I ended up grabbing two Pop tarts and stuck them in the toaster. I wasnt hungry, just tired. It was Saturday and Sam didnt need us. But, of course Seth just has to get
me up at what time? Eight-thirty? I glanced at the clock; no, it was eleven.
Wow, I slept in. Maybe mom woke Seth up and he didn
t want me to have to deal
with the awful, ice-cold water poured all over my bed and me. Even with my
psycho heat, it was still wet and not the way to wake up. Huh, he can be nicer
than I deserve.

I took a quick look at him. Yep, his hair was soaked and it didnt smell good, like after a shower. He does care about me more than I care about him. Man, I feel bad. He always does things for
me, but all I ever do is yell at him and get all up in his face.

I ignored those thoughts and looked down. I had fallen asleep in my white tank top and jean shorts. Ugh, I hate falling asleep in jeans, theyre so uncomfortable.

I moaned when I looked in the metal toasters reflection. My hair looked awful. I threw it up in a stubby ponytail, not bothering to do a good job.

When the toaster popped, I put the Pop tarts on a napkin and went to sit down. I sat across from Seth at our small, wooden table and laid my head on it.

I wasnt hungry, so I began picking my Pop tarts into tiny crumbs. Seth watched absentmindedly and so did I.

I finally asked him, Wheres mom? I havent seen her.

Upstairs, getting dressed.

Oh, so she could sleep in and I couldnt? Thats so unfair. But then again, she couldve just hung around in her pajamas until now.

I sighed and I picked up the napkin that held my microscopic Pop tart crumbs.

I was halfway to the trash when Seth asked, Whats with you this morning? Youre never this tired when you get up.

I gave him a sarcastic look. Oh, gee, Im not sure. Definitely not because I havent slept for two days, that isnt it for sure. I think its because a Barbie factory
is closing down. Why do you think?

He raised his hands halfway in surrender. Just asking, no need to be snappy.

I sighed again and threw away the napkin and the crumbs. Look, Seth—

Leah, dont sweat it, its fine just go back to bed.

Thanks, I need this.

I ran in my room, flopped on the bed, and was out in seconds.

Later, I woke up to an empty house, so I decided to go for a run.

When I was in the forest, I let the heat rush through me to phase.

Hello I greeted

Ugh, I was enjoying this before you joined me. I could think privately thought Jacob bitterly

I laughed. Hey, your day just got better

Why me? Why me God? He thought sarcastically.

I barked another laugh. Wanna race?


Why? Too chicken for it? I bet I could be in Canada and you could be here and we were having a race and I would run all the way from Canada and I would still beat you

He growled Id rather have Paul here making me feel all lovey and gooey about my sister

Ouch, no need to be that mean

Im not even going to put up with this, Im out He
phased and left.

Ooh, privacy in my mind. Thats never happened before

And it still hasn’t

Aw, Seth cmon! I get enough of you at home! I want Jake back! I demand a refund!

Jake was here?


Oh, whered he go?

Beats me

Why are you so crabby?

Jakes mood can spread, he was a crab today

Sup guys

Hey Embry we greeted him

Im so tired he whined

That makes two of us I replied

Up all night? Seth asked

Yep Embry replied

I wasnt up all night, but I was the two nights before, and all the next days on those nights, so Im
super tired

Oh...what? Embry asked.


Hey Quil said, joining us

Hi Quil we all said.

Whats up? He asked

Me, leaving, Im still tired I said. Then I phased and left.

I had to walk about a two miles, but I didnt care, I just hated being with so many pack members. The only time I would be with the pack like that is
when I had to.

I began to run, just wanting to get home. Well, that and I heard Sam about a mile away and I did not want to run into

I heard him coming in my direction, so I sprinted home. By the time I couldnt hear him talking, I was almost home. I ran right up to the front door, flew in and ran to my room. The
whole two miles didn
t seem like much considering how fast I ran. It
took only ten minutes.

I was walking slowly as I entered my room, taking each step carefully. I didnt want to run anymore. It was tiring. I laid down and curled in a ball. Im not sure why that was
comfortable, it just was. I fell asleep again and it was a peaceful sleep,
until the nightmare began.

It was a nightmare that wouldnt scare others as it would scare me. It was like the nightmares Jake described, that Bella had. They could only scare the
person who was having it.

Mine was a flashback. Me and Sam, happily together, I loved him and he loved me back, a happy time between us. Then, the day Emily was visiting—the horrid, treacherous day that she was visiting—Sam
came. I introduced them, but when Sam saw her, I nearly died. The way he stared
at her, it was like a blind man seeing the sun. It was horrific moment, seeing
that. I managed to yank Sam away from her and talk to him. He dumped me then,
right there, at my house, with Emily there, just after he looked at her like
that. I shoved him out the door right after that. I remembered this part the
best, so then, it got clear. I had screamed,
I slammed the door and ran upstairs. I ran in
my room and sobbed into my pillow. Emily ran up after me, horrified at my
scene. She comforted me the best she could, her perfect features filled with
worry and sadness. I sat up and leaned my head against her shoulder.
Emily, how could this
happen? He was all I ever wanted and he falls for...for...for you!
She had no idea what
happened, but she could still tell he loved her. I had spent the rest of the
day curled in a ball, with the stuffed monkey he had won me on our first date
to the carnival, pressed against my chest. I hadn
t eaten or talked all day
after Emily went home at about three, I just cried. All day I had sobbed and sobbed,
nothing else.

That was when I awoke screaming—like Bella had.

Leah! What happened?! Mom shouted, worried. She ran in. Honey, what happened?She sat down at the end of my bed.

All I could ask was, What time is it?

About eleven at night, Leah whats wrong?

A nightmare. I wouldnt tell her what it was about, not in a million years. We dont have a mother-daughter relationship like some people. Seth is the closest family member I have and hes not even that close to me.

Will you make it through the night? Im awfully tired.

I nodded. Yeah, sure.

Okay, good night Leah.

“’Night mom.

I didnt make it through the night. I couldnt. I had a total breakdown. I tried hard not to cry, but I couldnt stop sobbing. I muffled it
by the pillow, but I knew Seth could hear me. I prayed he
s sleeping because I dont want to talk to anyone.

I ended up phasing and running.

Leah? Sam thought

I phased right back. He was the last person I ever wanted to talk to. That didnt stop my running. I ran human for what seemed like forever.

I turned around and headed back home. I ran until sunrise when I reached home.

I walked in the house and ran into my room. I yanked out a bag and put clothes, a toothbrush, and shampoo in it.

I wrote a note to mom saying where I was and began running to the Cullen crypt.

2. Friends

I arrived at the Cullens at about six-thirty. I knocked on the door impatiently. Thankfully, Jake answered.

His eyes widened. Leah? Whatre you doing here?

Hey do you think your bloodsuckers care if I stay here? Like, to keep my things and eat? I dont want to be pushy, even if theyre leeches. I asked.

Um, no, I guess they wouldnt. Or you could stay at Bellas place a few miles out. She stays at her cottage with Edward and Nessie. Im positive Nessie and Bella
t mind.

Good, I need a place to stay.

Two things, one, why cant you stay home? And two, dont you have friends like Mila and Corra and stuff?

Mila and Corra were two of my best friends.

I was really being a dope. Oh, duh, well, then Ill stay with Corra. Her house takes a while to walk too; by the time I get there itll probably be about seven-thirty
when I get there.

He began to walk back. Um, okay. Bye. And he closed the door.

I hurried to Corras, knowing shes probably already up.

When I arrived, I rang their doorbell and Alicia answered.

Corra, Bree, Jordin, Alicia, Danielle, and Elena Bailez were my sextuplet friends. It was amazing I know them and they were part of a shape shifter pack, but they
were leopards and didn
t phase as often as wolves. They were all
hilarious and doing weird plays. The only problem is that they
re sixteen and they act like it. They text and gossip and
mess around, like teenagers. It still was shocking knowing that I could know
such amazing people.

Corra was dirty blond and her hair hung at her shoulders. Her light blue eyes were always full of energy and laughter. Shes tall and lean, like her other sisters. She loves her boyfriend Mason and her family. Shes my best friend.

Bree looked nearly identical to Corra, but she had brown eyes and her hair nearly reached her waist. She was by far the funniest person Ive ever met. Shell walk around making up a
funny word for the day and a random country for the week.

Jordin has long red-brown hair that is always pulled back in a messy ponytail on the top of her head. Her emerald eyes match her cat-like figure. Her gleaming,
perfect teeth stood out against her tan skin when she would grin.

Alicia had straight brown hair that was incredibly long. Her braces in a smile looked much better than some peoples. Her eyes are like her sisters, cat-like and
green. Her tall, slim figure was very delicate-looking.

Danielle looks least like anyone in her family. She had dark black hair with very tanned skin. Her deep brown eyes were like melted dark chocolate. I never see her in
the winter, because all she does is ski down the hill that
s around the corner from her

Elena looks just like Alicia, but she has elbow-length hair. She is one of the background people who I never notice. Her personality is a complete mystery,
except for her love for comedy.

Today, just looking at Alicia made me laugh. Her long hair was up in two high ponytails and she had on bulky glasses. Her outfit was even funnier; she had on
shorts pulled up high with suspenders and a button down shirt hanging out in
the places where there wasn
t something holding them back.

The first thing she said to me was, Great! Youre here; we need a time card holder!

Great. Another play; they got so weird. Uh, okay?

She smacked herself on the back of the head. Sorry, would you like to be a time card holder?

Er, not really, I just wanted to stay for the day, or night, if thats alright.

Of course it is! Dont be ridiculous, of course you can stay!

Thanks Alicia.

We stood there awkwardly for a few everlasting seconds, until she broke the ice. Do you want to come in, or are you just going to stand here?

I laughed weakly. Sure.

I walked down their long pale blue hallway, looking at every painting with close attention. A cheetah, running towards a doe, an elephant caring for her child,
two giraffes, creating a heart shape. When I saw the last—a huge black wolf—I
looked away.

I entered their chaotic living room, shocked. It was all set up for a play and it was insane. Everyone was in wild get-ups and laughing hysterically.

Corra bounded up to me. Hey Leah! You usually arent up this early, what brings you here?

My conscience. And will to be away from my brother. I laughed.

She laughed along with me, a light and airy laugh. Funny, but is that true?


Okay then.

I watched their stupidly hilarious play, then we ate, hung out, and told stories until ten. Well, they hung out and told stories; I just went along with whatever they did as coolly as possible, with
t very easy.

So Leah, whats up with you today? You havent said much.Jordin asked anxiously.

No way was I telling what happened. Nothing, just tired.

She nodded absently.

We talked a while more, and then my phone rang.

I picked it up and flipped it open. What Seth?

Leah, youll never guess what?!He said excitedly.

What?I was impatient.

I imprinted on Arianna Manes.

Then I blacked out.

3. Surprises

All I knew was, one minute, Im on the phone with Seth, and the next everyones swarmed around me with mom and Seth and everyone there.

Leah! Are you alright? Honey, hear me! Mom was saying, worried.

Sue, just give her a moment, its hard to take in something like that. It was her brother. A familiar voice said above
me. Carlisle Cullen. He had treated Seth and Jake before, and Sam had spoken to
him many times.

Carlisle, I dont mean to be cruel, but it’s been hours. Do something! Mom worried frantically.


Sue, calm down. I spoke to Alice earlier, it wont be long now.He soothed.

Would she even know who Alice is? Of course, Seth probably told her.

Whatever, honey, Leah, can you hear me?

No. I mumbled.

Oh Leah!She supported my back and hugged me.

What? I pretended to be dazed. What happened?

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