Alice looked at Jasper sadly and with tears springing from her eyes. " How could you do this to me Jasper, I loved you so much, I can't believe you would do this too me this way." She cried out. Jasper smiled. He turned to Felix and Demetri. They also smiled. Alice was hurt. " Kill her Jasper we know you want too." Jasper walked down in front of her. He drained her. Alice blacked out. She did not move anymore. Jane sent a wave of pain to her as well. Jane sent more pain to her dead body for the fun of it. " Well Done Jasper and Jane that was quite a show." Caius said. Aro smiled with delight watching this scene. Then Edward showed up and ran to Alice " WHO DID THIS TOO HER!" Edward screamed out. Demetri laughed. " Ask you so-called " Brother" Edward." He said. " Jasper, you did this?" Edward asked him. Jasper smiled and nodded looking so brave as he is. " How can you kill your own wife?" Edward asked him. " Cause I Can Edward, i'll kill you If you try anything." Jasper taunted. Demetri and Felix grimanced then laughed.

Aro loved what he was seeing, He and Marcus and Caius were all enjoying the paained look of Edward being so shocked. " This is quite very interesting my brothers Edward will join us after all." Aro told them. Caius smiled. " Leet go reel that vampire in now." So They went down there. " Why Edward you have a choice dear, Join us and Jasper or ypour family will alll die e xcept for Carlisle." Aro told him. " Felix, Demetri, Pleasego to your rooms my dears." Marcus said. They nodded and left. Carlisle came in as well. " Carlisle How Gracious to see you again my friend." Aro said. " Aro, Caius, Marcus glad to see you well as always." He said. They smiled. " We have a new additon to your family Carlsile." Caius said to him. " Why I love to see him of course." Carlisle said. Jasper stood next to Aro and Caius. " Hello Carlisle poor sweet Alice was tasty and she died so terribly." Jasper said. Carlisle was alarmed. " you sure suprised me Jasper, I shall miss you in Forks." Carlisle said to him. ' Aro and his brothers were very intrested in me I joined them becaause I wanted too." Jasper told him.

Rosalie, Emmett, Bella cam in as well and saw Jasper with The 3 Brothers. " This is very weird here again." Bella said. Rose smiled at her. " Edward, you can join us you and I would be a great team together." Aro said. " I'l ldo it Aro I will join your family." Edward said. Bella cried. Rose hugged her. " Bella It would be ok you can have Jacob now be a human again." Rose told her. Esme quieted them down. Aro smiled at EDward as he followed Aro to get him drained. " Last words for the remaining family?" Caius asked. Emmett said. " Jasper, EDward I shall miss wrestling you and miss beating you." He laughed after that. Rose glared at him. " I will miss my brother very much." Rose said. Bella said. " I shall visit often and will miss Edward." Bella ran to Esme for a hug. " Edward we will miss you and Jasper very much." Esme said.

Edward and Aro came back and he had red eyes now. " you can roomm with your brother Edward I'll chat with you sooon my new brother." Aro smiled as he and Edward both hugged. Caius and Marcus smiled. Edward stood next to Jasper. They both smiled at each other. " We will stay brothers Jasper." Edward told him. Jasper smiled. " Same Here Edward. Emmett spoke " I want to join this family with Rosalie please Aro?" Carlisle spoke. " Aro, Please My Friend Don't let them do this." Aro laughed. " Carlisle you are such a laugh sometime." Emmett and rose are staying with you they were joking." Carlisle was amused. " Rose, Emmett we are going home." They nodded.

end of Chapter 2

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Comment by Jamie Rae Cullen on January 15, 2010 at 12:21pm
I would recommend you do some proof reading. You say "so" a lot in your story and that doesnt really draw readers to it. Pick some more interesting word choice as well. And if you must go along these lines with your story, dont rush into the outcomes. In chapter one you started out with all the action and demise, If you want more people to enjoy reading this you need to work up to the action. Start out with everything being ok for a few chapters and then start going working up to all this.
Comment by megan michaels on January 28, 2010 at 6:36pm


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