MTV TwiCast Backstage Blog Post from MTV Movie Awards 2010

Some of these are hilarious!

8:13pm Inside the Gibson, show-goers are answering trivia questions on the big screen. Can you get this one right? In New Moon, when Bella first awakens, what book is next to her face?

(You all know this answer!!! If you don't you're not a Twifan!!)

8:29pm Paul Scheer is one funny dude. He's looking forward to having an "ab off" with Taylor Lautner.

8:35pm Just talked to Jaden Smith. He wants to be in a vampire movie with Robert Pattinson! Video to come!

8:54pm Peter Facinelli is catching up with Seth Green and his new bride.

8:55pm Elizabeth Reaser just popped over to join that group. Vampires are everywhere tonight!

8:58pm Taylor Lautner walking through the patio and into the Gibson. I think the show can begin now. (HAHAHAHA)

9:00pm Robert Pattinson steps out of his black SUV. Fans outside Universal tram screamed like crazy. He waved and walked
inside. Fans are still screaming!

9:10pm power. Can't type fast enough!

9:18pm Kristen Stewart is back out on the patio after her win. She's not holding her Golden Popcorn. But she's sharing a laugh with her reps.

9:20pm after a quick breather, Kstew is headed back to her seat...

9:22pm Taylor Lautner just swaggered his way through the patio.

9:28pm Robert Pattinson and I just exchanged hellos. He might come back to chat with us. Stay tuned!

9:45pm Anna Kendrick walking backstage: "Has anyone seen Kristen? Has anyone seen Kristen?" We have. She just walked to the Green Room with RPattz!

9:50pm Pauly D (Jersey Shore) just shouted at the TV for Rob and Kristen to kiss!

10:06pm Rpattz just walked through patio again. Some kisses all around.

10:31pm Bradley Cooper just gave Taylor Lautner a huge hug and said, "Awesome!"

10:53pm Robert Pattinson just stopped and chatted with us backstage. He says three awards tonight is not enough. He wants more.


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