MTV: 'Twilight' Big Focus of Movie Awards, Producer Mark Burnett Says

We already know that there are plenty of fans out there, but now MTV's Executive Producer Mark Burnett has just come out as a Twilight fan on MTV News and explains why.

“It’s important. People love the movie, love the books. I've seen nothing like it. Even when the poster was revealed it created news. But what a great thing, you know? I love when new things come out in America, and things that touch people in a positive way. There's so much negative news ... this is positive. It’s love. 'Twilight' is love, you know. It's a forbidden love story. And it’s so full of angst. And what made the first movie so great was their desire for each other and yet in the classroom scenes they’re pulling away from each other. We all get that. We’ve all been there. I love the movie, I've seen it a number of times – a number of times. It's great for us."

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Comment by CanadianLady on May 31, 2009 at 4:01am
I can't watch the video because it's not in my region, but it's nice to know that men are loving tthis movie/book too. That it has spread world wide from any age of females and males and so much talk about. I love it!!!
Comment by Chauntelle Cullen on May 31, 2009 at 4:48am
HE STOLE MY LINE! GRRRRRRRR!!! LOL I hate it when people come up to me complaining about sparkling vampires and bat vampire movies... and I am so quick (stranger or not) to turn around and just GO OFF....LOL I tell them that if they READ the book they would see that yes, it's about vampires... but MORE THAN THAT.. ITS A LOVE STORY, a FORBIDDEN love story! Catherine Hardwicke did a BAD job conveying the love in the story, I really think if she could have taken more time to grasp the Twilight Concept FIRST and made the WHOLE cast do the same, Twilight would have been a different movie! So to hear Mark Burnett GET IT, I LOVE IT! Maybe now that HE has said it, the rest of America will catch on that this is a LOVE STORY first and foremost! (wait til the people who have not read the books see New Moon and the wolves..ROFL, I can't wait for that!!!!)
Comment by TWiLiGhT FREAk on May 31, 2009 at 9:48am
omg omg omg he is my new favortie person!
thanx for loveing twilight and giving it the respect it deserves..i HATE wen ppl say they didnt get it or it was stupid or just bc alot of ppl like it that theyr not going to read it!! its bullsh*t rite there!!
u love it bc u liked it not bc other ppl are all over it! vampires r vampires! lol let edward and the rest b!
TWiLiGhT ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <333


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