My bestie is awesome!!!!!!!! (a twilight story from yesterday afternoon, lol)

I went to my friend's house in PA yesterday, for a early birthday BBQ. We had a lot of fun...and she gave me one of the best presents ever!!! She got me the Twilight umbrella!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So now I'm just waiting for it to rain to use it, lol. But omg..its sooooooooooo much prettier in person!!! I really really love it!!!

OHH..then later that day..we were all chillin in the living room after dinner. And we started talking about how her hubby wont read Harry Potter. So we started joking that she was gonna leave him because of it. And he would have to go to a divorced men's club, and be with all the other hubby's who wont read Harry Potter. So while we were all laughing at that..I was all..."ya, and all the Twilight hubby's (the ones who won't read Twilight) will be on the other side of the room." Omg..we lost it even more!!!!!!!!!! LoL!!! Then my hubby said he'd be with all those guys, LOL!!! Then my friend was like.."ya, and the HP and the Twilight guys wont be allowed to talk to each other." And I was like, "ya, they'll be seperated by a rope" But every now & then, they'll have turf wars. And her hubby was like "ya, about who sucks more..Twilight or Harry Potter", lol!! Me & my friend were just like..."BOOOO, there really needs to be a club like that for you guys!!!! "It was soooooooooo funny!!!!!!!!!!

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Comment by tet_d on April 21, 2009 at 7:55pm
The umbrella, is it really real? I mean, is this an actual photo of it? Because if it is, then LMAO - wow! It is so beautiful. It will really be useful to me here. And all the girls here will envy me. lol. Wish I can have one, too. You're a lucky gal you have a great bff there.


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