Even, though, I'm sure I've had a love for reading since I read my first book, Footprints in the Snow, when I was six or five, The Twilight Saga really helped me enjoy reading more and understand why people loved to read so much. Twilight haters, the least positive thing you can say is it gets kids and other people reading.

Anyway, since being quite open and proud of my love for books and writing, I've decided to share my book collection I have now --- and hopefully in the near future will be added to. Here goes nothing:



Have Now On Shelf :

The Warriors Saga (Only books 1-6, haven't had the chance to get the others.)

The Hunger Games Trilogy (Seeing my Profile, you'd assume I've read them, list or no list.)

The Twilight Saga (Who hasn't on Twifans.com?)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Yes, yes. But not those other types of them. There's 3 books to the ones I'm reading and they each have 3 stories in them.)

A Bend in the Road

A Soft Place to Land

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (Not a gamer, okay? Just a reader who gets drawn to books by their cover, title, or reputation.)

Shutter Island (Read the book first - then if you must watch the movie. I watched first, hated it. Read it, loved it, watched again, understood and liked it better.)

Hater (I am planning on getting book #2, Dog Blood.)


Just Listen (Seriously, if you loved Speak then you'll love/like this one, too.)

The Lovely Bones (A bit depressing? Yes. Beautiful in the end despite its horror? Yes.)

Solitary (I love this series, more than The Twilight Saga or The Hunger Games.)

Dead Until Dark (The first Sookie Stackhouse Novel. Read it, but I prefer the TV show more. Mainly seasons 1 and 2, cannot stand 3 and 4!)

Shiver (Really don't plan on reading the rest, no offense to the fans.)

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner

The Dead-Tossed Waves

Charlie St. Cloud

Ruby Holler (Young when I read this --- still a classic to me.)

Shine (Amazing.)

To Kill A Mockingbird (What can I say? It's a classic, always wanted to read it and when the chance presented itself, I went for it and haven't resented that I did.)

What The Night Knows

Secrets to the Grave

Feed (Pretty cool zombie/post-apocalyptic book)


The Vampire Diaries (Books 1-4, have the latest one on my Kindle.)



On My Kindle


Rise Again

Twisted (Awesome read it in 2 days! Shortest time I've ever read a book.)

The Girl Who Was on Fire (Yeah, it's a Hunger Games thing.)

The Replacement

Gravestone (This is the sequel to Solitary, which since I couldn't find it in stores, I happily bought on the Kindle. Better than the first!)

The Dead Path

The Resident


The Outsiders (Amazing movie, too.)

A Million Little Pieces

Speak (Need I say more?)

The Forest of Hands and Teeth

Uglies (I need the others.)

Among the Hidden (Great!)

Wicked Lovely (Once I figure out how to delete books from my Kindle, this one's a goner! Sorry to the fans.)

Living Dead in Dallas (The second Sookie Stackhouse Novel --- I just had to.)

The Shining (What else but a Stephen King novel?)

The Vampire Diaries (The "latest one" I told you about.)



Planning to Read/Buy:


Winter's Bone

Gravestone (Also on Kindle.)

Twisted (Kindle)

The Outsiders (Kindle)

Speak (Kindle)

Hangman's Curse (Awesome!)

Nothing But the Truth

Among the Hidden Series

In A Dark Place (I love --- and own --- both the Discovery Channel and Hollywood version of A Haunting in Connecticut [Discovery title] and The Haunting in Connecticut [Hollywood title].)

Lord of the Flies

Something Wicked This Way Comes

The Giver (Amazing read.)

Temptation (Solitary #3, due in 2012.)

Hurt (Solitary #4, due in 2012.)

The Exorcist

Something I Can Never Have (Solitary prequel.)

The Mummy (I love the movies, even the 3rd one, and will read these.)

Dog Blood (Hater #2.)


Great Escapes of WWII (Amazing true stories!)

Resident Evil (Once again, I am *not* a gamer; I am a reader.)




KEEP ON READIN'! ~ In Flames, The Mockingjay









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