I wanted to write this straight after i'd first seen the film, but in the excitement i'd missed half of the details i wanted to comment on, so now after three viewings i think i can safely say i can give an honest opinion on it! 


Like basically everyone else on here, i was in awe of it to begin with - the wedding, the honeymoon, the entire pregnancy, the wolves, the birth scene, the soundtrack, just the whole film blew me away, and was the complete opposite of what i was expecting. I thought due to the age rating it was going to toe the line, but it pushed all the boundaries, making for an emotional film throughout.


Starting with the wedding, i thought it was portrayed brilliantly. Bella's nervousness perhaps went a little far as she was walking with Charlie, but i think that the song playing (turning page - sleeping at last) made the entire scene beautiful, and when she caught sight of Edward, and gained that fierce determination to reach him was so powerful, and i know i wasn't the only one in the cinema that cried as she walked towards him! The iron and wine song was so perfectly placed it just tied together the whole series and was truly incredible. I didn't expect to be so emotional so early in the film! And for all those people that say kristen never smiles, she barely stops throughout the entire wedding, and afterwards too! The whole scene was just perfect, and to see the bella and edward that we've fallen in love with finally happy was amazing.


The honeymoon! Where to start! This has to be my second favourite part of the film (the birth scene and transformation takes first place!), and i love that we got to see them both relax and enjoy themselves like a normal couple. I don't think i need to comment on the sex scene, it was perfect, and i'm so so so glad they didn't skip over it like the book. Bella's memories of it in the morning are so beautifully done, and i love the way she tries to convince Edward how happy she is. And the song placement of llovera by mia maestro creates such an amazing atmosphere. Then followed by Edward trying to tire out Bella, this whole section was brilliant and funny, especially when Bella tries to seduce Edward with Alice's lingerie. And when Bella finds out she's pregnant, its so chilling the way that Edward reacts.


Throughout the pregnancy, the film becomes darker and darker, as Bella becomes more gaunt and ill, which was difficult to watch as her bones begun to stick out and her bones begun breaking. But it was so well done, and i think bill condon was brave by not skipping over this and taking the easier way out - i think the depth of her illness made the film far more tragic (in a good way). 


I thought the wolves talking scene was a bit dodgy to be honest. They have some weird effect on their voice to make it sound like they were speaking under water or something, and i just think the overall scene was a little strange, however i did like the way Jacob overpowered Sam, and the bit afterwards with Seth and Jacob was a bit more lighthearted than the rest of the film, and i think it was needed to make that contrast!


I think the final twenty minutes of the film was just a constant craze of action that i definitely wasn't expecting. I'm glad they kept in the name choosing for the baby, although i still cringe at the thought of 'EJ' haha, i definitely prefer Renesmee! Then of course, Bella drops the cup and everything is ruined. The entire birth scene was pretty horrifying, from the blood everywhere, to Bella's screaming. I found it pretty hard to watch, but at the same time i'm so happy with how it was done. I think if they'd done it in any lighter form, it wouldn't have done justice to the book and wouldn't half portrayed Bella's struggle enough. Rosalie's clear desperation to get the baby out leads her to stab the scalpel into Bella's stomach, and the blurry vision is confusing but amazing to watch, you really feel like you're experiencing her pain. Then of course Renesmee is born, and Bella essentially dies on the operating table, leading to Edward's horribly emtional attempts at reviving her. I cried so much at this bit, the way he's whispering at her to come back before he bites her is heartbreaking, and although i know that some people found it a bit strange, i really liked the way the camera goes inside Bella's blood and we see the venom taking over her body.


Then we see Jacob's decision to kill Renesmee, and then the imprint. The baby looked a little creepy in Rosalie's arms because of its eyes, but i think the whole sequence of her ahead life was slightly strange. I liked the parts with Mackenzie Foy, because obviously in the book we see Renesmee as a child so we can all relate to that. But i think the parts with Renesmee as an older girl was a little weird, mainly because the actress was very clearly wearing a wig, and despite her likeness to Mackenzie, i found it a little strange, and i think they should have just stuck to a younger actress. I also think it spoils the next film slightly for those who haven't read the books, as it shows that Renesmee grows up whereas the whole point of the next film is going to be apart whether she will survive or not against the Volturi.


Bella's transformation to a vampire is amazing. I don't really know how to describe it, except that she's going to be one beautiful vampire! her pearly white skin is perfect, and i loved her hair colour and the way her lips and eyes changed and how her back mended itself. And when she opened her eyes, it was such a brilliant end to the film it made me cry all over again.


So that's my review, it was genuinely one of the best films i've ever seen and i plan to see it loads more times before it finishes showing in the cinemas! Hope you enjoyed reading it :) 

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Comment by EdwardFan on November 21, 2011 at 4:01pm

I have not read a lot of reviews posted here but I do want to comment on some of the things you said here. I was stunned at how beautiful Bella's dress was. It not only was beautiful but it hugged her curves perfectly. The way Bella looked at Edward and he her, it was breathtaking. The effect when they were kissing - they felt as if nobody else was there and we saw that - was brilliantly done. I have to say that my favorite part of the first night of the honeymoon was when they were giggling. This was so natural and so HUMAN. This was perfect, IMO.  And I agree that the flashback Bella has the next day was so sexy! What girl hasn't done something similar after a good makeout session or having sex?  Very very nice. I was very happy that Edward apologized to Bella before he heard the baby. That part made me cry.  As for the wolf telephathy - I thought it was a brilliant way to show it. However, I think if the music that was playing had been lower, people would have liked it more because they could have heard the dialog better. When Bella dies... OMG... when Edward is whispering to her and calls her Baby... I thought I would lose it.  I loved this scene in the book when Edward bites her everywhere and I was soooo happy to see it in the movie.  I liked the montage of Bella's life, but this is exactly what I want to see at the end of BD2 when Bella shows Edward her mind. I want a complete montage and retelling of all the movies from the beginning. I hope this doesn't mean it won't be there as well. 

Comment by michelle on November 21, 2011 at 5:42pm

I love your review :)  I just got to say one thing. The honeymoon sex scene was not enough..it felt rushed and when the camera was panning around it gave a sensation of what the hell is going on.. I know everyone says "its not suppose to be R rated",  Im not saying they should show more skin but the scene lost the moment & feeling of 'first time sex' they should of spent longer on the scene.. You can make a sex scene tasteful and still get the sensation and feeling associated with sex. Sorry but the book is more adult and I know the age of fans varies but why should the older fans miss out because summit just cares about the money

Comment by TamTwilight on November 21, 2011 at 6:19pm

I don't know why but I found the wolf scene where Jacob stands up to Sam quite awesome. To tell you the truth I really loved that scene. For once Jacob doesn't take Sam's crap anymore and he just does his own thing which I find is pretty awesome, considering Jacob. I'm on team Edward so I've always found Jacob pretty irritating. But what that scene showed was pretty amazing on Jacob's part, even though the voices sounded like they were underwater I think they suited the wolf bodies quite well. Even though I've heard a lot of people didn't like that effect they put on the voices because they couldn't recognise who was speaking.


Also I really loved the honeymoon scenes. I found them to be perfect and awesome and amazing. I really love how they put in those sex scenes when in the book they were skipped. I find that those scenes put a lot more of a intensity to them. I also really love the reaction on Edward's face when he realises that Bella is pregnant.


The only thing that I really hated was probably the birth scene only because it was a little too gory for me. And I really hated the sound of Bella's back breaking, that seriously gave me the shivers. And when Edward was trying to bring her back to life when Bella had died on the operating table was heart wrenching. I seriously would not be able to watch that scene again since it was so heart breaking to watch. I will though watch it again cause I really loved the movie overall but I'll probably just shut my eyes for the gory parts. Those were a little too much for me, haha.

Comment by Sarah Pease on November 21, 2011 at 7:14pm

I loved your review and I think it was pretty much spot on. One scene that really had me on the edge of my seat was the fight between Edward, Alice, Jasper and the wolves. When Sam kept pushing Edward down to the ground and then held him there, I have to admit that really scared me. Also when Alice flipped over one wolf and then got tackled mid-air by another wolf, I didn't like that part either. Out of that whole thing what surprised me the most was when Alice was being held on the ground by a HUGE wolf and Leah-wolf was the one to save her when she doesn't even like the Cullens, that made me cry. I was thinking to myself, OMG I can't believe Leah just did that. And then Jacob coming out and confronting all of them and telling them that he imprinted on Renesmee (You kill her, you kill me!!!) and when Edward was explaining to his family members what happened, it sounded like Edward wasn't upset about the fact that Jacob imprinted on his daughter ( although I know that the scene that was cut where Edward throws Jacob against a wall is right after Edward "heard" what happened with Jacob and Renesmee ). None of the other Cullens were upset by it either but I think that was just because they now knew that the wolves couldn't touch Renesmee or Bella and at that moment they were thankful to Jacob for that. 

I think in Part 2 we will see more fighting about Jacob imprinting on Renesmee. I especially hope they did the scene where Bella goes after Jacob for imprinting and then attacks him when he calls her Nessie. That would be really fun to watch.  Well I'm off to go watch the movie again. I just wanted to add my two cents and tell you that your review pretty much summed up how alot of ppl feel about the movie. 

Comment by Carlisleluva on November 21, 2011 at 8:03pm
I agree on most of these points as well. But I didn't like the Jacob/Sam wolves dialogue. I felt it was fine until Jacob made the 'heir to Ephraim Black' declaration. At that point, seemed a bit corny to me. Loved the gore and grisle of the birth scene. Excellent. Very sad we didn't see more of the animosity between Jake and Rosalie with the Fido bowl, etc. that would've been hilarious. Wedding scenes were as expected, as well as honeymoon. Overall, the movie exceeded my expectations. Cannot wait til part 2!!!
Comment by Mimmlishx on November 22, 2011 at 2:38am

michelle: WELL SAID! ;) I feeel the exact same way! theres a rumour that  they will release a uncut rated R version on DVD too..maybe thats better? well according to the cast it was :) I think almost the same about the birth scene, but overall it was good, they were not bad either of them but they could be better :)!

Comment by Jean on November 22, 2011 at 3:16am


I agree with all of your points on your review.  I couldn't have said better. Thanks so much for sharing it.

Comment by Angie Mueller on November 22, 2011 at 4:53am

Saw it last night for the first time with my husband, and was amazing. I cried when she told Charlie goodbye because it reminded me of my own Dad and he has been gone for 5 years. I was surprized by the dream scene that Bella had before the wedding, that dress was pretty too. The wolf thing was a little corny and the music was a bit awkward, but the remake of the Iron and Wine song was perfect. Jacob was amazing, and the way Bella looked while pregnant was heartbreaking. Edward made you melt when he apologized to Bella and he discovered he could hear the baby. I will get to see it again with my good friend on Saturday, and will count the days until part two, and when Part 1 comes out on dvd.

Comment by EdwardFan on November 22, 2011 at 5:43am

I have to say... Carter Burwell is a genious. I loved the reuse of Bella's Lullaby in this movie and some of the score from Twilight.

Comment by Dee on November 22, 2011 at 6:44am

I loved it - I thought it was nicely done... looking forward to part 2.


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