I saw Breaking dawn this morning, first of all, screeching when 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1' comes onto the screen, is not the best thing to do! Hhaha, the girl next to me was like 'What the hell?!'... haha wel after all this is Cairo -.-
may I just say that it was....

The characters behave EXACTLY the way they're supposed to in the books!
For example, Jasper's not always to uptight, I loved the way he was portrayed as a joker and stuff, it was such a relief to see that!! And Emmett too!

Alice will always be Alice... haha she's so cute and perky, and lovable! 
Rosalie... same old Rosalie.. she screams nothing my jealousy, but nonetheless, she's a great character.
Esme, amazingly portrayed, loved the whole motherly role she was in, it was so perfect! 
Carlisle, pretty much the same.

The Wolf Pack was mesmerizing, honestly, they did such an amazing job..


EVERYTHING IN THE BOOK WAS PUT INTO ACTION...The words, the emotions, the layout.. 

As for Bella, Edward, and Jacob, these characters have developed SO much since Twilight... everything is so perfected and mastered, it seems that they're SO certain of their characters, everything is just magnified in this movie.

I personally loved everything in this movie, I thought it was professional, and not just "another vampire movie" no, it was an actual love story.
I loved everything from the honeymoon seen, which was INCREDIBLE, to the Edward's anger, to the actual birth scene.
I feel like the director somehow got into my head and put my thoughts and images of the book into a movie... it was THAT perfect, almost flawless..

Scene's the caught my eye: 
Jasper and Alice dancing: Hahha I thought that was incredibly cute, the way they showed Jasper as being laid back, fun and enjoyable.

Irina's dispute: I thought that even though it wasn't in the book, that it was such a great scene to put in!

Edward and Bella's honeymoon Chess games mixed with a little *ahem ahem*(haha): That was so cleverly put together, with Edward being so at ease and smiling and laughing just how its supposed to be!

As for the *ahem ahem*: My oh my, where do I start?! I'm sure all of you no EXACTLY whats going through my mind right now, so there's no need to say it! But nonetheless, it was extraordinary...

Jacob's/Edward's anger: Oh how PERFECT that was... they're SO into their characters it was amazing, I swear to you, I was staring at the screen like 'YES YES YES, THAT SO HOW IT'S SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN, THANK YOU BILL CONDON!!' hahah 

The wolf pack argument: Umm... I felt like I was watching darth vader taking over the world HAHAH, 'I AM EPHRAIM BLACK'S GRANDSON, I AM THE CHEIF!' LOOL. it cracked me up.... HAHAH... honestly that was really funny =p but I really liked the whole pack communicating thing, it was REALLY well done, he could have minimized the sound effects and made then sound less of little mini darth vader's hahah, but maybe he just wanted them to sound strong and powerful..

Jacob's imprint: Oh... my... God... the way he saw her face... the way rensemee's whole future was laid out... Oh my Lord... it was amazing.. it's so CAPTIVATING! and after he realised he was in love with her... he dropped to his knees... in surrender... wow... just... wow..

Let me know what you guy's have noticed, if I have missed anything, aaaand you're thoughts and experiences as well!! I'd love to here from you guys! 
-Merna W. 

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Comment by rhiannon ratliff on November 19, 2011 at 10:33am

i loved when  edward heard  the baby. watching him  go from   a  grief stricken husband to an expectant  father  was beautiful.

Comment by Veronica on November 19, 2011 at 11:24am

I loved it all too! I especially love the wedding reception. Mike and Eric dancing was hilarious!! Also the toasts that Emmett, Charlie, Renne, and the others made. Really pleased with how the movie turned out. 

Oh and when Bella is dressed in her nightie and Edward's expression was so funny. Totally going to see it again.

Comment by tlmfarmgirl on November 19, 2011 at 11:26am

I thought the wolves sounded like Transformers - kept expecting Sam to say "I am Optimus Prime!"  LOL otherwise I loved the whole movie - Kristin as a vamp was stunning!! The wedding, and honeymoon - ahhh I wish it were longer, but  ..... who doesn't?  *shrug* :)

Comment by damien on November 19, 2011 at 11:28am

i seen it last nite and can i say OMG it was spot on by the book the way bill made bella look when she was pregnant there is so much to say about the movie but i have to say LOVED IT LOVED

Comment by Mere Anderson on November 19, 2011 at 11:46am

The movie was awesome, classy and classic.  Not too OTT.  The wedding was my favourite part of the whole movie and is also my favourite part in the books.  Its like...you get a sense of...finally...Bella and Edward can now truly be together...because fundamentally...Twilight is a love story...and that is why Breaking Dawn was perfect for me...great to see Stephanie's cameo...again.

Comment by xX~MountainLionLover~Xx on November 19, 2011 at 11:55am

I AGREE! Yes he did look like a father holding his child for the first time.. it was absolutely beautiful! 

Hahhaha yes i loved the speeches, especially emmetts', haha with his 'inner-joke' hhaha

You're right there IS so much to say I could hardly put it all into the blog !

'Transformers' HAHAH, you're right =p Yeah it were longer it would have been SO good, 'They have something I want' What a cliff hangar?!

I agree with you Damien, she looked horrible in an awesome way.. if you know what i mean. And the whole transformation stage where her body al returned to it's natural state was like 'Okay so she's NOT going to be stuck looking like a zombie forever!' :P

Mere Anderson: Yess, that's true, now we could finally visualize them having a PROPER life together.

Your reviews are great you guys! Thanks a lot!
-Merna W. 

Comment by katy on November 19, 2011 at 12:32pm

best reviewww everrrrrrrrrrr :D

Comment by stephanie on November 19, 2011 at 12:38pm

well i saw the movie last night and what can i say im speechless it was so awesome the best movie so far from the saga and it was just beautiful , i loved the part when bella kept putting onthe baby dolls lol epic i just loved  edwards smirk lol and what else can i say it was just beyond amazing lol  bill condon did and amazing job .but i do have a little prob with the movie lol it was when they showed renesmee all grown up ehhh did she have a wig on cuz it looked ugly but other than that awesomness !!!!

Comment by connor carver on November 19, 2011 at 1:17pm

saw it last night, dont like when they add in scenes that don't happen in the books though loved watching emmett smash the wolves around, they think there so much better than vamps but there not :) loved the wedding scene loved the choice of music from the first film, never will live up to the book but still did a great job :)

Comment by Kaitlyn Alissa on November 19, 2011 at 1:25pm

The movie was amazzing!!! i was really surprized how much they kept to the book. I think the hard part for me was seeing Bellas dead body and Edward trying to revive her. Bella is so sweet and inocent its hard to see her like that. I cried so many times in this movie the wedding, ( especially when i saw steph. Meyer) the honeymoon, when Jacob is crying because he thinks Bella is dead. I wish the honeymoon was longer, and i didnt have to wait a whole year to see part 2. But overall i love love love this movie best one yet.


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