My Breaking Experience in London November 15-17TH 2011 (Best Time of my life.)

This Time last Week, me and my best friend were getting ready to head to London in the Morning to camp out for the Breaking Dawn Premiere. And what an experience it is, i would tell any fan on this site or who reads my post that if you get the chance to go next Year for part 2 go! Even if you have to travel to a different country do it the experience alone is worth it, not mention if you get a picture with your idol like i did with Mr Robert Pattinson.  

I am diffidently going again next Year and a bunch of my friends already said they will come with me.

Here is my experience, i hope you enjoy reading it as much as i enjoyed experiencing it.   

Me (Nicole) and my best friend (Lauren) had been planning to go and camp out for the London Premiere of Breaking Dawn from the beginning, so when the Time was approaching we started getting very excited! We had both saved the money and booked the train and hotel Months in advance as soon as we knew the Date of the Premiere. 

When we knew the Date and Location and everything was booked BOOM it is official we are going!

I was nervous but at the same Time excited as i did not know what to expect, so many fans through out the World have met Robert and as most of you are aware i adore Mr Robert Pattinson and the thought of seeing Him let alone meeting Him blew my mind! 

My friend who came with me is in love with Kristen Stewert, and to begin Kristen was not going, but then when we got to the camping line all the fans said Kristen was going so lauren was and still is over the Moon. 

So we were on route to London, and we were even to excited to speak we both had to keep calm or we would of lost it (our cool lol.)

Once we arrived in London we got the under ground to Shepherds Bush where our hotel was and what we thought was where the Premiere is VUE Westfield. 

So once we were checked it we grabbed our supplies water, food, makeup etc, and off we went back up to VUE Westfield this was about 3 o clock in the Afternoon. We were both on the bus and the bus kept saying Westfield White City and i thought White City but thought nothing of it. 

So me and lauren got of the bus and we was trying to look for the fans that were already there that had been camping out since Monday Morning, they were camping by John Lewis, but we could not find John Lewis any where we asked security and they told us John Lewis is 5 miles away. So me and lauren looked at each other and it clicked we were at the wrong Westfield, we needed to be at Westfield Stratford not White city.

So with no time to waste we jumped on the tube and headed to Stratford! At this point we were so nervous but as soon as we got there we spotted a massive John lewis and we knew we were in the right place.

So once again we were walking around the shopping center looking for the fans but we still could not find them, there was posters all over the place telling us the Premiere was being held there but no fans anywhere.

So we headed to a information Desk to ask where all the fans were, and on our travels we ran into another fan just as lost as us and we kept in touch with her so she knew where to go as soon as we knew, as she was not coming back in till the Morning.

I asked a very nice women where all the fans were and i said i know that's a random question and she said "No that's not random i will show you where they are all camping." So we walked with her through the center talking about Twilight, Kristen and Robert, they when we go there all the fans were camping around the back there was about 140 fans already there. So i gave the lady a hug for helping us then headed to the back of the que and the que was like what you see on the TV of all the fans camping out it was amazing.

We both got given a number i was 150 and lauren was 151 so we were close to front as by the Morning there was over 2000 fans. 

This was the que in front of us about 140 fans there and the girls lying down in the purple pjs and umbrella we made friends with and we stood next them all Day the next Day in the pen on the White Carpet, lovely girls.


This was the que behind us at this point about 1000 fans as they were arriving all through the Night.


Some fans did give up and went Home, but there was no chance i was giving up my spot! Not a chance!

We were given over night wrist bands so then in the Morning any one with had a over Night wrist band diffidently got given a wrist band to get into the pens for the Premiere, these wrist bands are Grenn with Breaking Dawn written on them, which i have kept.

These are our overnight wrist bands we got VERY EXCITED!! and took a picture of them!

Westfield on there Website said that we was not aloud any camping gear so me and lauren had nothing no blanket, no sleeping bag, pillows or chairs but we made friends with some Twi-moms and 3 other fans called Caroline (in the Yellow) and tam (in the hat) and Luke (in the Blue) and if it was not for them we would have froze as it was the coldest Night of the Year so far but we were lucky it did not rain, that we was grateful for. Our new Twi friends are lovely they shared their blankets with us and the 5 of us took spooning to a new level as we were that cold.

 So we all got settled for the Night as we were not moving in till 6am then next Morning for our Breaking Dawn wrist bands.

There was cars going past all Night shouting Twilight at us, there was over Night protection the police kept calling us all mad and i said "The things we do for Mr Robert Pattinson."

There were toilets available to us all Night which was Great and you didn't loose your space. 

To me Time felt like it was passing very slow i got half an hours sleep that Night, i fell asleep at about half 11 and when i woke i thought wow it must be at least 4am and when i asked what the Time was one of the Twi-moms said Midnight and i was like really lol.

The cold was hard to deal with as i could not feel my body from the waist down even though i had layers on and like six pairs of socks and one pair went to my knees i could not feel my feet. But i didn't have the best shoes on either lol.

Lauren went off at about 3am with luke and the were caught by security walking up the White carpet, i should have gone to but i was to cold to move.

So all we did was wait, eat, chat and talk about how much we all love the Twilight Saga, some of the fans we made friends with had been to a few Premieres so they gave me and lauren advice and that was you have to play dirty to keep your spot as if you moved fans would have it. 

So half 5 finally came round and some fans were still asleep and fans from the back at this point there was about 2000 were pushing to get to the front, so every body got angry and security had to step in they told all the fans who had pushed to get to the back and they told us there was enough wrist bands for us all to get in and stop panicking, but that was easier said than done. 

so at about 7am we was put into another que in till 9 am when was aloud into our pens. So lucky for us the women of the Patinson UK were there and they got all the fans who had pushed in to the back and all the fans like me who had camped out to the front, which was Great!!

And there we stayed in till 10.15am and there was a delay getting in. so at this point people were going off to use the toilet and freshen up. Then at 10.15am we were aloud into the pens 10 at Time and again fans were pushing and running so me included told all the fans pushing to STOP!! and the situation got under control.

So then me and lauren got in our pen and we was opposite the press line YES!! As all the Stars had to walk past us!! This is a close up on my camera.

So we all the fans got in at 11am and there we had to wait in till 5.45 as we were locked in. 

For the whole Day i did not go to the toilet, eat or drink as the women standing next to me said if i left i would lose my space, and she had been to the Water for Elephants Premiere so i took her advice and did not move.





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Comment by bloom mariel on November 21, 2011 at 8:05pm
Comment by belle on November 21, 2011 at 11:57pm

Whoot whoot!!!  :))  And not even any rob yet!!!!

Comment by Robertfanxxxx on November 22, 2011 at 2:11am

Thanks girls!! <3 <3 <3


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