I thought I would talk about something on a lighter note than the last "blog" entry. 


After much saving and planning, I went to San Diego Comic Con this year. I arrived on Monday the 18th. My hubs and I went down to the convention center to scope things out and see if they had prepared a place for the Breaking Dawn panel on Thursday morning. It seemed that nothing was in the works at that point. I think we came back later that afternoon on a walk with my sister when we saw a couple people sitting in chairs on the lawn. 


At this point I looked at my sister and my hubbycakes and said, "I'm concerned that fans are beginning to line up already! It's Monday!" I knew I was going to have to at least camp out for Wednesday night. I did that for my hubs when he wanted to see George Lucas (he's a Star Wars fan). I went up to one of the girls waiting in the line and asked how long they had been there. I also explained that I had planned to spend some time visiting with my sister since I flew in from FL and had not seen her in 5 years. The lovely lady was named Chasity. She told me not to worry, that if I wanted to go eat with my sister to come back and she would let us camp next to her. At this point I was excited and really wanted to camp, but I wanted to spend at least some time with my sis. I looked at my hubs and he turned to me and asked "You want to line up already, don't you?" I just smiled. So we aborted our hotel that we were paying for and brought down our supplies. 


We spent a few nights camped out and meeting some new fans, one of them was Chasity's friend Nicholei. It was fun. We took shifts for showering and eating. Thursday early am it was my turn to get a shower so I could look my best for the panel (incase I got lucky). I did my best to take a quick shower. Just before I was done I got a txt from my hubs saying "Celebs here now, hurry" I told my sis (b/c she was going to drop me off) and we dashed out the door.


When I arrived back at the line, everything was in disarray. No one was in their "camping" zone. Everyone was clamoring and there was loud commotion. My hubs informed me that he had gotten some pictures with Ashley Greene, and Nikki Reed because he didn't know if I would have made it back in time. He also managed to have them sign a coffee holder that Summit was handing out with the Breaking Dawn cast photo on it. I was excited. I had made it in time to meet Ashley, Nikki, Elizabeth Reaser, Boo Boo Stewart, and Julia Jones. I was happy to meet them in person and have a souvenir for the memory. I didn't think my trip could have gotten any better...until. 


Some ladies that were volunteering for the convention had been tasked with going around fan to fan in line offering them an opportunity to reach into a bag to pull out a ticket with a stamp on it. Those with a stamp would be the recipient of a "special surprise". Alas, the line had gone haywire. Fans that had just arrived that morning were mixed in with the fans that were "camping" in line for the past few nights. The ladies did not seem to understand this, nor were they able to do anything about it. I panicked and thought that all the tickets may be gone before I ever had the chance to draw from the bag. I had slept on the grass in the cold (65 is freezing when you're from FL [shhh don't judge me]) and to have an opportunity that being there allotted me taken seemed, wrong. I was determined to have a turn. I crossed over from my line into the first one mixed in with the fans who camped and the ones that had not. The ladies with the bag of tickets came to me and I pulled out a ticket! Nothing.


At that very same moment security arrived bringing an end to the confusion. Tall men made distinctions in the line warning that "If you were not in this line you must get out. Everyone return to your spots in line." Fans began to move. Little by little the lines were reverting back to their original order. I also went back to be beside my hubs and Chasity and Nicholei. The ladies with the bag full of tickets eventually came down the line I was in and must have forgotten that I had already drawn an unlucky ticket. The one woman held up the bag for me to draw. "I'm sorry, but I've already had my turn" I said. "Thank you for telling me" was her reply. Momentarily saddened, I looked on as hubs had the opportunity to reach in and try for a chance at the "special surprise". He placed his hand into the small bag, mixed up the contents thoroughly and pulled out a ticket. A stamped ticket!! Hubs turned to the woman holding the bag and asked "Is it okay for me to give her my ticket?" The woman looked back at him and said "of course." The woman placed a wristband on my hand and told me to be at the room number written on the wristband at exactly 12:15pm.


I was brimming with excitement but trying to contain myself in front of my two new friends that did not pull a stamped ticket. Nicholei, one of the sweetest girls I've met, was not going to even get to go into the panel! She and Chasity had volunteered at the convention which allowed them a complimentary entry, but they had to choose the day they would volunteer before they got their assignment. Chasity chose to work preview night, which guaranteed her time to attend the panel. Nicholei did not. She had waited in line with us each night and each day. She endured the chilly weather, the loud San Diego trains in the middle of the night and the riotous morning of our special cast appearance complete with line chaos. My heart felt for her. I wanted my new friend to be there sharing our common interest together. I made sure to exchange information with her (phone and twitter). I knew I was going to have to remember the events the best that I could so that others, including Nicholei wouldn't be deprived of the fun that is twilight. Afterall, we only have two movies left, and possibly no books. 


The lines starting moving. First in-line went first, leading the way with ear to ear grins. A second wind entered the fatigued crowd as we entered the convention center. 


to be continued. 


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Comment by Mary Lynch on August 5, 2011 at 3:27am
So excited to read the rest of this story.
Comment by Chas on August 5, 2011 at 5:33am
yah me too, this chasity character, does she get trampled by her fellow twifans as the flood gates of hall H doors open up, does she survive to see the beauty that is Robert....lol.....nahhh....you're too sweet, it was great meeting you and becoming twicamp line buddies, see you again next year same spot maybe a couple days earlier LoL :)
Comment by Laylah Cullen on August 5, 2011 at 3:47pm
I think she survives if I recall, she's sorta the "alpha" of the pack. ;)


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