We entered Hall H holding on to one another by forming a backpack train of sorts. Excitement was on overload in the room. There were bodies hurriedly rushing about trying to make their way to the front. The seats were already starting to fill. Summit or Comic Con had reserved a large middle section in the front for press. This was a bummer. Chasity found a seat up close but it was just one seat. She sat her back pack down and went to look for an area with more seats. Megan had disappeared finding another seat all by its lonesome. That left just Hubs and I. He took my hand and dragged me around the aisles looking for a seat for two. "But we won't be able to sit together." I protested. "They already found seats" he argued back. Looking around and realizing that he was right I gave in and followed him to one of the few remaining seats of two. We were the ninth row back. If I would have realized it was everyone for themselves earlier, I probably could have gotten a better spot. Lesson learned.  


It didn't take long to fill the large auditorium. It was able to fit roughly 5,000. At exactly 11:15 a moderator came out and introduced the cast and the director. Bill Condon was on stage accompanied by Taylor, Kristen, Rob, Julia, Elizabeth, Nikki, and Ashley. I could make out facial features! This was awesome. I held my nikon cool pix camera up to get some video while Hubs took photos with the Cannon. It was freezing. I tried to steady my hand from shaking in order to get good pictures. 


Kristen and Rob were chatting in between talking about the movie. Taylor adjusted Kristen's microphone to which the audience chuckled. Some really good questions were asked. One of them was about shooting the honeymoon at the location in Brazil. Rob explained that it was very beautiful the first day they arrived but the rest of the shoot was raining and hurricane like. "It was kind of like having a honeymoon in England. We were playing board games instead of like making love on a beach, we were sitting there like wrapped in blankets inside, but we fixed it. Well, Bill fixed it." Kristen was asked about filming the wedding to which she responded that she had been waiting for four years to shoot the "important part of the whole thing." Kristen also said when she got to set and "saw everyone sitting in the pews it was just so beautiful."


In between answering some fan questions, they showed clips from the movie. The scenes they showed were: where there is discussion of Bella's safety amongst the Cullen's and Jacob, a snipet of Jacob confronting the partially broken pack, Bella and Edward's arrival at the house on Isle Esme, Bella's "prep" time and subsequent panic attack, Edward waiting in the ocean, and of course the trailer.


note: Introducing the clip from Isle Esme Bill Condon actually says this is  "A first glimpse of Kristen and Rob  on their honeymoon." Then Kristen quickly pipes up "Edward and Bella" but she is barely heard because of the screams of excitement. (if you watch my clip on youtube you can hear him say it and see Kristen lean over to Rob to explain to him what Bill say incorrectly)


There was some good insight by all the cast with regard to their roles, the difficulties the fourth movie presented. Kristen had a minor blunder with swearing which throughly embarrassed her as she covered her mouth with both her hands. Rob of course had moments of adorkable incoherent rambling. Taylor provided intermittent comic relief with a double fist pump and "WOO" when the first clip of the honeymoon was revealed and admitting "I love you too" to a fan. The cast was also asked if/how they planned to stay connected with one another once there was no more Twilight. Rob's answer was the best stating that "Everyone's really cool and I had a great time but eventually there comes a point where I say No More. After the last premiere, that is it."


The panel closed by mentioning the booth where some celebs from the movie would be calling in to talk to fans. The panel was dismissed and the cast briefly for photos with the press. At that point I looked at hubs and he told me "Okay, we should go." I looked at my wristband 12:15 in room 28A. I looked at my phone 12:10. I looked at Hub, grabbed my things and we headed out of Hall H. We walked quickly to the escalators to the second floor. Walking down the hallway I saw the line forming. "Okay, I'll call you when I'm done." 


I knew I was about to meet some of the cast in person! Breathe deep and remain calm. 


To be continued...

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Comment by Chas on August 16, 2011 at 8:30pm
Yah as soon as I got to the front section and realized seating was scattered and limited and that almost the entire line that was in front of us that came in good size groups and remained together ended up sitting two sections behind us, i think for future comic con go'ers its enter together get to the front and disperse if you can save seats for peeps great but theres always time for chit chatting about the panel later. I figure you didn't wait 3 days camping out to end up watching a screen, get as close as you can so you can watch them and catch all the lil glances and chatter between the cast that you can't see on a screen that chooses what you look at. Altogether i figure we got great seats. Question though, you were lined up ready to ask a question, what happened?
Comment by Laylah Cullen on August 17, 2011 at 5:42am
yeah. I wasn't too prepared for how crazy comic con gets. Maybe that's how it is for most people the first time. I was in line to ask a question but, the one volunteer told me that the questions come at the end so I would have had to stand there for most of the panel. I decided it wasn't worth it. I'd rather sit and enjoy. Hence, that part has been omitted. lol ;) Did you end up taking any pics during the panel?


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