We were waiting out in a hallway in a line for our "surprise" when a lady walked by asking us to show our wristbands that we got in order to attend this event. Once we held them up she came down the line snipping them one by one with a scissors. A few of the other people in line lamented that they wanted to keep them as a momento. I felt the same. She informed us that we were not to bring our cameras, ask for a picture or ask for anyone to sign a specific item. Summit had items for us to have signed and that would be our only souvenir. Cue the music "Shot through the heart" Bon Jovi


Not long after that a group of ladies (about 10 or so) came out of a set of doors to one of the banquet rooms. I recognized them from the front of the twilight tent city. We had been sleeping next to them for the past few nights. They looked so happy!


This was it, in a moment I would be rushed into the room where the twilight stars would be. I couldn't believe it! What would I say? I couldn't think of anything. Oh god, I was completely blanking! I quickly tried to rack by brain to come of with something memorable. Something intelligible. The doors opened and a bunch of us were ushered in to wait in another line barriered on either side by polls with ropes.


Here it is, in full view there is a long table. At somewhat even distance sits three of the films stars, Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. At the very end of the table sits the director, Bill Condon. One by one fans go by grinning from ear to ear as they are greeted by the trio. Some fans blush, others cover their mouths in disbelief. As they exit, they are elated, some in tears, others with glowing smiles. 


It's my turn now. I pass several gentlemen with professional cameras and make my way to the long table.I am handed a small poster with the Breaking Dawn promo shots on it.  I am first greeted by Taylor. In a seriously expensive looking leather jacket with a pretty brown face Taylor smiles a blinding smile. "Hi, thanks for coming today." He says. He seems super friendly, but practiced. I ask if I can give him something. He tells me "Sure, what is it?" I tell him about my hubs and my iPhone game and give him a glow in the dark wristband. He takes it from my hand and says "Cool, thanks." Then he proceeds to sign my poster with flourish. 


Next up is Robert Pattinson, who has just taken a large mouthful of potato chips he has stashed unobtrusively on the seat next to him as he sits reclined in his chair. He seems quite relaxed. He must be used to these by now. No practice necessary. Old pro. At this point I cannot believe I am actually meeting Robert Pattinson in person. He plays Edward Cullen in a Hollywood movie! I watch him in my livingroom! He's actually right in front of me. Looking up at me smiling. "Hi, How are you." He says. "Good how are you?" I ask. "Good" he says smiling again. I tell him about my game and point to my shirt (which has the logo on it) knowing full well that he has an iPhone. I ask if he would mind if I gave him a wristband too. "Sure" he says. I hand him the wristband and he takes it from me. "Games by Bob" he says in an English accent. I note that I like the way he says "Bob". It almost sounds like he's saying "Bub". 


As I hand it to him, I explain that it is glow in the dark. Rob asks me "The game or the band?" I laugh and say "The wristband, we're working on that though." I think I'm being witty. What else can I say? He couldn't have honestly thought I made glow in the dark iPhone games, could he? Smiling again he signs my poster and I am being herded down the line toward the end. I think we said bye but can't really remember. 


I see Kristen looking at the wristband as I leave Rob's area. Kristen says "Hello" quietly. She is stunningly beautiful. Somehow I don't think that photos capture her well enough. Her skin is so flawless looking and her hair is so shiny. She has an eclectic mix of rings on her fingers with a deep blue nail polish. I note that she has a spoon ring on one finger. I've always wanted one. This ups her already high cool factor in my mind. I smile at her and tell her that she is my favorite. She seems gracious yet uncomfortable. She doesn't like doing this. We talk about the iPhone game briefly and I hand her a wristband too. She signs my poster and I tell her thank you.


Leaving the table I remember not to forget about Bill Condon if I want my poster to be the most accurate momento from this brief meeting.  Bill seems slightly surprised by happy to oblige. He uncaps his sharpie and signs his name in the corner. Aw Bill, you mustn't  think like that. You directed a movie that is destined to go down in history with one of the largest and most supportive fandoms ever. Plus you made Gods and Monsters. Bill smiles as I thank him and reluctantly make my way out of the room. 


I have my souvenir poster and my hubs to thank for the experience. But now I must rely on my terrible memory to recount the whole thing. I've got to get home and start writing it all down. 


I can't believe I met the cast! Best day ever! Signed Poster 

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Comment by Kristen Kimber Colichia on October 26, 2011 at 11:55pm
wow this is a long pharagraph
Comment by BB Cullen on October 27, 2011 at 6:38am
Your soo lucky to have met them all!!
Comment by Laylah Cullen on October 27, 2011 at 2:58pm

Haha yes Kristen, it is long, but  I wanted to make sure I told the whole story. It is actually in 3 parts!

BB - Yes it was so awesome to have that opportunity. I felt like it must be shared so others can experience it too even if they cannot travel. :)


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