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I'm heading to Toronto for Creation Entertainments official Twilight convention in 3 days. I'm way too excited. You remember being a kid and Christmas time came? Time never seemed to go by. I feel like this past month has dragged on by so slow. I've never been to a convention (largely due to the fact that I live under a rock and had never heard of them until very recently), but I have heard only good things. Gah! TOO EXCITED!

It's been a really horrifying past year for me. One of my absolute closest friends moved away, my dad passed away, and I had to find a new home for my dog who was not getting along with my roommates cat. This isn't a "please feel bad for me plea", it just to understand where I am coming from. It's not been a fun year at all. When I found out about this convention, I had nowhere near enough money for the tickets, muchless travel expenses. Thankfully, I have the best friend/roommate imaginable.. and he made it all possible. Yep, gold packages, brunch tickets, photo ops.. the whole nine. To keep a smile on my face for what feels like the first time in forever, he's even dressing up as Edward for me. It doesn't take away the pains of everything, but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a really, really good distraction.

I've put together a costume of Alice for myself. It's not the best, and I bet there will be a hundred other "Alice's" that will far succeed me in the costume competition, but it's still good fun.

I'm also really looking forward to adding to my collection. I've seen some amazing memorbilia items out there, and I'm a sucker for the merch! I don't have a TON yet, but I'm hoping to remedy that. Because I'm bored right now, and trying to make time go by... here is a list of what I currently have (should I post pics?):

(In case anyone is wondering, I'm a manager of a movie theatre, so that's where I got a lot of this stuff):

-7 Ft tall Eclipse theatre standee. (this thing was a seriously interesting experience carrying home..)

- 5 Ft tall Volturi theatre banner (eclipse)
- 5 Ft tall Edward/Bella/Jacob theatre promo poster/banner (Eclipse)
- oversized Bella promo theatre exclusive poster (Twilight)
- oversized volturi theatre poster (new moon)
- Bella life size standee (New Moon)
-Edward life size standee (New Moon)
-3 disc limited edition DVD (Twilight)
-2 disc DVD (New Moon)
-Illustrated movie companion (Twilight)
-NECA Edward figure (New moon)
-NECA limited Edition Edward jewlery set (new moon)
-NECA replica Alice choker
-Edward Barbie
-NECA jewlery box (Twilight)
-Collectors edition Twilight book
-Entire Twilight Saga first edition books
-Official Twilight journals
-Robsessed DVD (documentary about the life of Robert Pattinson)
-35mm movie trailer of Eclipse (used in theatres)
-Volturi wristband
-Keychain (twilight)
-Jacob pins (new moon)
-Edward pins (new moon)
-Several t-shirts
-Edward/Jacob tote bag (new moon)
-5 liscensed movie posters (Twilight)
-Jacob, Edward, Edward and bella, door poster of edward, edward and bella from crash scene)
3 liscenced movie posters (eclipse)
-alice, bella, edward/bella/jacob
-2010 Calendar (Twilight)
-New moon puzzle ball
-Large quantity of new moon trading cards
-small quantity of eclipse trading cards
-Edward Cullen birthday party plates
-Several professional 8x10 photos of promo shot and cast appearances
-Eclipse premiere tickets and after party pass
-Gold official convention laminate
-2 different Burger King Eclipse crowns
(if these count)
-Hillywood Show Twilight parody dvd and new moon parody dvd (signed by Hillywood)
-Team Hillywood shirt (signed by Hillywood)
-8x10 new moon Hillywood show promo photo (signed by Hillywood)

And then there is my BABIES...

-Autographed NECA "Alice Cullen" card, obtained from a trading cards pack (signed by Ashley Greene)
-Autographed 8x10 new moon promo photo of "Carlisle Cullen" (signed by Peter Facinelli)
-Autographed 8x10 promo photo of Charlie Swan (autographed by Billy Burke)
-Autographed 8x10 new moon promo photo of Alec (signed by Cameron Bright)
-Autographed painting artwork done by Alex Meraz of himself and his wolf (signed by Alex Meraz)
-Autographed 8x10 new moon promo photo of Bella Swan (signed by Kristen Stewart)
-Autographed large official convention photo (signed by Charlie Bewley, Chaske Spencer, Kiowa Gorson, Bronson Pelletier, Julia Jones and Booboo Stewart)
-Autographed photo of myself with Booboo stewart and Julia Jones (signed by Julia and Booboo)
-Autographed photo of myself with wolf pack (signed by Alex Meraz, Kiowa Gordon, Chaske Spencer and Bronson Pelletier)
-Autographed photo of myself with Charlie Bewley (signed by Charlie Bewley)
-Autographed poster (new moon), obtained at a couple of cast appearances, but most of them were obtained in vancouver while the cast was filming there.
(signed by: Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Dakota Fanning, Jamie Campbell-bower, Cameron Bright,Charlie Bewley, Micheal Sheen, Daniel Cudmore, Christopher Heryerdahl
, Chaske Spencer, Alex Meraz, Kiowa Gordon, Bronson Pelletier, Nikki Reed, Kellan Lutz, Jackson Rathbone, Ashley Greene, Elizabeth Reeser, Peter Facinelli, Justin Chon, Mike Welch, Anna Kendrick, Christian Sorranotos, Edi Gathegi, Rachelle Lefevre, Cam Gigandet, Billy Burke, Gil Birmingham)

Most of the other stuff is just many magazines and little odds and ends (movie theatre cups and such). I'm probably forgetting something, but ohwell.

I'm curious to see other collections. I've seen a few. There are some CRAZY videos on youtube of collections that I only wish I could afford. I've seen some pretty impressive ones, needless to say. Would love to see yours.

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