My day following Kellan and Edi in Australia!

My day with Kellan and Edi..

Woke up at 10am realising that i was running late.. Got ready and wrote out Kellan’s card.

I had to go and buy Edi another one. I was out the door by 11am. Went to go buy Kellan and Edi their presents.. I already knew what i wanted to buy them, but had to go and get it.. Got to the train station at 12pm and had to wait..

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THE WAIT WAS KILLING ME!!! I was getting anxious and JacksonsGirl had sent me a msg.. (yes all the way from the US) so i called her and was SUPER excited.. that took up the waiting time for the train..

After i got off the phone from JacksonsGirl, i still had to write on Edi’s card and pack their bag of presents.

Then i got off at St James Station which was a 5 minute walk to the JB HI FI store, and i walk down the stairs.. there was a big sign talking about the instore.. I walk to the information desk, get told i need to buy a dvd, which didn’t bother me that much, but i get told that nothing else will be signed.. SIGH!! My number is 128.. YAY... I can come back at 3pm to start lining up..

I head to the park to do this...

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Then i head back to the store and see this...

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I then head over to McDonalds to open the DVD so they can sign it and i meet two girls who will also be at the signing.. Their numbers are 82 and 83.. I was soo annoyed.. haha.. I told them about and gave them my username so hopefully we see them soon..

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Okay its 3pm.. time to go line up.. I get to the line.. Soooo long but they are organising us by numbers so thats okay.. i wait for about 5 minutes then they call numbers 120-130.. I YELL out “THATS ME!!”.. Go and line up.. waiting.. waiting waiting.. Time goes really slow.. Talk to some girls who went to the convention and saw Taylor, Nikki, and Edi there.. I then decide i want to see who is at the start of the line. I go ask staff if i can go up the front.. They say yeah coz nothing is happening yet..

I try not to trip through all the people sitting down and finally get to the front where there are the cutest girls waiting.. I ask them questions.. Who was first, are you excited, what time did you get here.. They reply with 4am... I was like “WHAT!! I went to sleep at 4am”.. i asked them if they had heard of and one of them said yes, so i told the rest they had to check it out and they did a shout out..

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It was then 4.30 and we were getting excited, then people started screaming, but it was a false alarm.. it was just for the cameras.. =(

5 O’Clock came and they still had not shown up.. people were getting impatient.. Mainly me.. (I was excited Okay!!!)

Then!!!! OMG.. Screaming Fan girls!!!

OMG its Edi and Kellan...

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Radio hosts of the Hot 30 countdown are there and start talking to people..

Then Tim Lee (the male host) comes up to me and asked my favourite book.. I say “Breaking Dawn”.. “Why?” “Coz they end up together”.. He said “now youve spoilt it for people who haven’t read it..” i say “Well if they haven’t read it yet, theyre stupid”.. (yes on live radio!!!).. He then chats to the girls that i had gotten to know in the line and then i ask him if i can mention a website.. he says sure.. so... “Im recording all of this for, they are a new site and have awesome people that i love dearly.. you should totally check it out..” “he then repeats it.. “so its” “Yes, check them out.” He replies, in the microphone “okay guys so make sure you check out” How much do you love me so far Alison??

But wait.. There’s more....

Waiting for my turn.. realise im getting close and have WAY too many things in my hands.. My bag, The 2 presents, my cover for them to sign, their cards, my camera and the paper with my number.. So i shove the paper in my pocket.. Then Im next... *SCREAMING INTERNALLY*

I get to the desk.. and cant speak.. i say “Hi.. I have presents” and i give him the card and the presents.. and im holding my camera, and he holds my card up... thinking that im taking a photo.. No im recording..

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Oh and then i realise that i forgot to give them the bracelets.. CRAP!!

After that i head outside because i got told by staff they were leaving underground.. They lied.. i missed seeing them walk out, but got this

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I then headed to the venue for the Twilight Prom. On the way i spoke to the host of the radio station again, he was on his way back to work.. He asked me about what i knew of Twilight, and about i said that its relatively new but i have made the best friends and they want to know what my day has been like. I tell him im going to head to the prom to watch, he said im a stalker, and i replied with “only just a bit.. im more obsessed though”. Then i kept walking..

Got there by 6.40pm and it doesn’t start till 7.30pm.. Realising i actually haven’t eat anything yet i go to MacDonald’s and have a cheeseburger and a red slushy, to make my hyper.. Then i go and wait out the front.. and i wait, and i wait, and i wait.. Eventually i made friends with a girl who’s sister was inside.. We start looking around and realise we can see them through the window!!! Yay!!!

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Meet some amazing girls who kept coming out to smoke (don’t smoke kids its bad!!) but got to know them pretty well, told them about and asked them questions about inside and the boys.. They say the boys are really nice, but they are being crowded so they haven’t got to spend time with them yet. I told them how i didn’t get to give the boys their bracelets and ask them that if i don’t get to see them soon, whether they can give them to the boys.. They say no problem..

The girls come back outside later and have footage of Kellan and Edi doing the Nutbush (i don’t have the footage, but it is really funny, they showed me) its a dance that you do in a group. After that i say can you give them their bracelets, and i write out a note saying how i forgot to give it to them. The girls take it inside.

The female host from the radio station then comes up and i say hi and say i was at the signing. She asks if i have a ticket. I say no, but im just waiting.. She says she’ll let me know how it is in there.

The girls then come back with their pictures signed (which looked fabulous) and let me know that the boys said thanks. (this is where i just up and down and hug the girls!!) I talk to them for a bit and then it starts raining so they leave to go home and i stay..

Biggzy (radio host) comes back out and says it was *insert swear word starting with ‘S’* and that makes me feel a little better, although im annoyed that i didn’t get a picture.. We talk for a bit and i say im filming for (i was telling EVERYONE!!) and that i just want to see the boys.. She says she has to go, but to call the station on Monday night *SWEET*. Then she gives me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.. (Im loving her sooo much right now)
Its 11.45pm and raining again and alot of people are leaving. I met up with some people who were following Kellan and Edi also and we started talking and trying to decide whether they would come out the front or the side... The cars in the driveway then start to get moved around and i know they’ll be leaving from the side.. at 12.05am they get into the car and i record them leaving.Hehe.. i said Hi Kellan and he said Hi back (but u cant hear it properly because of the security guard!!).

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So i had the best day, i would have like to get a picture with Kellan and Edi, but hey i have videos and Autographs.. Hehe.. Its now 6am and i really should be heading to bed, but i do have some pictures which i will post after i have some sleep..

I could Soo be Paparazzi!!! lol..

Hope you enjoyed following my day as much as i loved filming it for you..

Oh i also spoke to MsMonkeyMan and JacksonsGirl while i was out the front of the Prom too..

Thanks for taking the journey with me and thanks JacksonsGirl for helping me edit my videos because in my excitement i accidentally forgot to turn the camera the right way!! Woops..

Love and Peace...


P.S. I forgot to add something.. The people that organised the Prom were giving me death stares and calling out security to ask what we were doing.. There was 3 of us.. ONLY 3 and they got security to ask us if we were waiting for someone. ON A PUBLIC STREET!! I didnt even attempt to go in, but because i could take photos (from the street) of when Kellan and Edi walked past the glass doors they chucked a fit.. Well to those women Kiss my behind.. You were fat and ugly and shouldnt be so rude!!

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Comment by Jacksons Girl (adoptive TwiMom) on April 26, 2009 at 6:26pm
LMAO Sherie..hahaha.. seriously.. i wish it was appropriate to say what you did about his eyes..LOL..
Comment by SherieheartsRob on April 26, 2009 at 10:31pm
Haha.. I know right.. There has to be a way for me to tell Alison and the others.. Haha.. Coz its too funny.. Monkey knows what it is, but the others need to know too..

He wanted me, he just doesnt know it yet.... haha.. *sorry monkey, i <3 you*
Comment by Jacksons Girl (adoptive TwiMom) on April 26, 2009 at 11:13pm
hhahaha.. send her a message on here (Alison).. she will appreciate it.


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