My Eclipse Film Review *CONTAINS SPOILERS*

*sorry but I can't say pretty much anything at all if I have to leave out spoilers, as a writer(and even when I make things in photoshop such as banners) I find it
almost impossible to keep things simple.*

I had not expected to see it until today at 3pm PST but my aunt surprised me
with midnight tickets last night.
Eclipse is my second favorite in the series and I had been waiting for this
film since after I saw Twilight. I had high expectations based on the
clips I had seen here. Sadly it didn't quite meet them.

I felt the beginning was very rushed; it went from, Bella being ungrounded, to
visiting Renee, to the confrontation in front of the school as though one were merely scanning the
book not actually reading it. They were all very quick scenes, and the
confrontation in front of the school was among my biggest
disappointments in the film; I did not agree with Bella calling Edward out on lying I don't
recall her doing that, and she is supposed to be really freaked out by
the mention of Victoria being
around which is what upsets Edward the most in the scene. And as for
Bella being ungrounded, they don't even show her meeting the condition
for that by hanging out with Angela, after they kept Charlie's line that
she had to spend time with other friends. That was an unfulfilled

"does that answer your question mongrel!?" that was one of my favorite moments in the book.
Then the most frustrating part was where she leaves the school with Jacob when the
principle is supposed to tell him to leave and to ditch Edward like that
is just very wrong in my opinion. I know for a fact that this happens
because they needed to mesh the moments due to leaving out Alice
kidnapping her for a sleepover having been bribed with a Porsche by
Edward. But they still could have had her part ways with Edward and then
ditch with Jacob or something better than that.

Then after the first time Jacob force kisses her, while the confrontation there was
very hot, I much preferred it in the book, where the threat from Edward
is much more intense.
"And if you ever kiss her again, I will break your jaw for her!"
- pg. 340
The entire exchange between the two rivals was much deeper and thus the rivalry stronger. I
was actually looking for a part where he tells Jacob the only reason he
would not kill him was to not upset Bella but I guess that is not in
this part. But I just liked the detail, Bella wanting to smack Jacob
with a baseball bat after Jacob handed over the fact it would have hurt
him more, and Edward kissing her hand and saying he was proud of her.
also backtracking Bella's first reaction to Jacob saying he loves her was
much more involved and angry. I felt not a whole lot of anger in her in
the movie over it. Although that might also be due to Stewart's struggle
with emotion. Tongue

I also would have liked to have seen Edward getting upset over the third wife story during the period where
Jacob was warming her in the
tent. He does not even express how he got a heart attack over seeing her
actually performing the third wife sacrifice in the Victoria battle.
And I missed the bond between Edward and Seth over the killings of Riley
and Victoria.

But most of all, and most disappointing, MY LINES!
"Look after my heart I left it with you"
and my
"You are the only one who has ever touched my heart, it's yours. Sleep now my only

my favorite lines in the whole series! *sniffles*
I should have expected it after they cut the moonless night line from NM.
So painful. I am also not fond of how Edward NEVER uses his pet names
for her in the entire film saga of 'love' and 'sweetheart'.
I am a total sapsucker. I love that stuff!

I personally think a lot of these flaws could have been better had they
used a lot of the Riley time on the important scenes such as what I
mentioned above. You don't even know who the hell Riley is until the big
war at the end, they gave him way too large a role in the film, I found
it unnecessary and thus a waste of some screen time.
I also did not care for Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria I preferred Rachelle
Lefreve(sp?), and I found the animation of the vampires being torn apart
to be a little weird, like they are statues when really they are dead
people so they have bones and stuff.

Fear not, my thoughts on the film are not nearly all negative; I loved the seduction scene I thought
it was done very well and was very sexy! I loved when he began
describing his relationship with her were they in his birth time. I
thought that was really sweet and a nice display of what a gentleman he
is, and then swinging her around in his arms when she accepts the
proposal, adorable! His facial expressions when he is in deep, hard core
make out with her are such a turn on, GOD Robert Pattinson is the
sexiest man alive! Love
And his expression as he watched her shiver in the tent, so tortured. Damn I would have jumped up and smothered that
man with kisses!

I also love the strength is how much of ass Jacob was in this film; he frustrated me like hell in NM in
the scene where he tells her he can't be friends with her anymore thus
breaking the promise he had JUST made and giving her another dose of
heart break. But in Eclipse, wow he really had me just as pissed off as
in the book.
"It would be faster with your clothes off" regarding warming her in the tent.
someone get me a baseball bat! I'm smiling, cant you tell?
I would have to call this film Taylor Lautner's best Jacob thus far.

and possibly the most epic moment in the film....*drum roll*....Charlie's sex talk with
Bella! OMG I was cracking the hell up, Billy Burke is a genius with his
facial expressions! He has got Charlie down pat! And his expression at
graduation watching his daughter receive her diploma; also very
powerful. My second favorite charlie moment right there next to the sex

Over all though I did of course love the film as I do all of them, and Eclipse like NM was a lot more accurate to it's book over all, I am very glad Cathrine Hardwick has never directed a Twilight film again, I was very displeased with her.
Just to watch Robert Pattinson is worth it by itself, he's
hot as hell and an amazing actor!

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Comment by Luna Bella Waite on June 30, 2010 at 9:06pm
Emory Bass of course I could not agree with you more.
I was really displeased with CH as a director for completely taking Twilight away from it's book being my top favorite above Eclipse.

And There were plenty of things I also loved about the film which I mentioned.
Comment by bernie on June 30, 2010 at 11:50pm
sorry girl but i prefer very much twilight than new moon . i will have to wait to see if eclipse is better. thanks for the details bells, can't wait for the tent scene to see rob's performence and the sexe scene too..
Comment by Luna Bella Waite on June 30, 2010 at 11:54pm
Bernie: Well I prefer Twilight too as a story, its my favorite the movie just did not do the justice it could have.
Comment by bernie on July 1, 2010 at 12:04am
yep! for now, the movies made me realised why i like reading lol cause i haven't been touched, even a little bit, by the movies as i am still touched by the books. i read twilight and NM in yerterday and on tuesday and still got emotional as the first time i read them lol the best books ever for now lol
Comment by Luna Bella Waite on July 1, 2010 at 12:12am
You're never touched by ROB!?
Comment by bernie on July 1, 2010 at 12:30am
by his beauty, sure i was, and still i'm but....not as Edward cullen sorry sorry sorry! i think i prefer him on remember me and the haunted airman. in NM i really really hate the way he made his proposal the end of the book is one of my favorite part in the saga and was soo much upset by that. soo i'm really waiting for all the good parts you discribe, waiting them as hell lol same for kristen stewart, from her perspective, bella never smiles and she doesn't even use the sarcasms i like. alway with a face like she's about to cry. and the chimiscal the say between the 2 actors, i haven't seen it yet on the movies, only in interviews. so i will say, I'M DEFINITIVELY NOT A FAN OF THE MOVIES. but, i find ROB really really really, ....mmmm handsome is not the right word, even beautiful is not strong enough. they most be a better word for him. wooow! mdr
Comment by Luna Bella Waite on July 1, 2010 at 12:32am
I have never seen chemistry between them in RL. Bleh.
But I hope you do enjoy Eclipse the movie.
Comment by bernie on July 1, 2010 at 12:37am
hope too dear friend, i hope too! lol
Comment by Daisy Cullen on July 1, 2010 at 2:02am
Ok, I did not read Twilight or New Moon b4 seeing the movies so it's hard for me to read them without picturing the movies. However, I did read Eclipse b4. I agree with ALOT of what you said. I feel like Bella would have never left Edward standing in the parking lot and rode off with the dog. I personally hate that scene. Fail. I wish they would have given Edward a more interesting entrance, not sitting in a field of flowers with Bella listening to her read, like they did Jake. He deserved that. Of course there are things missing in the movie bc we cant have a 4 hour long movie and they cant put everyone fav part in but some of my fav lines were missing also. They are the same as yours along with "I prefer brunettes", being a brunette it warms me to know Edward prefers it :) anyway... less of Riley, agreed...Charlie stole every scene he was in, agreed...Renee moment was great, agreed. The Battle was awesome. I totally feel in love with Jasper in this movie too. Loved the back stories, Rosalie showing up in a wedding dress to kill Royce, EPIC! So glad that was in there! and damn why wont Bella smile more?! I mean, she gets to kiss Edward everyday of her life...and beyond! Everyone has a different version of "their Edward" but I think Rob does a fantastic job. He is definitely a better actor than Taylor. I have nothing against Taylor, he could not be a sweeter guy but he is just not a good Jacob to me. Overall tho David did a great job with Eclipse. It is pretty true to the book and I am pleased and want to see it again! Since they have time to breath b4 Breaking Dawn and they are making it into 2 movies, maybe they can get a lot of our fav scenes, lines, etc in there. Very excited. Im sure we could all go on and on... Thank you Bella Cullen-Pattinson for posting your review. I enjoyed reading it and yes Rob is the sexiest man alive. The End. lol
Comment by Daisy Cullen on July 1, 2010 at 2:07am
Oh and I didn't like all the "modern" crap Bella kept spewing. What the hell was the whole "Im gonna hypen my last name" about? She is Mrs. Edward Cullen, Bella Cullen in the book. I hope they leave it that way in BD. ok. thats it. lol


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