The release party was eventful!

We went to Wal-Mart. Expecting the same as last year at the New Moon release party. Boy were we wrong. So we line up, we are 11 and 12 in line. I dragged my hubby along. He he. (Yes he must really love me to go along with my obsession.) So they start setting up and we discover cupcakes. Last year there was a huge cake with a picture of Edward on it. And pop as well, so they bring out cupcakes and fruit punch..Ok so I pass on that. And by going on the honor system to come up and get your cupcakes we find that certain people never go back to the place they were in line. So now we are like numbers 15 and 16 or so..hum. Ok so I can be nice. I say nothing. My niece who is 13 months old and her mom are behind me in line. My poor niece was so sleepy. She cried, a lot. Then ate a cupcake and got read icing EVERYWHERE. As it begins they bring out a camera, take a few pictures of us goofy crazy Twifans that are out and 10 Pm standing in line at Wal-Mart just waiting for the chance to get our hands on the newest Twilight movie release. And hoping to get some free twi-merchandise as well.

Anyway it starts out good, they say wait before you bite into your cupcake, and we are going to get the best vampire bite. Ok cool, what all do they have planned for us tonight? Nothing apparently. So they just wanted pictures of us crazy Twi-hards with icing on their faces. Ha.

Nothing else happens…we stand in line. So I am people watching and thinking maybe I am crazy? I’m in line with teeny bobbers on one side and questionable cleanliness on the other. Then they begin to sidle up and cut! Excuse me? Where did you come from?

As one guy is standing next to my hubby and I, all the while my hubby saying to him that he better stay behind his wife if he doesn’t want to be elbowed, I see a young couple with a baby up at the front of the line off to the side. What are they doing? Well pretending to change their baby….Yes in the middle of the electronics section! No you don’t, they are preparing to cut. So I shout out, they are trying to get in the front of the line!

Then lady at the front of the line snaps her head up at me. Not you I’m thinking. OPEN your EYEs there are cutters in your mists! Ha-ha no I did not say this out loud. And yes I continue to let this man stand beside us. While he’s telling us Stephenie Meyer was just someone who got fired from her teaching job and somehow stumbled upon her writing skills. No I tell him. You are so misinformed.
Crazy, non knowing Twi-cutters.

He says he’s is there for his 11 year old daughter. Hum ya sure buddy. That’s it. Lol

Anyway it’s nearly midnight and the Wal-Mart worker brings the movies versions and gives us prices, while showing us all the “Free merch.” A lanyard? With stickers? What? That’s it? I came at midnight, drag my hunny out where he did not want to go and we just get that? No I do not just want free things. I want a better experience that last year. When I was annoyed that they were only giving the things to groups together, not first come.

So as we Approach the register I am noticing somehow we are now like 20th in line. And the couple with the diaper baby, are up in front. Yes they were. So yes my night was very eventful. And I decided I’m not going back to Wal-Mart for breaking Dawn. Hope you all had more fun than I.

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Comment by Alison Genet on December 4, 2010 at 2:41pm
nothing shows :(
Comment by Floortje(: on December 5, 2010 at 9:49am
looks like an interesting party :)


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