MY ECLIPSE review (by me and my friends) one word AMAZING

MY ECLIPSE REVIEW (no major spoilers)

I saw Eclipse at the UK pre screening at midnight july 2nd 4 of us went and this is our verdict.

THE MEADOW - actually looked like a real meadow and i loved the opening scene so loving and tender

THE BIKE SCENE - the confrontation outside school wasnt as bad as people made it sound, she definately didnt look bitchy for leaving with jacob just dissappointed with edward for lying.

IMPRINT - in other reviews i read that "normal people would not get things and it didnt explain enough" well there were 2 men with us who hadnt read the books and i quizzed them afterwards guess what THEY GOT IT (unlike new moon where at 3am i got 50 questions on an hour ride home!)

SCENT - i liked the scene where edward realises someones been in the house and when riley was there with charlie it was quite eerie and i was on the edge of my seat.

EXCHANGE - the changeover although we'd already seen the clip was still funny and jacob was looking hot, i LOVE BLACK EYED CULLENS!!

BONFIRE - i loved the tribal meeting scene and the flash backs were great (~not lame as id previously read) simple and too the point.

PUNCH - this is my stumbling block (the only true one i have) the kissed is forced as in the book but it seems to take a bit to long for her to punch him. i know that may sound funny but it should have been in an instant when he let go of her but she seems to wait, i loved the thud sound it made LOL

GRADUATION - i liked the speech as it reflected how bella's character was feeling and merged nicely with the films flow the party was great too

FIGHT TRAINING - i loved thse scenes we got to see more from Jasper and Alice which was fab i loved jake carrying bella and the conversation

TENT SCENE - again amazing no spaceheater comment but that didnt bother me, still played out really well and the into the kiss with jacob in the morning which was very hot but im still team edward.

BATTLE - the fight sequences were fantastic too A+++++++ to David Slade for how its all put together

OVERALL we loved it even the men did and would give it 10/10 and thats not just because we love Twilight it is seriously the best one yet

picture is my own poster I made for my Iphone

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Comment by Ilse Gomez on July 3, 2010 at 1:38pm
:D I agree with you in everything :D I was kind of worried for the bonfire part with the legends they were going to tell, because for me that part was so lame, sorry I don't like vampires as the bad ones lol, no I don't know but for me is kind of lame that part, but in the movie they make me want more :D
Comment by Becky on July 3, 2010 at 2:16pm
just to add i personally didnt like BDH as victoria, she looks too nice but im not complaining te film was still amazing
Comment by Ann on July 3, 2010 at 3:15pm
I dont about u guys but i felt that each only lasted like a few seconds... Mayb bcuz i wuz rlly excited, idk.. But still AMAZING!!!!! :DDDDDDD
Comment by Gloria Evans on July 3, 2010 at 4:09pm
Eonline is report Eclipse box office at 121 million. I think far below what they were expecting. It only made 28 million Friday. Those numbers probably will continue to drop. The last Airbender is doing better than anyone expected it to. It has taken in 32 million so far. I think it may beat Eclipse at the box office during the holiday weekend. Not in overall box office but in daily box office receipts. Despite repeat viewing it continues to fall. Eclipse does not have any staying power just like New Moon didn't. Buy next week it will completely fall out of the top 10 movies for sure. What does this mean for Breaking Dawn. I wonder will Summit change it minds about doing two movies and will they change some things in the Breaking Dawn movie. If they do i will not be seeing it. I want BD to be just like the book. Eclipse is just falling so fast. I did not see that coming and i bet Summit did not either
Comment by wolfgirl40 on July 3, 2010 at 6:53pm
I personally am not worried about box office. I love it and it doesnt matter if anyone else does or not. I am sure the actors will be kind of relieved that all the craziness will go away and they can work. The only reason I would care about that is how it affects their decisions on making Breaking Dawn.
Comment by Gloria Evans on July 3, 2010 at 8:58pm
True. But they should know by now about what happens when you change the characters completely and when they dont truly adapt the book and leave out certain scenes that are important to the fans. They better get Bella back to the way she is in the book and change Edward back to the way he is suppose to be and concentrate on the connection and the deep love between Bella and Edward
Comment by prajitha on July 3, 2010 at 9:36pm
@Gloria Evans..i totally agree ...i wonder we.the twifans would be the only people who would care about the movie,cast,box office rates,and every single thing related to twilight...first of all they made a mistake by not including rob in promo.many fans would have disappointed...and for NM they went to madrid where 25,000 people came to see the cast ..i wonder y didnt they go this time...instead they send ashley and xavier which was a very bad idea..,


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