Okay you guys are gonna think im insane BUT I JUST saw Eclipse!!! Don't blame me I live in Egypt and today was the first showing! But no worries I made the effort to get there extra early to get the first tickets!

My gosh .....it was PHENOMENAL! I loved it so much!! It's EXACTLY the way i imagined it! The characters are SPOT ON, Especially Jasper= a major improvement! And Jacob, omg, no comment i can feel his pain, his acting is incredible. He made me cry when he was screaming in pain and when he was talking to Bella!

Bella and Edward's moments were so beautiful, i loved every moment of it... the way they can get so close to each other. We got from Edward keeping a safe distance to a really steamy make out scene. Edward was just tooo damn cute!

Poor Edward... his face after Bella asked Jacob to kiss her was so blank and hurt. I have to admit i was just sitting there with my mouth open and in my head i was like 'Bella! WHAT THE HELL EH!?'

The whole cast did an amazing job i felt every single emotion and it felt so real ... unlike Twilight where I was like 'ermm..interesting' (don't get me wrong i love that movie, the first movie can't always be the best right? :p)

Getting ready for the Battle:

Jasper completely took my breath away, the pain in his eyes (even though you could see a tear in his eye, lol i think they missed that one, but the camera turned quickly to alice) And the scars... amazing.. The whole intensity was just so damn sexy haha! Hottnessssss hahahah :P

And Emmett! Emmett: AGAIN! Me: HELL YEAH! :P (A)

Jasper, Emmett, and jacob's one-liners were smooth as ice! They made me crack up so bad, especially Jacob! He's so funny! And the part where Emmett was like 'bad-ass' LOL

The Battle scene was INSANE! I was literally sitting on the edge of my seat! It was amazing, the breaking and smashing and bashing EVERYTHING!

I do have a liiiittle problem though:

As many of you have said i wouldn't mind if Victoria was a little more vicious but her acting was great the whole shaking when she got angry was really intense!

One other thing:- I the book is doesn't say that Maria kissed Jasper i was like 'WHOA!' but then again it added to the whole reason why he hated himself. Which leads to the flashback scenes. Nikki did and amazing job at this all i could think was 'omg... poor rosalie'

it's actually the first time i've felt sorry for her! haha

Okay I can keep going on FOREVER, i feel really sorry for my dad now 'cause i've been going on about this for the whole ride home LOL. But i know you awesome Twifans won't mind.... right? hahaha :P

Anyways, Overall, a fantastic movie, I loved every scene of it! Thank you David Slade for pleasing all of the fans, and a special thanks to none other than Stephanie Meyer for brining us into the awesome world of Twilight!!

~Merna Gui.~

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Comment by Bree Cullen on July 7, 2010 at 10:09pm
The reason why they put the scene in where Maria kisses Jasper is because in the book Jasper says that she 'rewarded' him. She used him and tricked him into thinking she actually loved him so I think it was neccessary that they put that scene in the movie. I absolutely loved the movie. Not one complaint about it =)
Comment by xX~MountainLionLover~Xx on July 8, 2010 at 2:55pm
oohhhhh, THATS why, lol i completely forgot about that. It was a really heartbreaking scene! Thanks for the comment! xx


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