It is definitely the best of the three movies.
I thought the beginning was excellent, it set the scene so well. Xavier Samuel was a fantastic choice for Riley. I love that the movie wasn't ALL romance, but it was action packed and VERY funny! Billy Burke as Charlie...they could not have chosen a better actor than him! The sex talk was HILARIOUS! The whole cinema burst out laughing!
The main characters - Kristen, Rob and Taylor were great. I feel that Kristen expecially, really put a lot more effort into her portrayal of Bella and conveyed different emotions rather than just the 'dead' look.
I could not believe how much making out there was! Edward/Bella, Jacob/Bella, Alice/Jasper, Victoria/Riley, Jasper/Maria. Not that I'M complaining haha.
The leg hitch scene was SO HOT! If I hadn't known better, if I hadn't have read the books, I would have thought they were actually going to go all the way! Very convincing, great job Rob and Kristen!
There were very cute scenes between Edward and Bella, and Jacob and Bella, that made everyone go "awwww." But the cutest moments for me were between Alice and Jasper! They are so adorable together - and they got 2 kisses!!
The flashbacks were just FANTASTIC! Rosalie's nearly made me cry, Nikki did a great job! And Jasper, you sexy mofo, you! Jackson is extremely talented. You could really tell when he had to kill that newborn, the emotions on his face, that he could feel what this newborn was feeling. Kudos to Jackson!! WELL DONE! Catalina as Maria was perfect as well, she was beautiful and i LOVED the accent. The Spirit Warriors flashback was also very well done!!
The tent scene was also great. I loved Rob and Taylor's acting especially in this scene. The kiss between Jacob and Bella was...amazing! I also really loved how she got angry at Edward when she found out that he knew Jacob was listening. Good job, Kristen!
The fight training was just....perfect! Jasper's accent makes me drool!! My favourites were between Alice and Jasper (so cute! Especially when he goes to put his thumb on Alice's lip and she took off! lol) also Carlisle and Edward. "One more thing..." (Carlisle takes Edward down)"...Never turn your back on your opponent" *rolls eyes*. Omg that was so funny!
I also felt that the wolves looked more realistic in Eclipse than in New Moon, they look more fierce.
Now I'm probably going to get shot for this but...I really liked Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria. Of course, I loved Rachelle as well, but I think it's about time everyone gets over the fact that she's gone. Bryce was great. I could tell she really explored her character thoroughly. Especially her ferocity and the high pitch, childlike voice as described in the books. I'm sorry but Rachelle didn't have that voice.
The actual fight was amazing! It was cool to see Alice getting down and dirty, and Jasper trying to protect her, so adorable! Emmett grinning at the wolves was cool as well.Oh and who could forget Mama and Papa Cullen working together - awesome!! I felt bad for Bree too, she was so scared and vulnerable =(
The Volturi were also very creepy! I love Dakota as Jane. She really adds that extra 'edge' to her character.
I also loved how Esme stood up for Bree. I know it was Edward in the book, but I felt that it made more sense that Esme would offer to take responsibility for her - seeing as she brought with her into her vampire life, ability to love with all her heart.
Taylor Lautner....what can I say? He was amazing! His acting when he phased back after he was crushed by the newborn was excellent. Along with the last talking scene he had with Bella. I cried...
I really loved the final scene. It set everything up for Breaking Dawn. Congratulations to the actors on a job VERY well done =)

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Comment by MrsTCullen on July 2, 2010 at 11:44am
I loved it all too!!! Best of the other two movies!!! I really loved Jasper in the film! He came alive to me just how I imagined in the book. (Sexy country boy) lol!! I really loved the action in this movie and since Im Team Edward, I loved the scenes with him and Bella more!! Jacob did very well causing me to be annoyed like he did in the book so job well done!! hahahahaha!! I think Bryce did well too, but I just love the evilness of Rachelle!! She is beautiful, but very scary looking!! Youre right though, she doesnt have that voice. I loved the flashbacks but I did feel they were sort of rushed..but still good. Hey can't put everything from the book in a 2hr movie. This movie really made me not able to wait till breaking dawn. I so want to know what scenes will be added and who they will have play all of those Vampires that Carlisle calls for help!!! I think eclipse is one I will watch over and over again!!!!


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