My Encounter with Edward Cullens

Ever sense reading the Twilight sage, (especially Breaking Dawn), I have always had questions I would like to ask Edward Cullens. I wanted to know what he was thinking and feeling from his own point of view. I often pondered what was in his head. I often imagined myself in his head. Then one night he came to me in a dream and answered some of my questions.

Edward Cullens is that really you?( I was amazed)

Edward: Yes of course you called me hear did you not?( he was annoyed)

4everyoung: Well, I guess ...I guess I did in a way.( excited)

Edward: So what do you want?( still annoyed)

4everyoung: I want to ask you a few questions.

Edward: Questions? What kind of Questions?( He already knew my boring questions, yet he decided to appease me)

4everyoung: I want to know how you really felt about things?

Edward: How I felt about what things...chop chop woman make your point! ( he was even more annoyed now with my drifting thoughts of which he read but did not really understand because my thoughts were so jumbled and all over the place. So many thoughts, so many questions. He tried not to look at them all offering me a bit of privacy, yet he knew them all before I asked)

4everyoung: Well about your wedding night for starters, tell me all about the wedding night with Bella! ( I was so excited to hear his side of the story)

Edward: And why exactly should I do that, who are you to me that I would share such intimacy?

4everyoung: Well I believe myself to be your distant cousin of sorts, one who not only adores you from afar but also desires to be immortal. I am one who has decided to never grow old. One who reads and writes sweet poetry and enjoys a good passionate love story from time to time. One who respects the unknown and embraces the impossible. One who appreciates your plight and therefore would like to make sure I get the story correct when trying to relay it to others who are like minded in their quest to know you better. ( I said with a sincere heart and a clear mind.)

Edward: Well..indeed I am truly touched by your words, how could I refuse one such as yourself, with such passionate inducement. So what would you like to know ( He said in a calm voice with his crocked smile dazzling me at the same time.)

4everyoung: Just tell me in your own words as much as you can about your wedding night. How you felt, what you were thinking, how you maintained your control, how you kept yourself from...well..from killing Bella.(I looked upon him with wonder in my eyes and excitement in my voice)

Edward: Humm, you ask so much of me all at once, but first of all know this...I would never hurt my Bella, no matter how much I ever thought about it, I simply would not let that happen. Her happiness was indeed my main concern. To give her whatever she wanted as I can not refuse her anything.

4everyoung: Yes, yes tell me more!

Edward: well it was like this....I know that according to the Law of God, and all that is good, that marriage is a gift of completion. There is no guilt or shame in marriage or the love between a husband and wife. Whatever takes place, that is a thing of beauty. Totally free from judgment,..Forever Undefiled.(he proceeded to tell me more and I wrote as he spoke)

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Comment by Luciana Yam on June 23, 2009 at 2:04pm
Is this all?
Comment by 4everyoung on June 23, 2009 at 2:06pm
no go here for the rest.


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