Remember to call mom, get passport ready and buy shoes. My pocket is vibrating.
-Hi May, it’s mom.
-Hiya mom, I was just about to call you.
-Really? Do you need anything? Has somethig happened?
-No mom everythig is fine, I was just calling to tell you that I’m going to Italy with a few friends from school.
-Oh, when?
She sounded anxious and worried about something.
-Tonight actully.
-Oh okay, do you wan’t to talk to your’e dad?
-No mom that’s okay, tell him I love him and say hi to everyone for me okay?
-Sure, I love you honey have a nice trip and call me when you’ve landed no matter how late it is okay?
-Okay mom I love you, I’ll call you in the morning. Bye.
-Bye sweetie.
What was wrong with her? Well I guess that since she didn’t tell me it can wait until I get home. My pocket is vibrating again.
-Hi May it’s Sarah.
-Hiya Sarah.
-Is everything ready for tonight?
-Yep I just need to buy a pair of shoes and pick up my passport.
-Okay , did you call that place in Italy where were renting a car?
-Yes I did.
-Really? What car?
She sounded very excited. But I’m not going to tell her what car it’s supposed to be a surprize.
-Can’t tell you, sorry. It’s supposed to be a surprize.
-Aww, damn it.
-Can I call you back in half an hour?
-Sure, see you.
-Yeah see you.
Now all I’ve got do is go to the post office to pick up the package that holds my passport.
I really hate taking a cab in the middle of rush hour. Especially at Times Square. The post office? Why am I trying to fool myself? I’m going to meet J. Jenks at Grand Central Station. Ah finally here. Now wheres the bar? Ah over there. And what do you know? There he is.
-Hi J.
-Hi miss Black.
-Do you have my passport with you?
-Of course I do.
-Well can I have it? I’m in a wee bit of a hurry.
-Certainly miss.
J opens his briefcase and pulls out a yellow envelope.
-Here you go.
I grab the envelope.
-Thank you J.
-No problem, it’s been a pleasure doing buisness with you but I have to go now.
-Bye J, take care.
-Yes you too miss. Bye.
As J walks away my phone is vibrating again.
-Hi Alice.
-Hi May.
-What’s up?
-Nothing I just wanted to call and let you know that something great is going to happen to you when your’e in Italy.
-Well thanks for sharing Alice.
-No problem. Have fun.
-Yeah you too. Bye.
Well I guess that’s not the last call I’m getting today. Somehow everything was in a blurr the rest of the day. I got a new pair of shoes, they’re really cute. And I checked my passport so that the identification was correct and it was. Masen Marie Black born July 6th 1999 in Forks, Washington. Well I couldn’t actully be born 1999 since my mom was born 2007 but I’m 16 years old according to my records and it’s 2015 now . My passport has to be in sync with the public eye. I was all ready to leave for Italy, I’ve packed my luggage and my handluggage, I had my passport ready. Now all that was left was to actully get to JFK in time. My pocket is vibratig again.
-Hi Sarah.
-Hey May are you okay?
-Yes why wouldn’t I be?
-Well you were supposed to call me when you’d picked up your’e passport.
-Oh, I’m sorry I totally forgot there’s been a lot going on today.
-It’s okay I just got worried. Where are you now?
-I’m on my way to JFK, where are you guys?
-Where already at JFK.
-Oh, I’ll be there any minute.
-Okay, we’ll see you soon.
-Yeah, see you.
I totally forgot, I can’t do that cause they might call the police the next time and then I’ll be in big trouble. Well I’m at JFK now so I’ll be out of the country soon. Now all I’ve got to do is find them. Ahh there they are. Sarah hugs me as soon as I’ve put my luggage down on the floor.
-Hi May!
She half screams.
-Hi Sarah.
-Hi Lynne, Rach.
-Hey May.
They both say at the same time which I’ve gotten used to but in the beginning I wanted to pick my eyes out when they did that.
-So when does our plane leave?
-At eight.
-Oh that’s just one hour left, and we haven’t even checked our luggage in yet.
-Don’t worry there aren’t a lot of people that’s flying on the same plane.
-Oh okay that’s good I guess.
-Yes we have time.
-So shall we then?
I asked.
The three of them said together, that was more annoying then when Rachel and Lynne said it. We walked through the airport as the sun was setting. In five minutes we’d reached our gate.
-I told you we would make it.
Sarah said.
Was the only thing I could get out. I don’t know why but I had trouble speaking. At this point we’d checked in our luggage and we where at the door that would lead us to the plane.
-Your’e passport miss?
The man behind the desk said. And I reached him my passport a little bit anxious cause I didn’t know if it would work. But I got it back.
-Your’e boarding pass?
I reached him my boarding pass, I was no longer anxious.
The flight took a really long time and I was the only one who didn’t sleep. I didn’t have to sleep though I guess that I would be really tired by the time we got to Volterra later today. I can’t help but to think were I remember that name from. But I just can’t remember. Volterra. It sounds like a car. The seatbelt sign was on now. Which meant that we were landing. It was early morning in Milano, Italy when we got out of the airport. Sarah, Lynne and Rachel were all yawning. I was about to go pick up the car that I called to rent two days ago.
-You guys can stay here with the luggage while I go get the car, okay?
Was all that Sarah could get out.
I ran across the road, there were no cars there except for a few cabs that picked up the people that had been on the plane with us. I saw a big sign now that said Car Rental. So I opened the door and got in. It was really hot in there, it was hot outside too but not like this. I stepped up to the front desk.
I said.
The man behind the desk said.
-I called two days ago to rent a car?
-Si, miss Black?
-You’ll need to sign here and here.
The man said while pointing at two spots on the paper.
I signed the paper and he handed me the keys.
I said.
-You’re welcome.
I said.
He said back.
I went to the parking lot and pressed the key. The lights on a red Ford Mustang cabriolet blinked. I opened the door put the key in the egnition and pulled out. I drove to the airport where my three friends sat on the ground from exhaustion. When they saw me coming in the beautiful car they jumped up and started screaming.
-Oh my god May how did you do that?
Sarah said.
-How did I rent a car?
-No how did you rent that car?
-It’s all about connections.
Or money.
-Put the luggage in the trunk and get in.
I said while pressing a button that made the roof dissapear.
They where in the car before I knew what happened. They where very fast for humans, maybe it was because of the excitement. We headed south on the highway, at dawn. At eleven am Italian time we had reached Volterra. The little town was so beautiful. The house that we’ve rented was just outside of town. It was a small house with a lot of windows , we all got our own room though which I was very happy about. We freshened up a bit before we headed to town for lunch if there were any tables available. It was St: Marcus day and all of the people in the small town was in the town square. There were families in red everywhere. And it was so hot too, lucky for me I was wearing my jeans shorts and a tank top. We got a table at a small resturant. I ordered a pizza, a al tono to be more exact. Sarah, Lynne and Rachel all ordered pasta. After lunch we went to the town square to scream like all of the other people, I just could’t stop laughing.
I started but as I turned around she was gone and so was Lynne and Rachel. I backed out from the crowd cause I didn’t want to panic in front of all those people. I stood in the shadows for about two hours. They were nowhere to be found. There was someone a few feet away in the shadows and whoever it was it was not human. I didn’t hear a heartbeat, I was about to panic even more when a beautiful young man stepped out of the shadows. He was the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen with light brown hair and pale white skin. He was a vampire. I probably should have been scared and try to escape but I felt a connection I felt like I would die rather than to stay away from him. It hurt just to think about it and yet I didn’t even know his name. He came closer to me then.
He said in the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard. The word came out of the most perfect lips. I could barely breath.
I said while trying to act as normal as I could.
-I’m Alec.
He said while moving even closer, suddenly I began to wonder what he felt at that moment.
I whispered.
-Is everything well with you?
He was an old vampire over a hundred years at least.
-Yes, I’m fine.
What else could I say? No I’m not well my friends are missing. I couldn’t say that to this beautiful creature that I could only dream about.
-Are you sure?
He asked. He didn’t believe me.
I said with a lump in my throat.
-You don’t look so well maybe you should get something to eat?
What was he saying?
-Erhhm… sure.
What was I agreeing to? Was I agreeing to be his meal?
-There’s a restaurant over there, shall we?
He asked while reaching his hand towards me.
I said while grabbing his arm. I need the support. We walked to the restaurant quietly when I noticed the sun had set. What time was it? Alec opened the door for me. And we went to sit by a small table in the back of the restaurant .
-What would you like to eat?
Alec asked me.
-Erhmm… you choose.
He started smiling then, it looked like he was enjoying some kind of inside joke. I knew what he was thinking.
Alec held up his hand. And a few minutes later a plate with pasta came in for me and a glass of what was supposed to look like wine for him. It wasn’t wine it was blood. I rolled some pasta up on my fork and put it I my mouth. Alec was looking at me with a fascinated expression.
-Umm… what?
I asked.
He said smiling.
I grabbed his glass then. He didn’t have time to stop me. I sipped some of the blood but I noticed quickly that it was human blood. I swallowed it quickly and ran out of the restaurant. I reached for my phone in my pocket. Mom.
-Mom I….
Alec grabbed my arm. Crash. My phone was on the ground. He was angry. I heard my mom shouting after me in the backround.
-Why d…
Alec started but he stopped cause I was crying.
-What’s wrong?
He asked, he was sincerely concerned.
-You… human bl… I.
I could get the sentence out of my mouth.
-Why did you drink it?
-I knew it was blood I just thought it was animal blood.
-How did you know?
I started.
-You eat human.
I continued.
-You’re a vampire that eats human.
-You wanted to drink my blood.
He kissed me then. I didn’t know what to do. I froze. And then he threw himself off of me.
He said.
That’s when I saw a group of people and with them was Sarah, Lynne and Rachel. Alec saw them to.
I started.
Alec ran over there to talk to the woman who lead the group. I couldn’t hear what they were saying I was to worried to concentrate on that. The woman shouted at Sarah, Lynne and Rachel to go. They came running towards me.
-Where have you been?
I asked in a alarmed voice.
- We got a guided tour of the town for free.
No they didn’t, it would cost them their life but they didn’t know that.
-Let’s just go home okay?
They all said together.
Alec looked at me, I mouthed thank you at him. He mouthed see you tomorrow at me.
I didn’t get what he mean by see you tomorrow. At nine I the morning when the girls where asleep I heard a knock on the door. I ran down to open it. And there he was. The godlike creature from yesterday.
-Good morning.
He said smiling.
-Good morning.
I said back.
-I believe this is yours.
He said while handing me my phone.
-Yes, I dropped it last night when…
I couldn’t say anything more.
-Thank you for bringing it back and thank you for sa…
-Don’t mention it.
-Okay then, I would have asked you in for breakfast but I don’t have anything for you…
-It’s okay I ate before I got here.
He said smiling. I froze. He was actually joking about killing humans. He noticed that I froze so he gave me a hug. He smelled so good and that made forget what he just said. I hugged him back very tightly. I didn’t want to loose him.
-Don’t leave.
I said without thinking.
-I won’t.
He said. And then he kissed me. Sarah came down the stairs then and she started giggling when she saw us kiss.
-Good morning.
She said with a huge grin on her face.
-Good morning Sarah.
I said.
-Who’s this?
She asked.
-Ehmm this is..
I started.
-Hi I’m Alec.
Alec said while shaking Sarah’s hand.
Sarah said blushing.
-Well I was just about to make coffee and then read in the backyard.
-There’s coffee In the machine.
I said quickly.
She said. She filled her cup and the she got outside.
-Sorry about that.
I said.
-It’s okay I like meeting you’re friends.
-Really? There are two more upstairs I can go wake them up…
-No, no. I can meet them another time.
He said and then he kissed me. I kissed him back.
-Alec I…
I said trying to catch my breath. He kept kissing me. He started to pull my t-shirt over my head.
I started while trying to get loose.
He said, he sounded angry.
-Not here.
I said.
-Why? I can be quiet as a mouse.
-Yeah you can but I can’t and I don’t know if I’m ready. Plus you were the one who pushed away last night.
-I’m sorry I didn’t mean to pressure you I just thought that…
-It’s okay.
-Are you sure?
-Yep, I’ll tell you when I’m ready okay?
-Now what do you want to do?
What do I want to do? I don’t know.
-Have a picnic? Oh sorry I forgot.
-No, no we can have a picnic I’ll just watch you eat.
-I don’t know if I would be okay with that.
-Why not?
-I don’t like when people watch me eat.
-But I’m not people I’m me.
-Yeah you are you, okay fine.
-Yes! Alec and May are going on a picnic.
-Shhh. Be quiet there still asleep up there.
-Oops, sorry. What would you like to eat madame?
-Haha very funny.
-I don’t really want to eat anything I just want to cuddle with you on a blanket.
I said blushing.
-Oh well we could do that I guess.
He said smiling.
I said excited.
I screamed.
He said while putting his finger on my mouth.
I said and then I bit his finger.
-Easy there tiger.
He said laughing. I ran upstairs to get a blanket out of one of the cabinets. Then we walked to a field just outside of town. He lay the blanket on the grass then he grabbed me and wrestled me down. I started laughing. After we’d lay there for a couple of hours cuddling the sky opened up and it started poring down rain. We took cover under a big tree. We were all wet. Alec started kissing me.
-You smell even better in the rain.
He said.
I kissed him back.
-I’m ready.
I said. And I really was this was a perfect moment.
-Are you sure?
He asked.
I said while taking his shirt of. Then I kissed his chest. He kept kissing me on the neck but I didn’t care, he could kill me right now. At least I would die happy. He unbuttoned my jeans as I took of my sweater. Then we lay down on the blanket.
I woke up at night. Alec lay there beside me and he looked as beautiful as I remembered.
I said.
He said.
-That was… nice.
I said smiling.
-Yes it was.
He said and then he kissed my forehead.
-Well I’ll better go now. Can you make it back on your own?
Why was he going?
-Erhhm, sure.
He said and then he kissed my forehead again.
-You just kissed my forehead twice within a minute.
-Yeah, so?
-That’s what you do to you’re little sister.
-Believe me what I just did to you is not something I do to my sister.
Those words made me blush.
-Well, I don’t want you to go. You said you wouldn’t leave.
-I’m not leaving, there’s just a few things that I have to do.
-Oh okay.
I was disssapointed.
-I love you.
A moment of silence.
-You do?
-Yes I do.
He loves me.
-I love you to.
I said while tears ran down my face.
-Did I hurt you?
He said with alarm in his voice.
-No , these are happy tears.
His face was filled with relief and joy.
-I don’t have to go.
He doesn’t have to go. He wants to be with me.
-What about the things you need to take care of?
-I can take car of those tomorrow.
A sound came from my stomach at that point.
-You’re hungry.
-I’m fine.
-We should get back to the house.
-We can cuddle there to if that’s why you won’t go.
He was right.
I got dressed. He was already. He took the blanket under one arm and me under the other and then we walked back to the house. When we were on the porch he stopped and got down on one knee.
-Oh my god.
-Masen Marie Black will you do me the honor of being my wife?
He’s asking me to marry him.
I said, then he put a beautiful ring on my finger. Then he got up and he kissed me.
-I love you.
I said.
-I love you too.
He said while he opened the door to the house. Mom.
-What are you doing here?
-You sounded like you were in danger when you called yesterday.
It was Alice’s voice.
-Yeah Alice?
-One of them are here.
My mom and Alice got in to there defensive crouches in front of me.
-What’s going on?
I asked.
-A member of the Volturi guard are here.
My mom snapped.
-A member of what?
-A member of the coven that’s been trying to kill our family for years.
What was she talking about? They never told me about that. And where? The only people who was here are Mom, Alice, Alec and myself.
I asked.
-In front of us. Which one is it Alice?
-It’s Alec.
Alice snapped.
Alec? I could feel the panic, I could feel the tears.
I screamed.
-What’s wrong?
My mom asked surprised.
-Not him.
I whispered.
-Not him.
How can life be this unfair? How can it go from being the happiest moment in my life to the worst in such short time?
-What’s going o here?
My mom asked.
I ran to Alec and started hitting him, I was still crying.
-How could you do this to me?!
I screamed while the tears pored down my face.
-I’m sorry.
He said. He hugged me. I couldn’t stop crying. My mom ripped me from his arms.
-Mom, no!!
I screamed.
Then suddenly there were to men behind Alec. My mom let me go. She was almost crying to.
-Hello Renesmee.
The man who had dark long hair said. My mom was crying now. The man was showing me what had happened between him and my mom. I didn’t want to know. How could he show me this?
-Stop it!!
I screamed. Alec looked scared.
-Stop showing me this!
-I’m not showing you anything.
The man said.
-Then how come I’m getting all of these pictures in my head of you kissing my mom?
-Well I have no idea, maybe cause it’s a nice memory.
I jumped at him, I wanted him to die for talking about my mom like this. He threw me off of him as if I was a used tissue.
Alec ran to me.
-I can’t believe that you kept this from me.
I said.
-I’m sorry but you kept this from me to.
-Yeah but I didn’t lie about my name or my family. I just kept out the part about my family’s last name cause every vampire in the entire world knows them. My last name is Black, after my father.
-I think you’d better leave.
Alice said in a hostile voice. Then they were gone. And we were on a plane back to Canada. I slept on the plane. It’s like as if my reason to live was gone.

To be continued.

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great! can't wait for another! you should do something like a weekly or bi-weekly fan fiction
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omg, mich, best one yet, but you have to finish it, im not going to be able to sleep, you know
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omg that was soooo good :P
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that was great. loved it


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