Hey, My name is Kamila and im a twifan.....that's what i said the first day in my school after vacation. I figure that is the best way to describe myself. How many of you think same way? i know milions that could argue over who's better in bed the cold vampire or the warm shapesifter? Shocking...not really. I love twilight and all things asociated with vampire love stories. I'm a huge fan of the Vampire Diaries and True Blood. My faves are Stefan Salvatore and Edward Cullen, from the girls side i side with bella, esmee and Elena.

Lest just say I'm an ordinary girl but how can u be regular obsessed with vampires, well in our days that's just the most ordinary thing. Everybody loves twilight, I wonder sometimes how it would be really like to never read the books, like i would never find them. but i did and im happy....and sad they ended. I watch the movie everynight rewinding my fave scence till my dvd trashes. I read the books each about 3 times....you may say i'm crazy but im not the only one. I dont talk about twilight 24/7, I've learned my lesson last tear when everybody told me "enough about the cullens...get a life!!!" And so i did and so milions of girls tried but we all think how each little detail reminds us of the obssesion... of the cover or the shirt that jacob took off or that braclet of alice's. It sounds mad but we all love it.....

I dont know how to express the way i feel about things when i comes to evryday life but twilight is different, i ussually cant express my feelings in front of anyone on anymatter like even when my boyfriend said he loved for the first time i was speechless and i couldnt tell him how i felt or when on some stuipid acting sessions they ask you what do you feel right now ? My best response is i dont know or ok.....but i could tell how i felt about bella and edward, i could writte a monolouge about the way i felt when Edward left Bella....i could wirtee a book on hw furious i was when Jacob imprinted on Renesmee...but i fail to mange in reality.

I could writte about twilight for pages without even stopping to think but i learned how to have a life...but every night after my little screenig of the movie i could recite the lines of ...i dream of a world like Bella's with some one to suck my blood...till i drop dead and rise as a vamp...joking i just really wish there was a next book as fascinating as the rest....there are always the Vampire diaries which i can go back to or thr True blood books but who tasted first class champange will never be satisfied with the cheep bottle of sprite....the bubbles arent the same...it' aint june and it aint the plaza...

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