I have been a vampire for exactly a week,it is extremly painful,i want to feed so much but all there is to feed on are humans.
Lucifer told me that i will get used to feeding upon them,yet i vomit everytime i do,i cannot keep this up for long.
My royal duties as a prince started today as well,i hate it,i have to behead humans so that my kingdom can feed regularly,it is really quite disgusting,i have grown tiresome of my brother,perhaps i shall ban him from the kingdom,but if i do that,he shall kill every human alive,and i will not have that.
I have seen so many attractive females here,but none of them catch my eye,apart from one.
this woman,she is so beautiful,so graceful,it is like she glides through the air and snags every man's heart along the way,for she has ensnared mine own heart,i believe her name is zoey,i do not know,lucifer says i cannot be with her,he says she is not royalty,yet she seems to be.
he looks at her like a rotten corpse,he hates her with a passion,i cannot see why,i shall dig further and figure it out.
until i find out,i shall keep preparing myself to speak with her,i hope i do not make a fool of myself.


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Comment by Kiana Lee on November 8, 2009 at 2:03pm
Hello :) I do not know your brother Lucifer, if i do i must not recognize him. But, i recognize your words, they came from a friend a short time ago. She has since then betrayed and hurt me. I am sorry if i suspect u but, those words sound too familiar. I have been hurt to much to wear my heart on my sleeve. In the mean time please teel me about your brother, and yourself. I would also like to know how you know what i look like, I am just really... i don't know this is all to familiar to me. I can't help but be suspicious. I am sorry if i have bothered you. For you apparently are roalty. Good day, my Lord
Comment by jakob secine forteil on November 8, 2009 at 8:09pm
do not worry vampiress,you have not bothered me,you have merely made my day a brighter one :)
i would love to tell you more about my brother and myself as well,perhaps we shall chat in the future.
good day,raven


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