it may not be perfect im trying out so i hope your impressed with it it won't be long

Rosalie was hunting in The Woods. When She saw Maria there snickering at her. Rosalie bared her teeth and hissed. She ran all the way to her house. She ran to get Emmett and Jasper. " Jasper, Maria is stalking me, She makes me uneasy to control myself to hunt." Jasper and Emmett went with her. Jasper saw Maria laughing with another Nomad, It was Peter. Peter and Maria were recruiting newborns to attack Rosalie. " Maria, Peter, Stop It We hunt here not your property so leave us alone and leave our side of the Woods alone." Jasper sent both of them waves of depressed looks. " Whatever Jasper, Maria Let's go knock their trees down on our way out of here." Peter said to Maria. She laughed and agreed with him. They knocked down 7 trees. Emmett growled at them and he ran over and attacked both of them. He yelled. "SCORE Hay Rose, Jasper I got me a spare I bowled them down." Rose and Jasper both laughed. " Let's hunt together." Jasper said.
Soon they grew tired of hunting and went back to the house. " Edward, Bella We saw Nessie, she was being NessNapped Maria and Peter had her. Jasper let them leave." Rose said. Jasper growled at her. " Jasper What are you thinking?" dDward shouted as he spranged up and went to his face. " You are gonna let Nessie die How could you Jasper." Edward said. Bella was shocked at him. " Why Don't YOU just forget you ever came here in the first place." Bella yelled. " We agree with Bella with this one." Edward and Emmett said to him. Jasper was so shocked. He sent them waves of misery.

So Jasper ran from them, Ran all the way to Italy. He went up to Aro and Caius. " My Family doesn't want me anymore I made Nessie to be in harm's way, I let Maria take her. All of them wanted me away from them forever, They don't want me living with them anymore." He told them. Aro nodded with his brothers. " Well Jasper that was sure a story, If you can help us by letting us take Nessie and drain her." Aro said. Jasper nodded. " I have her actually." Jasper said to them. He took her out of the bag that he carried. " Wonderful Hand her over and we will have a delicious snack." Caius said. Jasper handed Nessie over to them. " Grazie Jasper, Jane Dear Show Jasper to his own lovely quarter." Aro told Jane. Jane smiled and took him up. Demetri said to him. " I must feed you first." Demetri turned him. Jasper has Red Eyes, He looked in the mirror. Felix handed him his cloak to wear.
Jasper smiled at himself.
Meanwhile Back In Forks, Bella was telling Alice everything. Alice said. " Where is Jasper, I See A Castle and pretty eyes, Jasper is there with Red Eyes." " Ohhhhh NOOOOOOOO." Alice screamed. " Alice, What's Wrong?" Emmett and Edward asked her. " You did this Edward, I'm very angry at you, U,Bella and Emmett you let Jasper leave me I love him so much. Outside, The Moon was being covered like shadows. Jasper laughed when Demetri and Felix were talking too him.

So In Forks, Alice told all of them off. She ran to her room and locked it. She didn't want to talk to any of them. She cried to herself. She loved Jasper so much. So Alice ran away and saw Jasper's trail. Alice followed it. She ended up in Italy. she went tosee Aro snacking ona human. " Aro, Master, I wish to die." Alice said. Aro smiled at her. " what brings you by Alice?" He asked her. " Aro I Can't live without My Jasper.i'm worried about him." Alice said.
Aro looked at her. " Jasper is not dead Alice." He told her. " What, where is my Jasper?" Alice asked him with worry. Jasper showed up with Demetri and Felix. " Jasper What's going on honey?" alice said going up to him. Jasper took steps back from her. " Jazz I'm not gonna hurt you babe." Alice said. " Alice, I'm not the same anymore I am sorry." Jasper said to her. Demetri and Felix smiled. " I'm with Them The Volturi Alice ." He finally said. Alice was in shock.

To Be Continued.

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