Well here I am. I finally found a website that has a chat room about my new love Twilight. I'm REALLY obessed ( I can't spell) with Twilight. I think about it all day long. I have read all 4 books over and over again non stop. When i'm done reading Breaking Dawn I go straight back to twilight and start over again. I always have a book with me where ever I go. When ever I tooks test or quizz I get every answer correct. Never in my life have I ever been like this. Before Twilight I didn't really like to read books. Only the comics. In the month of Aug 2008, was when I first read the series. My best friend and I where just talking about what ever and I was telling her about a book. The book was called memors of a Geisha. I just finished reading it and I told her that she read it. I know she likes love stories. So she said maybe. Then she told me about a love story. The BEST love story of all time. Better than the NoteBook. So I asked her what it was about. A girl name Bella. She is in love with this vampire named Edward. She had a best friend. His name is Jacob and that is a werewolve. So that doesn't sound like a love story. I'm not down with vampire and werewolves stories. But she also said that she knows that sounds really weired but to trust her. It really is a great book. While she was talking about the book I could see that she was happy talking about the book. Damn...She's excited. Why? What kind of story is this to make her smile. But I still wasn't sure if I wanted to read it. So she and I made a bet. She said "Trust me on this I know for a fact that you will love this book. Read the 1st 3 chapters. I will promis you that by the time reached the end of chapter 3 you will be hooked. And if ya don't get hook I'll give you 20 bucks." So i said fine.... So she gives me her book. Before I went to bed that night I started to read. Holly S***!!!!!! She was right. I couldn't put the book down. It took me 2 days to finished Twilight. I go to her place and hand her the book and said, "ok give me new moon" She smiled and said I told you so. So she gives me new moon. 3 days later I'm back. Now I wanted Eclips. 4 days passed and now I was ready for Breaking Dawn. When I was done with that I started over again. Thank you BW...

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