My First-Hand Account of Port Angeles/La Push/Forks

Just a few weeks ago I had the EXTREME pleasure of taking a trip up to Washington for the first time! And of course, no trip to Washington is complete without seeing Port Angeles, La Push, and Forks. Let me tell you, I had a BLAST! I have so many pictures I would love to share with you guys, just in case you haven't been. And for those of you Twifans who have, well this is just a great reminder of how much fun it was! Driving all through Washington, you can very much understand why Stephenie set the story where she did. It was beautiful.

Port Angeles was GREAT! Walking around downtown was pretty fun and all and looking at the Twilight swag scattered about, but the best part of Port Angeles: Bella Italia. The restaurant from the book where Edward and Bella first dine. I thought, "Okay. I have to go, just because! But oh, wow, the food looks pretty incredible!" And it was! Yes, yes, we had the mushroom ravioli and split it up among our table just so we could try it... It was by far the 2nd best thing I ate that night! (Calm down, I'll tell you why it was 2nd. LoL) Moving off the Twilight-craze for a sec: I had the duck. I am very picky about duck, and it was PERFECT. Okay, no more food criticism, back to Twilight :) But yes, it's safe to get the mushroom ravioli and very worth it! You will not be disappointed, I promise. And of course, you can never go wrong with a Coke. :) Now, does the restaurant look like the one they portrayed in the film? No. But it's cute, small, and again I'll say it, if you go to Port Angeles (even if you're not a Twifan (but then hey, why are you on this site? Hehe)) eat at Bella Italia!

Next, we headed to La Push. Of course, the minute you enter, there is this picture:

Which was classic! Hehe. It made me laugh.
As we drove along, there were Jacob-themed things everywhere. A motorcyle sitting out on a lawn, a big Jacob cardboard cut-out at a small coffee shop. Then once you drive all the way out, you hit First Beach. It was unbelievable! I could have stayed there for hours just looking around at how beautiful it was! It was windy, but I didn't care. I have always been a huge fan of the north coast, and First Beach just reminded me even more-so of why that is. :)

Next up: FORKS. :) Of course, there were about 10 different cars pulled over to take a picture of the Welcome sign (not surprising).

So, I thought to myself, "It's going to be PACKED in town."... It wasn't. I mean, I had to only wait in line at Dazzled By Twilight for 5 minutes. I was kind of surprised, but happy I didn't have to shove my way through people, hehe. I got some great shot glasses, a sticker, and some magnets. I wanted to nab up a shirt for the Eclipse midnight showing, but the ones I was partial to, they were out of my size. (Oh well; WalMart and Nordstrom have TONS) Both stores carried a lot of stuff, and it was really great to see. Most of the inventory consisted of shirts, but that was really cool because they catered to a lot of different styles and all the characters.

After shopping, we went to grab a bite at

Suggestion: Buffalo Wings. They were SO good and meaty! (Can you tell I like food?) Unfortunately, we were on a time crunch so we couldn't stay to have a drink at the Twilight Lounge, but we did go across the street to JT's Sweet Stuff,

which had a quote on the window from Stephenie, "The sweetest spot in Forks will satisfy even a vampire's sweet tooth!". We got some fudge, and I got some Lemon Meringue Pie ice cream and some Cookie Dough ice cream. Weird combination, but man oh man, it was yummy!

Oh, then of course I went to Seattle (that was my first night of the trip, was in Seattle). If anyone wants to know about Seattle, feel free to send me a message or anything and I can tell you all about how I absolutely loved it there! :)

So there's my first-hand account of the area! Wish I would have gotten more pictures, but I will never, ever forget my time up there!

Overall Point: If you ever get a chance to visit these places, DO IT! You won't be disappointed :)

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Comment by Living in Darkness on June 16, 2010 at 8:51am
I Loved Forks when i went there you can never forget some thing like that and i want to hear how Seattle when plz, and i got some great pic of every thing i had to!!!
Bella Marie Cullen
Comment by Jessica on June 16, 2010 at 9:06am
@BellaMarieCullen Hey! Seattle was AMAZING. I absolutely loved it there and had a blast. It was sunny and 60 degrees. We walked around Pike's Place Market for awhile, had some amazing food, went to the first Starbucks, rode the monorail to the Space Needle, went to the Experience Music Project and the Sci Fi Museum, and walked around downtown. I LOVED it. I could go back up there and spend a week, easy! ^_^

@Everyone Else - Thanks again for all the comments so far! ^_^
Comment by Raechel on June 16, 2010 at 3:49pm
I live in Washington about a 2 and a half hour drive from Forks...I really liked your recap of your visit. I'm taking dome friends that live out of stat there next week, should be fun! Only like my 3rd trip in the last year :)
Comment by tet_d on June 16, 2010 at 10:16pm
Still wishing I could go to Forks, but thanks for the photos --- La Push looks much nicer, more calm in your pics than the ones we've always seen in Twi movies.
Comment by Jessica on June 17, 2010 at 8:04am
Thanks @Raechel!
And @tet_d , yes, La Push was stunningly beautiful the day I was there. In the 60's, sunny, pretty windy, but still nice. It's one of my favorite beaches on the entire west coast now


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