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Chapter One- “WERE GOING DOWN!”

Bella POV

I couldn’t wait to spend Summer away from all the drama’s of a teenage world, I was only fourteen and already I had suffered enough over-exaggerated fights, break-ups and soul mates to last me a lifetime!

We were heading to London, a country almost as rainy and bleak as Forks, but with the added mystery and culture, and who knows if I was lucky I may even meet the Queen.

Charlii- I mean my dad, I wasn’t allowed to call him Charlie to his face was singing aloud to the song “RULE BRITTANIA, BRITTANIA RULES THE WAVES!” I could already tell this was going to be a LONG journey.

To make matters worse, my so called parents were leaving me sat next to my irritating and always hyperactive little brother, Thomas. I had to give it to him, he was the most charming and adorable little boy I had ever laid eyes on; he could get anybody to do whatever he wanted. All he did was flutter his long black eyelashes, and give them a cheeky grin and they were putty in his hands.

He was the perfect child appearance wise, black curly hair, deep brown eyes, and dimples framing each side of his rosebud mouth. But that was the problem, he was so adorable you would do anything for him, and if he didn’t get what he wanted…he throws tantrums that I swear sometimes shake the house.

My mom is similar to me, except prettier and with loads more charisma. Sometimes, I like to pretend she is my child. Ah, my scatter brained mother so silly and playful; I’m left bringing up Thomas most of the time, I’m the one who punishes him and brushes his teeth at night. Mom prefers to be our friends, and that’s fine she is my best friend, but sometimes I wish she would take more control.

Charlie is usually away, working hard as he is “Police Chief Swan to the good people of Forks”. His job is his wife and family. But on these irregular holidays, I can see the charming man my mom fell in love with a long time ago.

Just as I was about to completely surrender to my imagination, the seven most outstandingly beautiful creatures ever in existence, danced past our seats.

There presence was so breathtaking, I instinctively searched for wings which would categorise them as the angels I knew they must be. Wings or not, I couldn’t possibly believe that these creatures were human and lived in the same world as me, plain old Bella.

Maybe I was dreaming? But certainly my bland imagination wouldn’t be able to create such magnificent beings.

They were absolutely perfect, clearly not related by blood but they shared similar features.
Number one, all of there facial features were angular and perfect
Number two, they shared the same white glowing skin tone
Number three, they all had the same liquid topaz eye colour that sent my heart into a fluttering rage.
And finally, they were all the most beautiful people I had seen in my entire life!

I gazed at them as they gracefully took seat in the rows in front; a slender blonde male seemed to lead the way and clearly showed higher authority. His hair was gelled back into careful blonde shell that benefited his oval face; he had smouldering gold eyes etched perfectly to coincide with his sharp nose and strawberry lips.

Behind him stood a bonny woman, young enough to carry of her glamorous figure, but old enough to see she had a maternal edge. By looks of it the two of them were an item, which seemed acceptable as they were each as glorious as the other.

Next a massive boy with brown curly hair bounced along the aisle, he slightly resembled my brother, but with less of the cute and more of the fear. Once again he was perfect, his brawny muscles evident under his thin shirt.

Clutched in his an arm was the single most beautiful woman in existence, she had the body of a goddess, waist long blonde hair and a dazzling smile. It was hard to believe, she hadn’t just climbed out of picture drawn by the great Picasso himself. I was stunned and found it difficult not to stare.

As I gained control of myself, the smallest one of them all pirouetted past me. She was absolutely tiny, a pixie, she was so graceful it would bring a tear to any prima ballerina’s eye.

Following her was a hunky blonde; who I assumed was a movie star. I instantly presumed he must be one of those ignorant people who care less about others than they do trash, but my judgement was wrong again, it was getting strange. He was clearly infatuated with the little bundle of excitement bouncing around in-front of him, she was his.

Then I saw him, my heart gave out a large sigh as his scent billowed at me. His bronze hair was tousled into a casual array, which appeared to be done with little effort but clearly was significant to the whole appearance of him. I couldn’t look away, my heart felt like a lion clawing away at my chest trying desperately to escape and pounce on this magnificent catch.

I was dreaming, definitely dreaming!

His ochre eyes melted into my soul, and complimented each part of his defined facial features. He noticed me staring and instantly flashed me a crooked smile, it touched his eyes and made them sparkle, sending my heartbeat into another round of applause.

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