this story is about me and my love Ian . Hi my name is Aishling Hunt
, and im a halfbreed. yes that means im half human , half vampire .
Ian and I died in the year 2210 we were killed by humans but not any humans .
it were humans with poisoned blood .

on the Evening of 23 august 1783

" its a baby girl " my father said ,then i opened my eyes and father almost dropped me while looking at me . " doc look at her she has blood red eyes " . " sorry mr hunt i've never seen this before " the docter said .
" we have to kill it and burn it now " father panicked " no you wont kill my little aishling , not while im alive" my poor mother said weakly .

And thats the day my life , the life of Aishling Elisabeth hunt started .

I was 5 when my father died of old age , he was 55 years old .
my mom was full of sorrow and she cried all night long
sometimes i was sad like mom and then i went to her room to comfort her
6 months after dad was burned and trown in the wind . a man came by he was really scary . he almost came everyday . and then one day he kissed my mom on the lips , i was so mad at him i kicked him in the shines , and ran away as far i could , so i went to the vineyard ,not much later i heard lilly calling my name .
so i went for a run again. i ended up at a river with a tree hanging over. i jumped to a branche and sat in the tree . singing my favourite lullaby lilly always sings when she wants me in bed. just when i was at the second verse i saw lilly i stoped and asked " how long are you listening yet lilly" ?
well i found you when you started singing and i listened from then on" .And i have to say i like it better when you sing it ,you sing it diffrently ".
"how diffrently " i asked . " well you sing it higher and in a diffrent melody and you added some words and changed some of there place "
" now come out off the tree we need to get home the forest isnt a good place for little girls at night " " ok lilly but you have topromise me i dont have to say sorry to that stupid sir " " i promise " lilly said . we went home and mom was waiting on the frontporch . i ran to mom " mommy " but mom didnt catch me she said " aishling dont you have something importent to say to sir ciar . i simple answhered " who " and went inside. "AISHLING ELISABETH HUNT " " come here and say sorry to sir ciar now " mom looked at me like she was gonna eat me . i sweetly looked at sir stinking ciar and said " im sorry mister ciar i will do it again " and then i ran away again inside. Lilly followed me and said " Aishling you mother said your grounded and you can't go play with the kids from the farm tommorow "
" darn " i muttert " did you say something Aishling " lilly asked " no lilly do you mind if i go to my room " " no go on " . the next day i was bored to dead. mom took my toys away.i had to sit in my room all day so i looked around . my room looked a little emty .mostly my room was filled with toys and books , history about vampire clans and the diary's of my mom .now my room was just a room with a bed , 2 closets , a desk with a chair and a window.Lilly came 5 times a day . 2 times in the morning to go to the toilet and eat breakfast , 1 times at lunch and 2 times for the toilet and dinner . i was so bored i mostly was sleeping during the day and night so the next morning i was awake when the sun came up . iwent outside and went to phantom mountain to watch the sunset.

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