I had the most amazing experience on Wednesday, April 20, 2011 and I just had to share it here with people who would appreciate it. I was one of the few lucky people out of 876,000 ticket requests to actually get into Jimmy Kimmel last Wednesday when Rob Pattinson was on. It was my birthday, so I wanted to make a celebration out of it, and celebrate I did!


I live a few hours north of Hollywood, where the Jimmy Kimmel show is taped. I got my friends together and we decided to leave at 5am to try and get to Hollywood between 8 and 9am. We wanted to be first in line to be sure that we would actually get in since having tickets does not guarantee entrance. We ended up getting there about 8:30 and already about 7 or 8 fans were there in the back waiting. Of the fans that were waiting, none of them had audience tickets. They were waiting out back to get a signature or pictures of Rob entering. The guards that were there that early didn't know where we should wait as audience members, so we hung out for a bit in back with those fans that were there. I met several very nice people who I will see again at Comic Con :) YAY! When we found out that we needed to line up out front, we moved out there and were first in line. I met more lovely fans out there and had an amazing time just hanging out for the day. When the time came, we were put in 2 lines. One was for priority tickets which I had and one was for general admission tickets. We were first in line for Priority although there were others who did get to enter before us. There were a couple of people who had won a contest and got to actually go in first and then there were family and friends of ABC employees who were let in before us. However, once you go in, you are in one big room where you wait to actually be seated and we ended up being the second group seated. My friends had decided to buy me a sash that I was wearing that said "It's My Birthday" and a tiara that said "Birthday Girl". They thought that I could get noticed by Rob if I was wearing them. When it was our turn to be seated I told the gorgeous guy seating us named Link that it was my birthday and that we had driven several hours to come and I wondered if we could be seated close. I told him I could remove the tiara and sash if it would hurt my chances of being able to have that opportunity. He told me no to leave it on and he sat me in the second row. However, it may as well have been the first row for me as I was in the seat on the isle closest to the middle and there was no seat in front of me in the first row. I was literally RIGHT in the line of sight of the guest seat. I knew that when Rob was seated, if he looked into the audience, the first person he would see was me! And he would only be about 10 feet away from me, if that! I was over the moon excited and my tummy started doing flips. 


For those of you who have never been an audience member at Jimmy Kimmel, there is a warm up comedian who comes out first named Don Barris. He is hilarious. Every time I have been an audience member, he has teased me or joked around with me in some way and I always love his monologue. I think I enjoy him more than Jimmy. He is much less stiff than Jimmy. Anyway, he always tells the audience that at the end he is going to pick the most valuable audience member and give them a $100 Apple gift card and encourages us all to participate by laughing, clapping and yelling at appropriate moments. I was extremely noticeable in my sash and tiara and literally right next to the spot where he and Jimmy both stand to do their monologues. So, Don right away started joking around with me and talking to me about my birthday, asking me if I was just wearing those things to try and get something something from Robert. I laughed and said I wouldn't object to something something, but that no, it really was my birthday. He called me saucy lady and dirty girl for the rest of his monologue and must have high fived me at least 6 times. He really seemed to like me, and I am a very outgoing person so I have no objections to speaking up or laughing at myself. So I had a lot of fun with that! Anyway, then it's time for Jimmy to come out. He comes out and they don't tell us that they are rolling camera's. Right away Jimmy starts talking to me and says "So, I see there is someone who has a birthday in the house and she has very subtly worn a sash and crown, happy birthday! How old are you today? Or would you prefer to not say". I told him it didn't bother me and that I just turned 35. He then asked how old was too old to say and I shrugged and said "40???? it probably should be 35 and I probably shouldn't have said on national television!". After that they told us they were starting the show and Jimmy came back to me again and wished me a happy birthday again. He told me that I share a birthday with Hitler (yay! lol) and that he is my birthday pal. That part ended up getting left in the show if you watched. They also showed me laughing and clapping on tv! 


Fast forward about 15 minutes and it's time to introduce Rob. Out he walks in all his long legged, suited, beautiful glory. I screamed and clapped so loud and so long that I literally saw stars and had to hold on to my chair so I wouldn't pass out. I definitely didn't want Rob to remember me as the girl who had to be rushed out of a taping of Jimmy Kimmel for passing out! LOL. He did the first part of his interview, and if you have watched it, as I'm sure most of you have then you probably remember where Jimmy Kimmel tells him that he is a homeless hoarder. Well, me being the silly girl that I am, I woo'd at that and clapped. Robert thought that was pretty hilarious and made the comment "How was a scream warranted for that? You're a homeless hoarder, YES!!!!" and he fist pumped. I laughed so hard and of course everyone screamed then, cuz lets face it...he's adorable! Anyway, after they give Rob the MC Hammer film cell and talk about that, they go to commercial break. A bunch of the crew run up to the stage and take pictures of Rob as he is talking to Jimmy about who knows what. He was very fascinating to watch. He at one point put both of his feet up on the chair and like, leaned back. I can't really describe it, but it was funny. He is just a very interesting and entertaining man. I don't know how he can say he is boring. I could have sat there and watched him all day! I also kept looking at him, then looking up at the tvs above him that showed what was being filmed and I was marveling at the fact that he is indeed even more gorgeous in person! I didn't think it was possible, because WOW he is so beautiful on tv and in pictures. But, really ladies...he is even more spectacular in person. Truly. Anyway, after all of the people get out of the way after taking pictures, I waved at him and managed to catch his eye. He looked at me and kind of tilted his head sideways to try and read my sash. He gave me this questioning look and I pointed to myself and mouthed "it's my birthday". He smiled, nodded and then mouthed back "Happy Birthday!". I can't even describe what that moment felt like. For 5 seconds of my life, Robert Pattinson, the most beautiful man on the planet as far as I am concerned, knew that me...little ole Malina was alive and that it was my birthday and he wished me a happy birthday. My only regret was that I would have to remember that moment in my mind only because we were not allowed to have our camera's in the studio and our phones had to be put away and off. You can imagine my surprise and how ecstatic I was when I watched the show later that night and as they are coming back from commercial break, they SHOW IT!!!!! I will forever have Robert Pattinson wishing me a happy birthday saved. I can't even believe it now...2 days later. I keep pinching myself to see if I am awake. It had to have been some kind of amazing dream. 


To make matters even better, Don Barris ended up giving me the $100 Apple gift card! I didn't think the night could possibly get any better, but I decided to try to run outside after the show and see if I could catch Rob signing autographs outside. Sadly, when I got out there he had already finished signing and was getting into his car. I stood by the fence where his car was exiting and he did look at me and wave which was amazing. I wish I could have had him sign my WFE book which I brought with me, but if given the opportunity to switch what I did get with a signature, I would NOT give up the amazing experience I had for anything. I can safely say that this was the best birthday of my life. I doubt anything will ever be able to top it! 


Here is a picture of me in my sash and tiara outside earlier in the day

And for those of you who didn't get to watch the show and would like to, here is a link to the full episode. You see me within two minutes of the beginning of the show. Jimmy goes to me first. Then notice when they come back from commercial break and you will see Robert mouthing happy birthday to me! 



If by some weird chance you ever stumble across this blog Rob, thank you for making this the best birthday a woman could ever have! You truly are the sweetest, most beautiful man I have ever seen in my life. 

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Comment by alli herrera on April 23, 2011 at 10:13am
ur so lucky i saw u when at the begining and i saw when rob said happy birthday i was like ur soo lucky
Comment by Rema on April 23, 2011 at 10:26am

oh thats so swaet of rob .by the way Happy Birth Day

ur so lucky and i can't believe that he's more beautiful ,wow i think i'll pass out the min i see him.

Comment by Robertfanxxxx on April 23, 2011 at 2:53pm

I am so so so jelous of you. It is my purpose in live to meet him and i will. Love you Robert Patttinson forever and always!! xxxxxxxxx

Comment by Mannefik on April 23, 2011 at 7:04pm
What a sweet and wonderful story. A moment you'll be grateful for forever.
I'm not sure if it's still your birthday but.. Happy Birthday :)
Comment by Nene Pattinson on April 23, 2011 at 7:15pm

I saw you!  I taped it and have watched the show several times,  It cracked me up when you 'woohooed"at him being a homeless hoarder and hiS response.  What an awesome bithday!  You are so lucky!!!

Comment by Malina on April 24, 2011 at 9:14pm
Thank you all for your sweet comments :) it really was the best birthday ever, and I dare say it ranks as the 2nd best day of my life (sorry even Rob can't top the day my daughter was born).


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