My Little Twilight Story......what's yours?

Here's my little Twilight Story (the short version of course, couldn't we all go on and on and on about Twilight).......

What's your little Twilight story???

My little Twilight Story.....
A friend of mine had been trying to get me to read the books. I didn't think I'd like them. I'm 34 and because the books are in the "teen" or
"young adult" section I didn't think it would keep my attention. I was
so wrong. I had surgery on my neck last year (titanium plates now hold
my neck together - don't ask - long yucky story) so while I had a month
of being off work to kill I started reading the books. Since I was
sleeping a lot and stuff it took me all month to read the four books,
and it really changed me. Believe me, at 34 I was so jaded I never
would of thought there'd be any way these books would phase me the way
it has. It was so refreshing to read a story that sparked so much hope.
Within these books, the story, the characters was a huge reminder of
the true meanings of love and loyalty and friendship and family....all
forms of what family means.

I remember that the last week I was home I was in the middle of BD and I had to start venturing out into the world. So I went to see my
family/friends and to the store, etc. I hated putting down the book. As
I told my boyfriend at the time (now my husband) "When I put down this
book I feel like all my friends are in there waiting for me to come out
and play". That was how I felt. But the street lights come on (for
those of you old enough to know what I mean by that) and you have to
leave make-believe behind for a little while. I got through my recovery
fine, back to work, got married to my best friend, have wonderful
friends and family.......but almost every day, just for a little while,
weather it's coming to this website or re-reading the books (which I'm
in a slow constant flux of doing all the time) I get to visit my
friends in Forks in make-believe world for a little while.


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Comment by Team Switzerland on July 12, 2010 at 9:26am
Haha Iam 33 2yrs. ago my daughter kept begging me over and over to put a hold on the Twilight DVD. I swear if i had not known any better i would have swear she was on a drug called Twilight. So my husband and daughter made a bet w/ me to read Twilight before the DVD release....well thats my story! Now i am a total Twilight junkie and i also told my friends to read the books because they kept making fun of me. Well now lets take a good look at my friends now....Yep ALL Twi-Hards!!! When New Moon came out we got to meet Tensel Corey and Kiowa Gordon and got autographed DVD'S!! My daughter even stole Kiowa Gordon's water bottle! lol We were on the news that night cause we were first in line of course:) All my pics and the news coverage is on my Facebook profile. If you have an account w/ FB i will message you my real name IF you would like:)


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