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As most of you will know, Kristen Stewart won the 'Orange Rising Star' award at the BAFTAs last night. And everyone who watched it would've seen how awkward and depressing her acceptance speech and general attitude was.
It was actually rather uncomfortable to watch Kristen's speech and the whole room was filled with her miserable aura. I was sitting in the audience and from the moment her name was announced, I was thinking "Come on Kristen, come one! Say something significant!" But she didnt. She just stammered and stuttered for a few minutes - looking down at the floor the whole time - and then left the stage. Nice. Very impressive for a talented young actress who has starred in loads of films with the likes of Meg Ryan, Jodie Foster, Ryan Renolds and more! I was really disappointed with her speech and think she should've made much more of an effort to engage with the audience in some way.
Although her award acceptance was horribly boring and meaningless, one thing she did caught my attention. When her name was called out as the winner of the award, she walked up the aisle and placed her hand on Robert Pattinson's shoulder as she continued towards the stage. He just smiled and nodded at her. But during her terrible speech, he was laughing quietly to himself the whole way through (probably laughing at her awkwardness). I don't think they're together anymore but it was still sweet! <3

Comment! :) What did you think of Kristen's acceptance speech?

Rose Patterson xxx

Thank you all for your many comments. And i would just like to clear up that this blog is purely on how I feel about Kristen's speech. Each to their own - I get that.
And to everyone who said this article is 'insulting', please don't be offended as this is just my analysis of last night's events. And no, I don't follow articles in magazines such as OK! ect, because I know they're just rumour-spreading gossip mags.
I don't know if Rob and Kristen are together but in my opinion, I think they're not. I have just done another blog about why I think this. Please read it and let me know how you feel about their relationship, even though its really none of our business - but its still fun :) Keep commenting

Rose Patterson xxx

Comments are flying in thick and fast. :) And again I have more words to get you thinking...
- If you won a BAFTA, wouldn't you at least smile? Kristen barely cracked a smile. I'm not sure if its because she feels she doesn't deserve the award, or if she would prefer an award not voted for by the public (because, most the people who voted for her are probably twilight fans like you and I.)
- If you believe in Robsten being a couple, then please include your reasons or proof in theory - purely because you might be right and it's interesting for everyone.
- I love Kristen. I think she's an awsome actress and an incredible Bella, but she isn't the best actress ever. Thats not just my opinion either...She hasn't been nominated for any 'best actress' awards at any major award ceremonies. I love her 'moments' and I expect nothing of her, but generally, as a human being, you would at least try and look happy and engage the audience's attention a bit. I just think as someone that so many people respect and look up to, she could've made more of an effort. Just my opinion.

Keep the comments coming :)

Rose Patterson xxx

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Comment by Twilighter76 on February 22, 2010 at 10:23am
That's Kristen WHAT THE HELL DID YOU EXPECT some great young holly wood epic s*** ? It's ridiculous that people have this high somewhat standard for her. Like there suppose to have this whole thing down. Kristen's awkward and very shy SO WHAT. And I actually love that about her. LET PEOPLE ACT LIKE THEMSELVES. She's not this glamorous very well spoken starlet. She's just Kristen who's not perfect. And the posters wrong they are together I don't know what the extent is but they are together.
Comment by Damarys Colls-Pulaski on February 22, 2010 at 10:25am
Ohh yea and by the way there is a pict of them leaving toguether in the same car ...not to say that would mean anything other than 2 friends leaving toguether in the same car but heck I'm older than most and I don't think so ....ok ?
Comment by Renesmee13 on February 22, 2010 at 10:36am
I think Kristen was really adorable and I dont mind that she has a problem with things like that... Actually I think its really normal... She is just a normal human and nobody is perfect but she is a perfect actress and that is really important... thats why we love Kristen :) and Im really sorry but I think ROBSTEN is real!!! :) I would really like to see the shoulder thing :)
Comment by Marie-Cullen-PR on February 22, 2010 at 10:37am
I think that for someone with so much experience as an actress,i agree with Rose it was very akward,and she dosent even look up to the people,i mean is not like is the first time she wins an award.I saw RPattinson presenting an award and he looked so confident.And i see her toching his arm as a friendly gesture.
Comment by Melissa O'Donnell on February 22, 2010 at 10:39am
ummm...this account of events is shady.

the crowd gave her a big round of applause and did you see Dustin Hoffman's face...he looked so proud of her. Plus, her speech was classic Kristen but no one could doubt it was heartfelt.
Comment by Romantic Soul Euphoria on February 22, 2010 at 10:44am
guuuuys! please don't fight about thiiis..Kristen was just being Kristen we all know and love:) OR having a bad day..
either way, that is perfectly normal..
Comment by Rachel Cullen on February 22, 2010 at 10:45am
What's your problem? Even if it was awkward - it's Kristen! She isn't that glamour girly chick that some people want her to be, and you know what? That's why i love her! She's not giving up on her real personality.
So, you say if you would stand there, more then 100 people looking at you, you really wouldn't be shy or speechless? Would YOU know what to say or do?
Now don't tell me "that's her job", because it isn't. She's an actress, that doesn't mean she has to be like Miley Cyrus or whoever! (eww >.<)
I think she is a very strong but shy person and that's just awesome, it isn't the easiest thing to be or stay yourself when you're under such a pressure!
And who cares if they're together or not?(Even if i'd love to see them as a couple) I mean... I just want them to be happy, to live their lifes.
No one's perfect.
Comment by Kimberley Cullen on February 22, 2010 at 10:45am
GO ROBSTEN........
Comment by Mysteria1132 on February 22, 2010 at 10:53am
Just seen the video on 'You Tube' as i missed it lastnight. The way she was when she accepted her award is just her. She's a private person, she is like her character (Bella) in twilight. She is the way she is, and should be accepted for that fact. I like her for that, as she's a humble sincere and genuine person, if she is with Robert, i say good on them for trying to keep it private as they are the perfect pair. So let them be.
Comment by Norma Elena Mendoza on February 22, 2010 at 10:56am
Pls!!!! She's only 19, and let's focus: she´s an actress not a spokeswoman. Who knows what is she going through. And I agree, Kristen was being the girl we all love.


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