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The second life of Bree Tanner

I received today the much anticipated book recounting the brief life of Bree, Ofcourse I devoured this book in just a few hours ...

Here you can read the back:

"The time had come chasser.Inhalant profondment, I sniffed the smell of human blood in the rue.S 'they were not the only ones around, they were the most proches.Le game that is chose was a decision that was to take before the smell parfum.Après, it was too late to change his mind. A muffled groan escaped my blood was lèvres.Ce moi.L fire in my throat has intensified, and I thought only drink from. "

"By focusing on Bree for the first time I donned the shoes of a narrator who was a real vampire, a tracker, a monstre.C is through his eyes red I've seen us, we humans . "Stephenie Meyer

In her introduction she says: "The experience was exhilarating, dark and finally tragique.Plus I neared the inevitable end, the more I reget not having given a different conclusion Hesitation."

And i can confirm that I am now of the same opinion! Having discovered Bree, having lived with it these days, heard his thoughts, his regrets, having suffered with elle.Je told me that he probably would have been rewarding to know her better and see it evolve and grow in a different world from which it was intended ... to live away from the horror of violence, away from this constant search of gratification live now ... in the sharing, exchange, understanding each other, self-control would have made her a being exeptional!

Bree is different, even if it remains wild, animated by a bestial appetite, bringing with it visions of horror. It is nevertheless clear throughout his lines, even in the depths of hell you can find a light, a hope ...

Throughout the novel, it oscillates between disgust, fear, anguish and hope, it clings to do it elsewhere ... as Bree!

"Everything around was illuminated by the light that we biggarée réfléchissions.-Wow I murmuré.Diego sent me a smile graced her features immense.La brightness and suddenly a knot twisted my stomach and I realized that the joke about the best of friends was far below the reality.Pour me of moins.Ca was as fast as cela.Son smile was somewhat atténué.Comme me, he opened his eyes wide , torn between awe and crainte.Il has touched my face, as he had done with my hand a little earlier, as if trying to understand my phosphorescence. "You're so pretty," he puffed. "

"The whole band was immediately started, and the water bubbled as if a huge school of barracudas attacking .(...) We are motes on board with three seconds behind our screams echoed camarades.Des already somewhat everywhere and the smell of hemoglobin weighed down the atmosphere. It made me aware of the extent of my thirst, and this is the last thought that crossed my mind .(... ) When we had termnié pls heart stopped beating on bateau.J 've lost count of how many people I tuées.Plus triple my record, no doute.J had it hot, I' were congestionnée.j 'had drunk endlessly, just to satisfy my taste sang.Pour Essentially, it was pure and delicious, the passengers were not the dregs of humanity. "

I'm surprised to be hoped that the end is different, although it asunder impossible ... that is probably why even if the end was not unknown I could prevent myself from being deeply upset ... All pages of this book are the same emotions rebound, has the same devotion could rise all the other volumes of the Saga!

Donc en quatre mots:"A dévorer d'urgence!" So in four words: "To eat an emergency!"

I hope you really have to want to read it too short but fantastic novel ...

Please give me your impressions!!


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Comment by spunkette (: on June 4, 2010 at 7:18pm
Je t'adore:) Pardon, je parle un petit peut de français à mon école. Hesitation va être suberb!!! :) Je dois achèter l'appel du sang la seconde vie de bree tanner maintenant! <3


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