My review of Breaking Dawn Part 1!

Well i just saw Breaking Dawn this afternoon and i have to say it was so AMAZING!!! I loved it so much!

I was a little scared that it wouldn't be faithfull to the book but really it was PERFECT, everything that i expected and more so much more it blowed me away how amazing it was.

I'm trying not to give any spoilers for those that haven't seen it, so this is my review:


The wedding was so beautiful almost magical, that made me think of how will my wedding be when i get married, so dreamy it was much better them i've imagened i loved it!

Bella's dress was perfect, really so beautiful but simple, just like Bella, and Kristen looked amazing in it it hugged her curves so well that looked like it was painted on her. The whole ceremony was magnificent but i loved the speeches, they're so funny :) Emmett speach made me laugh so much and Charlie's also , those two were just as always hilarious!


The Honeymoon was very sexy and also so romantic and sweet. Seeing Edward trying to distract Bella was so funny :) and the part when Bella tries to seduce Edward was so so so funny and awesome!

Isle Esme was very beautiful, a paradise tha makes me wnat to go there lol.


When everything seems so perfect and right and all of a sudden it turns into a nightmare, that it really changes everthing and everyone and seeing that in the actors faces and attitudes was amazing.

Seeing Bella how she does everything to protect her baby when everyone seems to be against, was so real you know it was just like in the book and even better, and its like you can relate to, even if you don't have kids its like you want to help her and do what she's doing to protect what she loves so much and learned to love that is a part of her's and Edward's, you're suffering with her.


The birth scene was so intense and also a little scary, you can see it from Bella's prespective and that is amazing, Kristen did such an amazing job! The baby was so cute and beautiful, and to see Rob holding the baby like its the most precious thing ever so so sweet.


The characters looked all realy good :

The Cullens: Carlisle - i didn't liked his hair but evrything else was great, you can see the Carlisle the leader of the Cullen family but also the Carlisle in doctor mode.

Esme - i think she this was the movie where Elizebeth's charater looks more like how Stephanie describes her in the books.

Alice - perky as always, the hair was perfect.

Jasper - great too.

Emmett - funny as always.

Rosalie - well it was the first time that we have Rosalie appearing more in the movies, the hair looked too dark, you can see her obcession for the baby so that was good too.


The Pack:

I loved the wolves they looked awesome, the fight scenes were so so cool.


The other characters were all good too, i really liked that we had a bit more of Renee in the movie, the Denali's were cool too, Charlie like i said before was super funny but also emotional its kinda cool seing him like that.


I have to say i'm a huge fan of Kristen and Rob but after this i'm even more, they did an incredible job an it was definatly their best performances in the saga!

Kristen looked always so fierce and strong, she goes trough so much emotions that is amazing to watch, she really looked like a cat in a corner trying to protect her baby like she said in a interview, i was stupefied by her, she was and is phenomenal, just LOVE HER!

Rob too he did an espectacular job, performing a tortured person that has to watch the love of his life die in front of him and not being able to do anything about it, just no words. LOVE HIM too!

And last but not least Taylor, well i was a little afraid that he wouldn't be as good as he was in the other movies but i have to say he did awesome, Jacob really grows so much and Taylor did the best that he could. Love him also!



Now the only thing that i have to say is that i LOVED Breaking Dawn part 1 and that i want to see it again!!!

And Bill Condon thank you so much you did such an amazing movie!

Can't wait for Breaking Dawn part 2!!!


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Comment by Kari on November 19, 2011 at 7:44pm

AH!!! Second time I see it and I have to say I agree with everything you said. It was amazing and all of them did such a great job, better than in the other movies which I've also loved! Cannot wait for part 2!!!!

Comment by Twilight_is_Love on November 19, 2011 at 8:43pm
Well said!!!
Comment by karen rollinson on November 20, 2011 at 5:50am
I love the part when Edward hears the babys thoughts and Edward comes on to love baby too
Comment by ✧ sri cullen ✧ on November 20, 2011 at 6:44am

i saw in this movie a little thing different is when edward and bella  packed after they find out bella's pregnant when bella call rosalie .i thought she did at that house not in the car//

Comment by Shelley Renee McKey on November 20, 2011 at 8:29am

I absolutely loved the movie but they should have included the telling charlie we're getting married like in the book, the whole movie was great and part two needs to hurry up.

Comment by Amanda Marie Emeterio on November 20, 2011 at 12:28pm

i thought the graphics were pretty badass. i really wish they would have included jacob spilling the beans to charlie......

Comment by Bella on November 21, 2011 at 5:24am

i saw Breaking Dawn... and i still love it! but is it only me, or are most of the szenes very short and kinda sparing with words??? What do you guys think?



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