One glummy day my twin sister Jane and i were sitting in our room being bored when angry villagers barge into our room uninvited.Ut scared the crap out of us.They grabedus by our wrists and started to pull us away.We didn't have to ask where they were taking us because we already knew.We started to scream and cry but we knew it wouldn't do any good so we started to kick and pull away from them but there was to many people to excape from.They had to tie our arms behind our hands because we were jerking around to much.When we got to the church they took us up to the second floor and tied us to jaint wood poles.Then they started the fire and started to chant "throw them in!".This was going to be the end of our lives, i hope they were happy that they were taking the life away from two inicent people.They tossed us into the fire and our screams were drown out by the cheering of the crowd who was just as loud asa herd of stampeding elephents.Thir cheers were soon cut off y Aro,Ciaus,Marcus, and their gaurd who slautered everyone in the chapel.We were pulled off the poles and out of the fire in the next second.I felt hope in that second, hope that we would live and not be burned alive.Jane was out for about five minutes wich felt like a ton of hours.When she woke up I gave her a welcome back smile and she returned a thank you smile.I could tell that they had saw ouur little exchange and were wondering why we were smiling but Aro found out imedately because he was holding Jane.Aro explained it for the rest of them because they didn,t get it.They took us into the Volturi castle so that we could be turned into bloodsucking monsters.We were bit by Aro and withered in pain for three days.The pain made our burns hurt wores.This was almost as bad as being burned alive but the pain was worse.When the three days were over we soon found out that we had extra powers.Jane had the power to make people think they are burning but could only use it on one person at a time.I had the exact oppisite of Jane's power.I had the power to cut off peoples sences altogether.Mine was worse because I could use mine on 100 people at a time if I wanted to.That is my story,hope you liked it-ALEC VOLTURI

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Comment by Sara Volturi on June 4, 2011 at 9:38am
Great story Alec, but tragic that you almost died.


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