My story (original, only gonna put a bit up)

okay i know im copying my friend emma on this one but i wanna see what you all think of my story.
its only two chapters so far, so im gonna pick a section for u to see.
please comment :)

I made my way to the sofa, down the small corridor to the living room, which is equally spaced out, with high ceilings and a kitchen on the side. as i began to sit down and continue reading my novel by Cecilia Ahern, the phone rang.
I answered, wary.
"Erm, hello?"
There was a long pause before anyone spoke, then a familiar voice uttered on the other side.
"Marianna? is that you?" A deep rumbly voice spoke and I had to shake myself out of a reveree.
"Yes this is I, who may I ask is speaking?"
Again, a pause.
"Marianna don't you recognise my voice? It's me, Eric!"
I froze in place. Hadn't I just been picturing him in my mind only 5minutes ago? Surely this could not be.
"Eric..." I was testing if my thoughts were correct.
"Eric. Your one and only cousin! Seriously... do you know many other Erics?"
I dropped the phone and shook my head, trying to get out of this dream. Eric had been kidnapped. I knew that, my whole family knew that. So how... why? was he ringing me.
"Eric.. where have you been?" I asked once I picked up the phone again.
Again, a long pause and I heard shuffling on the other end. and a cough from someone else.
"Errrm.... I.. can't really explain now. I dont know when I'll be home but I just felt I should ring you and see how you are." He sounded wary, as though he wasn't supposed to be speaking to me.
"Okay well, this is great, we have been so worried about you, we thought you were.."
Eric cut me off.
"Shhh don't say anything okay. Don't even tell your dad that you heard from me. No one must know I have been in contact with you, understand?"
I couldnt believe he was being like this. We'd been worried for weeks about him and now out of the blue I hear from him and I cant tell anyone. Ridiculous.
"I couldn't tell dad even if I wanted to. He's on another mission. By the way, where are you?" I asked him casually.
Then he hung up.
No answer, no clue, nothing. There was nothing I could do. All I knew was that he at least knew my home number off by heart. That was a hope none the less.

(i know thats is not much... but if u want me to put the whole of the first two chapters, i can do. just this is a tester. its a suspense scene in my opinion haha. )

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