So on Tuesday, August 3rd, it was the second day of vacation and was staying at my great-aunt's house in Rochester, WA. I wake up around seven-thirty, and my mom says, "Hey, guess where we're (my mom, step-dad, brother, and me) going today?". Of course, I had no idea. Then she said we were going to THE Forks and I FREAKED OUT. Of course, I brought one of my trusty Twilight shirts just for this occasion. I was hoping that my parents would get the hint that I really wanted to go there.

We left the house around eight-thirty and set a course for Forks, WA. I was jumping in my seat, but of course my brother wasn't so thrilled. While we were in the car, it was raining, so I was hoping it would be cloudy on Forks. That's when the vampires come out! During the three hour hike up there, we stopped to look at the rain forest and have a picnic in a medow. I could have gone the whole day without doing this, but it was the fun family time my mother had been craving, so I put Forks into the back of my mind. But only then! Plus, the medow was very pretty but it wasn't close enough to Forks to be Edward and Bella's Medow.

So, around one on the afternoon, the "Forks Welcomes You" sign came into view as well as the Chamber of Commerce. By then, it had stopped raining, and it was warm and sunny! I was disapointed. But it made for good pictures. We stopped and took those pictures, of just the sign and of me and the sign. To bad the "s" in the world "Welcomes" was falling off! It was still pretty awesome, it looked EXACTLY like it did in the movie (they used an exact replica in the movie). As we were going to the Chamber of Commerce building, right next to the door in its own parking space was Bella's truck! How did I know this and it wasn't just a truck that looked just like it? The front liscense plate was a dead give-away, it said BELLA. Of course we took pictures, I sat in the bed and on the hood! Then we went in, and there were cardboard cut-outs of Edward, Bella, Jacob, Alice, and Victoria from New Moon right there in my face! We took a bunch of pictures, and now Edward's face is my cell phone wallpaper! I put a big orange pin on the map of the USA at Endicott, NY (where I live), saying that I had been to Forks from all the way across the country! And I signed a book saying I had been there and where I was from. Then I went to find out about tours, and the sales clerk giving out maps was supposedly a "huge fan" and she was pronouncing Esme's name wrong! It bugged me, but no one else seemed to care. Of course I bought a few things. I bought a locket that had pictures of Edward and Bella in it, and Bella's bracelet from Eclipse. The one she got from Jacob, with the wolf and the heart charm Edward added. I didn't buy any shirts... yet.

Our next stop was the Police Cheif's house. The problem was, we couldn't find it! We drove around the little neighborhood between the Chamber of Commerce and the hospital for at least fifteen minutes before we finally found it, with help of my "Twilight Tours" book that provided an excellent picture of the house. The front lawn had a sign, that said "Home of the Swans." Of course, the Police Cheif was home and he waved at us from the window as we took pictures of his house and the sign. We made the assumption that he got this all the time and waved back. Then came the hospital, where we were going to get the picture of Dr. Carlisle Cullen's parking space. But the parking lot was being re-paved, so we couldn;t get anywhere near it! We had to settle for a far away picture of the whole thing, including the stupid paving machine.

Next was Forks Outfitters, that was the equivilent to the Newton's store where Bella had gotten a job. We went in, and it was like any old grocery store. I was very disapointed at first, but then I saw a sign to go to the clothing department. There, half the department was all Twilight stuff! There were hats, shirts, sweatshirts and pants, and even boots and slippers! Plus cut-outs everywhere. I got a shirt that said "Team Cullen Baseball" that also said Forks, WA with all the names of the Cullens and Bella on the back, except Renesmee. I made the cunclusion there that they were going by movie, not book, so Breaking Dawn hasn't happened yet. The other shirt I got was purple, with the saying "Jasper says Just Relax." Then I got an orange hoodie, that says "FORKS" in huge white letters. We got other stuff for my step-dad's friends, and he bought me everything I wanted. Icluding Bella's (originaly Elizabeth Mason's) engagement ring! It absolutely beautiful. I left feeling very satisfied.

Next we went into town, and stopped at "Dazzled by Twilight", a huge Twilight gift shop! My favorite thing in there was sign that said "Entering Forks. Population: 3,220 people 8.5 vampires." No one in my family got the "8.5" except me. They had everything, but we only stayed there for a few minutes, just long enough for me to sign a book telling that I had been there and to look at signed pictures. They had Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Ashley Greene, Nikki Read, Jackson Rathbone, Peter Facinelli, and Elizabeth Reaser. Plus they had a picture of the Forks High girls basketball team, and apparently one of the player's names is Karlee Cullen! She had signed it along with her team mates.

Then we went to Forks High Scool, only to find it being torn down! Only the front doors remained, but the sign that sayd "Forks High School, Home of the Spartans" was still there. We got a picture of the front doors and the sign. It was sad... We could have gone in if they weren't tearing it down!

The last few things we saw in Forks were city hall and the police station and jail. We took a picture of one of the police cruisers, in honor of Charlie. Then we went to the last thing in Forks, the Miller Tree Inn or "The Cullen House". It was big white house, with three stories and they were full for the next two weeks! There was a white board on the outside wall, and it read:

Edward has taken Bella to see her mom. The rest of us are in Alaska visiting friends. Our overnight guests will be taken care of by our resident inkeepers, as usual.

Thanks, Esme

Of course I got a picture of this, it being so awesome! Then I got the entire house, and we left Forks. I was a disapointed that my day was over, but it wasn't! As we left Forks, I saw a roadsign for La Push and Port Angeles. We were going to La Push! As we kept going, the sun and warmth gradually went away and it was replaced by fog and chill. This looked like the La Push I'm used to. We passed third beach and second beach on the way, but never found first beach! I was a little disapointed, but I settled for a little beach outside the residential area of the reservation, and walked on the driftwood. Or should I say, drift trees. There were entire trees washed up on the beach and they were enormous! The reservation wasn't what it was cracked up to be, the houses were small and dirty, but the people were friendly and said hello as we walked by. I was surprised at this, but said hello anyway. On the way out of La Push, I say a sign that said:

Entering La Push, Quiluete Indian Reservation

No Vampires Beyond This Point

<Treaty Line>

That made a great picture. Plus the little camping area there with a cabon that said "Jacob's Den."

As we left La Push, we traveled for about an hour and I almost fell asleep. Until I saw a "Welcome to Port Angeles" sign. We drove around, and it was starting to get darker and colder. I wore my Forks hoodie, and we parked on a street and got out to walk around. The movie theatre was still playing Eclipse! A bunch of people were going in there around seven that night. Then my parents surprised me with a dinner at Bella Italia, where Edward and Bella had their first date. They were alll booked up until nine, so we didn't eat dinner there until around nine-thirty. It was delicious, and my step-dad got Bella's mushroom ravioli just for me! Stephanie Meyer even made it the official Twilight restaurant. Bella Italia was right next door to a hotel, The Red Lion, so we ended up staying there that night. In Port Angeles! We walked on the beach the next morning, and left.

My time in Forks, La Push, and Port Angeles was the best part of my vacation. It was amazing, and I really hope to go back. I was in my shinging glory, and these words don't do justice to the happiness I felt. The happiness I felt to be in the place where a vampire fell for a human in an epic love story of two star-crossed lovers. In the Twilight of their lives.

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Comment by imaGINAtion on August 12, 2010 at 11:41am
~great story, loved your last unique sentence the best!!! Any Pictures?
Comment by Emma Rhodes on August 12, 2010 at 11:45am
There will be if I can get them off my camera! I had a wonderful time.
Comment by imaGINAtion on August 12, 2010 at 11:56am
I'm very happy for you! That is like in the top 5 of millions of twilight girls' dream come true to be able take a trip like you did, you were able to cover so much territory in little time, how awesome to physically be there, it must have felt surreal - what a great memory you'll have forever!!!
Comment by Emma Rhodes on August 12, 2010 at 12:01pm
Exactly my thoughts! Thanks for reading.
Comment by jaxthefan on August 12, 2010 at 12:59pm
Good for you!!!! i was there in Gram,Washington (something like that) but i asked to go there but we couldnt we were already booked. but i did go to Port Angelos for a short time :) but my mom promised me next time im there :) That was a great story too!!


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