My Twi Tour Experience Charlies Angels with Catherine and Tweets from Edi???

So the start of our trip was STELLAR.. sneaking the Atlantic Ocean to Gil (see previous blog post), checking in to the WigWam (pronounced wigwom btw) that Thursday and swimming in the gorgeous pool. Rebecca (my 13 year old daughter) and I scoped out the resort. I have to say for $105 a night, this place was pretty awesome! The ladies at the help desk were overly helpful! They printed me off an up to date schedule of events and we headed to the business center to get on the computers. We found the ball rooms, event areas and most importantly, the bar! LOL We got a couple burgers, I got a MaiTai and we were back to scoping. I met Gena while in the pool, Gena is from Raleigh, NC.. what are the odds of meeting another North Carolinian in PHOENIX? at the same resort for the same reason, and we did not come together? LOL I met a mom/daughter from Ireland, three AWESOME ladies from Australia and a couple from London! **Twilight really does bring people together** NOTE that this all was on THURSDAY, a day before the event! That evening I was heading up to the front desk (passing the life-size chess set!) when Gena asked me if I had extra room in my room for a volunteer that had no place to stay! The hotel provided me with a twinsize bed and I had a stow-a-way! LOL Her name is Chantelle (yes, same name as me just without the 'u'... fate!) so we went back to the room settled in, talked til late, and crashed.

Friday was a little more hectic. They changed Registration to 330pm so people... shall I dare say VAMPIRES were stalking the hotel by this point. I had successfully created an army of informants at this point. Staff of the hotel would give me thumbs up/down on arrival of certain celebs...LOL I got the thumbs up letting me know Catherine Hardwicke had arrived and was sitting near the lobby when I received a tweet from Edi Gathegi. He tweeted to all his fans that he had just finished watching (squee) NEW MOON with one Stephenie Meyer! I was so excited I was tweeting him back when he walked in the door right next to me! *GASP* I quickly looked up "Hey Edi! Thanks for coming on short notice" and he stopped and smiled and said "Your welcome" and went into the room where Catherine was. (Okay, you stalker wannabe's.. IM NOT A STALKER but can I help it if I have a knack of knowing where ppl are ??? ) We went to the main theater and watched the Hillywood Show (I LOVE THEM, search them on YouTube, they do a lot more parodies besides Twilight... They truly are very talented) and heard the Convention Etiquette speech and Catherine was introduced!

I learned really quick that you could sit and wait for nothing as we missed our photo op with Catherine!!!! I was so sad but the Creation ENT staff told me to ask the photographer if he could do a make-up shoot, long story short, he grabbed his camera and pulled Catherine out of her autograph session and we went back stage where Catherine had the genius idea for her, me and Becca (my daughter) to be Charlies Angels!!

I enjoyed my chat with her, she explained to my friend Michael why Twilight was the way it was. See I was upset because Bella seeing Edward in the sun was a reward not a punishment and the first kiss happened in the meadow and the vampire revelation happened in the car. Due to budget/time constarints it was more important for Bella to understand how dangerous Edwars was. Catherine laid the groundwork, with a bigger budget, New Moon will NOT dissapoint... Now to Edi, who agreed,New Moon WILL NOT disappoint! He said this will be a guy film too! We finished up with another show with the Hillywoods and a trip to the vendor room and then came back for the concert!!!

**MY next post will be about the concert! and the perfect ending to my Friday night! I will leave you with a few pix of folks I met!

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Comment by Karen M on September 2, 2009 at 10:42pm
Love it!! You two were the best roomies ever!! (even though I didn't get there till Friday night...)
Comment by KirstyMarie Pattz on September 3, 2009 at 5:14am
Love it!! can't wait for the next post :D
Comment by Alison Genet on September 3, 2009 at 8:18am
Love the Charlie's Angels pose. Unforgettable experience.


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