Just thought that I would share this with all of you. I am seeking some ideas, and welcome any comments. Hope that you all enjoy. There will be more to come.

The thing that we can not explain

Things didn’t work out for Jacob and Bella Jacob now has a new love in his life. A love that fate has bound to him for eternity. Now will eternity be tested?

Chapter One

“ Can you believe that out our little girl is growing up? Edward are you listening to me?” “ Yes I am but I am also listening to Nessie.” “Edward stop it right now. Let her be. We promised ourselves that we wouldn’t meddle in her thoughts. If you don’t stop it I will be forced to shield her.” “ Ok I am stopping. I must say though she has a whole lot of your old human ways in her.” While her parents were chatting in their room Nessie was to busy writing in her journal. I know that there are something’s that are better left unsaid but I believe that my own parents are hiding something about me. What it is, I have no idea at all. I know that I am going to find out sooner or later. With those final words written Reneseme put her pen down and started to walk into the kitchen. As she was walking she noticed a picture that she had never really noticed in a silver frame. The picture contained Jacob and Reneesme on a cloudy Forks afternoon, They were both wearing smiles as big as a crescent moon. She continued onto the kitchen thinking about Jake. Jake has always been there for me. I have never know him not to be, I sure hope that he likes Adam. I still can’t believe that Adam passed me a note. I know that I should concentrate in school more but he is really handsome and smart. Now all I have to do is find a way to tell my parents about Adam. While thinking to herself Reneesme failed to notice the company that had come over. “ Uncle Emment I missed you so much!!! How long are you going to be staying?” “ I really don’t know yet. I think that it is going to be for sometime. Go and say Hi to everyone else.” With that she was gone forgetting about her hunger. Alice seem to notice a difference in the child that no one seem to notice. As Reneesme made the rounds of salutations she tried to keep her mind focused on her vistors and not on Adam. Once finished with the rounds she headed back to the kitchen to grab something to eat. “ Bella, Edward we have something to tell you,” Carlise had stated in his most pleasant voice. “ We all have decided to move here to Canada with you. I have recently acquired a position at the local hospital.” “That is excellent. We have all missed you. I know that Reneesme will be pleased to have her aunts and uncles here.” While the news was given two members of the Cullen Family were absent. “Reneesme, I can sense that something is very wrong. Is there anything that I can help with, “ Alice asked the youth. “Well, it is nothing wrong. At least I don’t think so, I am so confused about something,” Reneesme seemed to stutter a little. “ You can tell if you feel like it. Reneesme whatever it is you know that I will keep it a secret.” “ That is ok I think that I am not ready to say anything.” “ You know that if you can’t tell me there is always your Aunt Rosalie.” “ Yeah I know, but I just don’t think that I am ready just yet.” Those words d things seen to flow back to normal with the whole Cullen clan. “ So, where is that dog of yours Edward?” “ Oh I think that Jake went to Forks this weekend to visit his family” “ Does he still hang around sweet little Nessie?” “ Of course auntie rose he does. Jake is my best friend. He has always been there for me and always will be.” “ Sorry Nessie it is just Jake and are really……,” Rosalie stopped herself from speaking ill of Jake for Nessie sake. The evening had settled in on the Cullen family without much noticed by some. However others noticed that evening had fell upon them, “ Goodnight everyone. I have to get up early tomorrow going to go hiking with some friends,” Nessie announced to all. When Nessie was finally asleep the Cullen’s rotated in groups for the nightly hunting trip. Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, and Emmett were first to go. There trip was short due to the abundant supply of elk roaming around the Cullen’s land. Edward, Bella, Esme, Carlisle left promptly when the others got back. Nessie was having a very active night herself. A dream she has had for the past month or so seemed to come to her more vivid than ever. Nessie where are you? A voice called out to her again and again. Then all of a sudden the voice stopped and started to scream. Nessie tried to run as fast as she could then stopped immediately. When she got to the screaming person she herself screamed a blood curdling scream. She was looking down at body. A body that was totally ripped to shreds and bloody. The only way Reneesme could tell it was her own body was the small wolf charm that hung off of a necklace that was still visible through all of the ticking blood. A shrill alarm was going off in the distance in this dream. However the alarm wasn’t foing off in her dream it was going off in the real world to remind her to get up for her hicking trip. With the alarm shut off she was off to shower and get ready.

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Comment by ϟaиdЯa☆Aииe on June 16, 2009 at 9:35pm
who is adam?
Comment by Dany brwar on June 16, 2009 at 10:24pm
Who is adam?
Comment by The Future Mrs.Edward Cullen on June 17, 2009 at 1:22pm
I'm guessing that adam is a boy that she likes at school, but i don't think that Nessie would like someone else. Like Jacob said in Eclipse: "It's hard to ignore that kind of admiration." But over all it ok you should tweek it just a little, like i don't think Nessie is the avg girl, she wouldn't write in a journal make those avg everyday teen rituals special for Nessie, and keep going. :) I want to know what happens LOL


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