Hi I Write Poems All The Time. Most Of These Ones I Wrote Ages Ago But When I Was Reading The Books I Remembered Them!!! The Rest Of The Poems I Wrote After Reading The Books Hope You's Like Them Lx

Twilight - Bella Thinking Of Edward

You Are

You’re The Fear Of My Mind
You’re The Pain Of My Night
You’re The One I Fight For
You’re The One To Start The Fight.
You’re The Dark Of My Day
You’re The Light Of My Night
You’re The Gifts Of Dreams
You’re The Battle To Fight.
You’re The Wings Of Angels
You’re The Waves Of The Sea
You’re The Full Moons Light
You’re Everything To Me.

You With Me

My Heart Escapes Me
Suddenly I Gasp For Air
Looking At You,I Think
Surely This Can't Be Fair
I Have This Guardian Angel
This Dream Come True
My Own Fairytal Ending
And It's Because Of You
You Bring Meaning To Life
A Reason To Wake Everyday
I Feel So Incomplete
Until You Are Around
Until I Feel Your Touch
Until I Hear You Sound
I Live Everyday Thinking
This Cant Be True
Because Reality Isn't A Dream
Yet I've Still Got You
Your All Of My Dreams
Could Imaginably Be
But Most Amazingly
You Are With Me


I'm Not The Kind Of Person
Who Just Gives Away My Heart
But For You Alone
I Gave Everything From The Start
My Life And My Whole World
Is Tied Up In All Of You
If You Were To Leave
Is There Anything I Could Do?
The Very Though Of You
Makes Me Want To Smile
I Feel Like Walking On Air
Like I Float A Thousand Miles
Remind Myself To Breathe
And I Tremble When You Speak
My Heart Pounds In Overdrive
I Have Never Felt So Weak
I'm Completely Distracted
By The Sheer Sight Of You
How Can I be This Fragile
Its All So Unknown And New
Do You Actually See Now
What You Have Done To Me
You've Become My Only Future
For Forever And Eternity

Twilight - Edward Thinking Of Him Hurting Bella At The End

Eventually Tomorrow

I Will Cause You Pain
And Endless Sorrow
Maybe Not Today
But Eventually Tomorrow
I Won't Mean To Do It
I Would Rather Die
But It'll Happen One Day
And You'll Say Goodbye
I'll Break Your Great Spirit
And Cause Heartache Galore
Your Whole World Will Break
Everything Will Be Soar
You'll Hate Me Forever
You'll Wish I Was Dead
That Way You Could Grieve
Not Feel So Angry Instead
So I'll Try Not To Hurt You
You Don't Deserve That Fate
But I Will Cause You Pain
And Probably Endless Sorrow
Maybe Not Today
But Eventually Tomorrow

New Moon - Bella Confused By Edwards Silence

Tell Me

Please Talk To Me,
What’s Your Silence All About?
Please Tell Me What’s Wrong
Because You’re Filling My Mind With Doubt
I Thought Things Were Fine
But Now You Just Don’t Care
How Did It All Change So Fast
I Wasn’t Even Aware
And Now We Are Finished
The Least You Could Do
Is Sit There And Pretend To Care
And Sit And Talk This Through
Because I Know That You Loved Me
I Know At Least That Was True
So Sit And Tell Me What To Do
Now That I Don’t Have Love From You

New Moon - Bella Without Edward

Prince Charming

He Makes Me Feel Alive
When I’m Drowning In My Sleep
He Gives Me Hope Inside
When I’ve Only Fear To Keep
He Makes The Night Star Shine
When I’ve Got A Grey Sky
He Gives Me Everything I Need
When I’ve Doubt In My Eye
He Gives Me Eternal Sunshine
When I’ve Only Rainy Days Ahead
He Makes Me Everything I Am
When I’m Everything He’s Said
So Why Do I Feel Loneliness
Why So Out of Control
Because I’ve Lost My Prince Charming
And It’s Finally Taking It’s Toll.
He’s Back In His Fairytale
Where His Dreams Are True
He’s Back In His Fairytale
And There’s Nothing I Can Do.

Being Me

Why Wasn’t I Enough?
Why Couldn’t He See?
Id Have Given Him Everything
Everything Inside Of Me.
He’s Obviously Seen The Truth
That Only The Hated See
He Saw That I Was Nothing
And He’s Better Off Without Me.
I’ve Pushed All My Hurt
In One Final Shove
But I’ve Pushed It All
Into The One I Love.
So What Made Him Realize?
What Made Him See?
The Answer Is Simple
The Answer Is Me Being Me.

Break Up

Paranoid And Confused
Feeling All Alone
Shunned And Ignored
Hearts Made Of Stone
Scared And Angry
Feeling So Weak
Hatred And Coldness
Our Losing Streak
Pain And Sadness
Hard To Ignore
Heartbreak And Anguish
Walked Out My Door


Have I Lost You?
Have You Truly Left?
Is My Heart Still Beating?
Or Am I Now Deaf?
Shouldn't I Feel Something?
Wouldn't I Feel Pain?
Will It Kill Me Though?
Will I Go Insane?
How Could He Do This?
Is His Decision Really Right?
Was It The Truth In His Eyes?
Have I Really Lost The Fight?
How Could He Leave Me?
Is He Really Gone?
Is It Still The Same Day?
Is It Really Dawn?
Has So Much Time Passed?
Was It All A Bad Dream?
Why Can't I Feel Anything?
Why Cant I Scream?
Can I Truly Be Here?
Or Am I Really Dead?
Has My Heart Stopped Beating?
Is It All In My Head?
Would He Have Listened?
Would He Even Care?
Do I Want To Think Of Him?
Do I Ever Even Dare?
Has The World Imploded?
Is This All Something New?
This Has To Be A Nightmare?
It Can't Possibly Be True?

I Swear I Can Feel

I Swear I Can Feel Him
He's Holding Me Tight
But It's Just A Dream
Just A Delusion Of Night
I Swear I Can Feel Him
His Breath On My Skin
But He's Not Really There
Just A Memory From Within
I Swear I Can Feel Him
His Eyes Watching Me
But They Eyes Are Gone
Just Nothing Left To See
I Swear I Can Feel Him
He's Holding My Face
But He's Not Really There
Just Nothing To Embrace
I Swear I Can Feel Him
Our Hearts Belong As One
But Now That He's Gone
My Hearts Just Done

New Moon - Bella & Jacobs Friendship

True Friend

A True Friend
Is Matching A Soul With A Soul
Without One Of Them
The Other Will Never Be Whole
A True Friend
Is Never Really Gone Far From Mind
Because To Look Inside
A Friend In My Heart You'll Always Find
A True Friend
Gives Me Inner Strength To Carry On
Takes Me Through Dark Nights
And Brings Me To The Brightest Day
A True Friend
Will Always Stand Beside You Tall
And Protect You From Anything And Anyone
For Whenever Your Feeling Small
A True Friend
Is Not Always So Sweet And Kind
Arguments Are Bound To Happen
But A Better Friend I'll Never Find
Because A True Friend
Is My Soul Matching To Theirs
And I Know If I Ever Feel Alone
My True Friend Always Cares

More Than A Friend

Why Can't I Feel For You
The Way You Do For Me
Why Do I Hurt You Repeatedly
Don't You Honestly See
I Do Truly Love You
But Not The Way You Feel
I Wish That I Could Only
I Want That To Be Real
I Want You To be In My Life
I Really Do Need You There
But I Cant Keep Hurting You
I Don't Want To Cause Despair
I Am Always A Fool For You
But Somethings Clouding My Mind
A Heart That Has Disappeared
That I'll Do Anything To Find
Your My Best Friend Ever
I Need You Always In My Life
Your My Glimmer Of Sunshine
You Guide Me Through Life's Strife
I Need Your Protection And Guidance
I need You To Keep Me Whole
Because I Am Slowly Falling Apart
All My Body Mind And Soul

New Moon - Bella's Nightmares


I Can’t Seem To Fight
My Evil Demons Of Night
I Gasp To Breathe But It’s Tight.
I Can’t Hear A Sound
You Knocked Me Right Down
Is There Any Help To Be Found.
I Can’t See A Sight
I Am Looking For A Light
To Take My Soul To A True Height.
I Can’t Look Around
My Head, You Slowly Pound
In My Head I’m Totally Hell Bound
I Can’t Seem To Fight
My Evil Demons Of Night
Who Gave You This Right-I Did.


Alone In A World
Filled With Endless Dreams
Alone By Myself
No-one Hears My Screams
My Pains Killing Me
More Than Words Can Say
Takes Me All My Power
To Get Through A Day
The Nights Are Worse
When The Worlds Asleep
I Am Wide Awake
I Lie Alone And Weep
Pain Is To My Heart
Like Oxygen To Blood
I Can’t Really Breath
My Heart Beats With A Thud
The Memories Come Back
They Replay In My Mind
Tortures A Broken Heart
For The Past Is Unkind
With My Broken Heart
A Soul That’s Ripped Away
It Can Be Impossible
To Keep Tears At Bay
But Then Day Dawns
And I’ve Survived The Night
But Inside I Know
I’ve Not Won This Fight.

New Moon - Edward Explaining Things To Bella

I Will

I Will Love You Always
For Forever And A Day
I Will Love You Always
No Matter What You Say
I Will Love You Always
Until Time Is Through
I Will Love You Always
And There’s Nothing I Can Do

New Moon - Bella On Edwards Return


An Obligation
Feelings Of Guilt Tie You To Me
Your Nature
Shouldering The Blame For All To See
My Confusion
Not Understanding Why You Care
Now Understanding
You Explaining Why Your There
A Misapprehension
Believing That You'll Leave Again
Clean Break
A True Explanation To All My Pain
Blackest Blasphemy
The Blackest Sin Or Lie To Ever Be
My Revelation
It Never Made Sense For You To Love Me
Forceful Kiss
So I'll Never Feel Again The Same
A Whisper
Your Voice Worshiping My Name
An Epiphany
A Realization Of Your Feelings Being True
Erratic Heartbeat
My Conformation Of Love For You

Eclipse - Bella Thinking Of Edward

You To Me

I Dreamed A Dream
I Dreamt You Face
You’re Loving Arms
Your Sweet Embrace.
Your Insightful Eyes
You’re Knowing Smile
Your Caring Kiss
Takes Me From Exile.
I Awoke To Find
My Dream Is True
Because Lying There
By My Side Is You.
You Saved My Life
You Make Me Whole
You Keep Me Safe
And In Control.
You Hold Me Close
I Feel Complete
No Feeling On Earth
Could Ever Compete.
Our Special Bond
Which I Hope Is True
Cos I Know Deep Down
I Am In Love With You.
I'd Give My Life
I Give My Heart
I Gave Everything
Right From The Start.
You Keep Me Safe
You Let Me Be Me
I’m Happier Now
Than I Could Ever Be.

Eclipse - Bella Being Torn Between Edward & Jacob

Half And Half

Its Like Having To Decide
Between Two Halves Of Yourself
Its Torture To Your Brain
And Hazardous To Your Health
Its Like Trying To Decide
Between Your Heart And Soul
One You Can't Live Without
The Other Makes You A Whole
There's Something I See In Them
It's Impossible For Me To Decide
But Theirs Hatred For Each Other
Is A Fight I Have To Abide
I Have Love For Both Of Them
Each In A Different Kind Of Way
It's Like Trying To Decided
Between Loving Night Or Day
Both Of Them Are Essential
They Are Two Halves Of me
I Need Them To Live,To Breathe
I Need Them So That I Can Be
Both My Present And my past
Are All But About To Collide
With Three Different Futures
But Only I Can Decide
A Man To Love or A Soulmate
How Do I Ever Possibly Choose
Within Either Decision I Make
One Heart I Am Bound To Lose

Eclipse - Bella Realizing She Loves Jacob


I Want To Be Near You
But I Don't Know Why
I Want To Touch You
But I'm Scared To Try
I Want To Hear You
But I Wont Let You Near
I Want To See You
But Your Something I Fear
I Want To Hold You
But I Feel Unprepared
I Want To Kiss You
But I Wont Have Dared
I Want To Feel You
But I Wont Let You
I Want To Forget You
But I Can't Seem To

Breaking Dawn - Bella & Edwards Wedding/Honeymoon


Being With You
Is Like Home To Me
With One Look Alone
I Become All I Can Be
You Make Me Laugh
Whenever I Cry
You Make Me Smile
And I Feel Sky High
I'm So Scared
I'll Awaken Anyday
To Find It's A Dream
And Your Gone Away
I'm So Insecure
But You Hold Me Safe
You Never Give Up
You Always Have Faith
You Love Me So Much
And Everything I Do
You Totally Support Me
Because I Love You Too
We Are Inseparable
Two Of A Kind
We Have True Love
It's So Hard To Find
Your My Best Friend
My True Soul Mate
We'll Be Together Forever
And I Can't Wait

Amazing Feeling

True To My Heart
Mind Body And Soul
His Look Of Love
Make Me Feel Whole
I Am Safe And Secure
When Held In His Arms
With His Cheeky Smile
And His Childlike Charms
With One Loving Touch
Its Just Like A Dream
His Love So Real
Its To My Extreme
He Loves Me More
Than Words Can Say
And He Reminds Me
He Does Every Single Day
He Means The World To Me
And So Much More
We Get On So Well
Its A Natural Rapore
He Makes Me Feel That
I'm Everything I Want To Be
Hes So Supportive
And He Loves Only Me

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