New Breaking Dawn fan pics and story from a NEW set in Squamish






From mandysmind

A fan visited the Squamish area over the weekend and  wrote  to Mandy’s site



Me and my daughter drove into Squamish from Vancouver, originally from Kamloops but we spent the night in Van. The 1st thing we see when we where coming in, about 20 min outside of town where white trailers WAY up on a hill side, right off the sea to sky hwy...
. There was a gate and unfortunately it was locked. So we kept on going and at Murrain Lake (sp?) We saw the amazing lake that is right there on the side of the hwy, with only a few of the trailers left in the parking lot, no one was around, just some guys fishing so we knew they where done with that site. Kept driving until we reached the 1st part of town, drove around and found nothing. So remembering what Mandy (you) said about the travel center, we decided before we waste too much gas we would go and talk to them there. The guy working was super nice but pretty clued out on things...tried to tell me that most of the cast was staying at the Holiday Inn and Best Western (ummmm hello....they make how many millions and they're gonna be staying at a Best Western? Really....) but he did say a friend of his was walking through the woods the other day and saw a huge green screen but got turned around right away. He was nice enough to tell us where to go, which was just to the left of Alice Lake. Drove down there but saw nothing. Took a break for lunch, camped out at Booster Juice (hoping to see BooBoo or Kellan) but got a big fat nothing. I knew from looking for myself that the Executive Suites Hotel was booked solid for this weekend so we stuck around there for a bit. For a hotel that is totally booked up, the parking lot was SUPER empty. But still nothing.......
see the rest of the story and more pics here



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Comment by Alison Genet on April 6, 2011 at 9:11am
Look at the scale of the rock hedge area.  The ladder top is at the same height.  This thing is huge!  It could be where Irina sees Renesmee.  The cabins could be backdrop for the Denali Coven house??  Or just cabins in the woods of Forks.  All I can think is maybe Bella coming across cabins on her hunt when she smells humans for the first time.
Comment by sarah cullen on April 6, 2011 at 9:17am
ya may be u r right..we will wait and see..
Comment by Dee on April 6, 2011 at 9:22am
I agree you could be right.. :)


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