Hello everyone!
This is my first post. I hope you like it. I'm going to give you a sneak peek of my discussion on writers haven group maybe afterwards you'd like to read all of it. This is not the start though.

Dad poked his head in the doorway.
"Jake's here."
Jake-or Jacob Black- is my best friend. I've known him since I was born. Jake and mum
knew each other since before mum and dad met. It's so much fun when I'm
with him. He's so funny. He made all my friend from school laugh on my
9th birthday. I'm 11 now. In the autumn I'm going to the local middle
school. It's a scary aspect, but Uncle Emmett said if I have any
trouble with anyone, tell him and he'll beat them up. Aunty Rosalie
said that was a silly thing to say because I'd get in trouble for
getting him to beat them up, and the Cullens have to keep their good
reputation. And everyone thinks they left years ago now and only Edward
and Bella live in Forks now, but no-one hardly ever sees Edward because
he can't come out because he would look the same as he did when I
started nursery. But Emmett pulled silly faces behind her back when she
turned around.

I went to the door and there was Jacob! He looks so huge. He's taller than dad and dad is tall. 6'1. But Jacob's about 6'3.
"Hey Nessie!" he said as ran up to him. I always cuddle him first thing when
I see him. Then he squeezes me so hard he winds me. Not funny.

Sometimes I wonder about whether I'll ever be a vampire myself. Jacob would hate
that, but mum said if they do it'll be for my own good. Aunty Alice
says she can't see anything bad about my future yet. But one day that
changed. Her view of my future is limited, because I'm half human half
vampire, but one day everyone was called to the kitchen while I went
out with Jacob. That's what happened today. Mum said she was going out,
but I doubt she was. By the way everyone was behaving, something was

Did you like it? Say what you think and be honest, please.

From your twilight addicted twifriend,

Maya Pattinson-Cullen

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Comment by Tay's fan =D on February 6, 2010 at 3:04am
It's cool...I'd like to read the whole chapter...


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