TWILIGHT- Twilight is always on my mind!!!!!!!! I can't get enough of the series! Every time I hear THUNDER, I think of vampires playing baseball!!!!!! Every time I see a BALLET STUDIO, I think of James and Bella!!!!!! Every time I see a CULLEN NAME, I freak out!!!!!! People think I'm obsessed. And you know what?..........I am.

NEW MOON- I can't wait for New Moon. I am sooo ready to see Volterra, Italy, the Volturi Clan, Alice's car that she stole. Ha Ha. When I read New Moon, I cried when Edward left and told Bella 'he didn't want her anymore,' and hid everything that would remind Bella of him because he wanted it to be ' if I never existed...' It was so sad. And it was heartbreaking at how Bella still loved him even when he was gone, and how Edward left because he wanted what's best for her. If i cried when I read the book, I'll cry even harder when I watch the movie!!!!!!!!!

ECLIPSE- I can't wait to see the fight and all of the new born vampires Victoria created. I can't believe that Rachelle isn't playing Victoria anymore. That sucks!!! She fit the part so well !!!!!!

BREAKING DAWN- I can't wait to see the wedding, Isle Esme, how Edward injects his venom in Bella's heart, Renesmee, how she uses her gift, what Bella looks like as a vampire, when Bella goes to meet J. Jenks and gets the papers for Renesmee and Jacob, the WHOLE Volturi Clan, the cottage Esme made for Bella and Edward, Bella's "after car", and of course when Charlie is in on the secrets and everyone lives HAPPILY EVER AFTER FOR FOREVER. (the Cullen's at least. Ha Ha)

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Comment by La La on August 3, 2009 at 12:23pm
I completely understand what ur saying. I have the release date marked on my calendar for new moon and a post-it note taped to december to mark breaking dawn. I am so excited!! I tear up everytime the trailer is played at the movies when they show the scene with bella and edward and he says this is the last time you will see me. I cried when he left her in the book and immediately skipped to the last chapter because I couldn't bear the thought of him not coming back. Like I didn't know he would. I read the books after seeing the movie and got all four of them for christmas. I had to go back and read new moon twice because I read it so fast there so much I missed!!
Comment by Nicole Cullen on August 5, 2009 at 9:05am
me too. I read the whole series FOUR times. When I read the series the SECOND time, I realized I missed a lot. I was just so excited to see what was coming up, i didn't really pay attention. If u go to youtube, type in: New Moon clip 2 @ Comic Con '09 you can see bella and alice in italy! I have this clipboard, and it has EVERYTHING twilight series. i have the Volturi Cast as well as the werewolves cast for new moon, and ya know how at the beginning of each book they have a poem? and in breaking dawn there is 3? one for bella, Jacob, and bella? well I wrote all of them down and I have them memorized!!! I wrote all my favorite and most remembered quotes, bio's, and rewrote the Vampire Index! My mom thinks I'm going crazy......I might be. But Oh well. Haha.


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