Calling New Moon of the book Twilight that intimidated, Kristen Stewart knows that millions of fans will see the film in November to see her making eyes wide open for Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. But the most pleasant surprise she insists, will see the intense performance that the stars of the franchise had to do to navigate the complex love triangle of Stephenie Meyer.

In this exclusive interview, Kristen and Taylor talked to MTV about the Bella-Jacob relationship, some new scenes that were added to the roadmap and the intense day on the set almost "killed" KStew.

MTV: Kristen, in his opinion, as the relationship between Bella and Jacob in New Moon than the between Edward and Bella in Twilight?
Kristen Stewart: It's a relationship so different, it is entirely original.

MTV: It's much more fun.
Stewart: Yes, exactly. They are good, they actually have fun with each other. Edward and Bella are always so weird, you know?
Taylor Lautner: It's always so tense.
Stewart: And only he can take it this hard time, she literally will die, she will stop eating, period. And the only thing is that it takes to help that Jacob offers.

MTV: What is the thing you are most anxious to see when you enter NM in theaters in November?
Lautner: I think the biggest thing you learn is that I disappear for a while, and she begins to come into a different depression. You go into depression - you call that? - When I go away?
Stewart: Oh God, yes.
Lautner: And then she returns and finds out that I am a wolf, then this is the big boom! Yes, I transform into a wolf a few times, which is too much.

MTV: How was the work in these scenes?
Lautner: Well, the thing of Jacob is that he can turn in midair. So I make these legal maneuvers and where I run, so they stuck me on hooks and cables, and I jump in the air and give a stop once and got to hang for a while. What you saw in the trailer actually. It was fun. I make things happen in this movie.
Stewart: That wolf cute and cuddly.

MTV: It is to embrace it. Tell us a scene is in the book or the script that you were, "Man, it will be difficult to do," and tell us how they did.
Stewart: "New Moon" has a lot of it. I think the only book in serious ue intimidated me - in a good way. This is the best feeling to get a movie. But probably my favorite speech in the book, and when I have to say to Jacob, "Is he where he was!" I have to say that (in the movie too). It killed me.

MTV: It would be difficult to be the most dramatic in the world but without the delicacy. And you Taylor?
Lautner: [ "New Moon"] is very complicated, has a lot going on. Edward leaves in the beginning, and she will become depressed, I get to try to get her out of it. Then I go through my own problems, so she let me. It's enough things going on. (...)

MTV: What was your favorite scene to shoot?
Lautner: My favorite call of the scene of the break - but the scene well after she sees me without a shirt and I cut my hair, all different for the first time. I have to tell her that we can not be friends anymore.
Stewart: He tries to leave me - but it does not work.

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Comment by taytay<3 on November 28, 2009 at 6:30pm
do you have the link to the interview? i'm sorry it's sorta hard to read cuz there's some mistakes here and there


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