So as I mentioned in my previous blog post here I recently started listening to the Twiliight Saga on audiobook, not knowing if I'd really enjoy the experience as much as I did reading the books.

I finished Twilight, so I started New Moon reluctantly. I have been putting off reading New Moon again because it's so depressing to me. I feel all of her pain as if it were mine, which just shows what a gift Stephenie Meyer has! I hoped since this wasn't the first time I had heard or read the story it would not be as upsetting. Well it may not be AS upsetting as the first time, but after chapter 3 ended I had to hit the pause on my iPhone and sit and cry, tears streaming.

How embarrassing!! To clarify I never cry when reading books...then again I tend to shy away from sad books, but still I've read sad books and I did not cry. Yet here I am, even knowing what was going to happen, sitting and crying over a work of fiction!

So how about you - does New Moon depress you? Did you cry? How many times have you read it?

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Comment by Aimee on February 25, 2009 at 3:50pm
New Moon is really depressing to me as well. I don't cry, but I always read it faster than all the others because I tend to hurry through the beginning in anticipation of Edward showing up again. I've read the series 4 times and have listened to them all once on my iPod. I'm thinking of re-reading again because I just can't find anything else that interests me. Sad, but I'm ruined forever! The only thing that has held my attention since I've read the series is the fanfiction that Team Steena has been reviewing. If you haven't read that, trust me, you need to!
Comment by Edward's Eternity on February 25, 2009 at 9:29pm
It is beyond depressing to me. I bawled when Edward left, and I bawled at the end, even though it was a happy ending! I will have to bring an entire box of tissues for the movie. I've only read the series once (and I'm still not done with Breaking Dawn. I can't bring myself to finish it, because then the series is over! Guess I'll have to reread them again and again. LOL). I had to stop bringing the books to work with me because I would cry when I read them.
Comment by Caroline Broadbent on February 26, 2009 at 12:26am
Totally agree I've also read the series 4 times and sobbed when Edward left and have no doubt will when I see the film. Towards the end of breaking dawn was the same. My family think I'm mad but I think it's simply because it's written so well


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