Word on the street hit Monday that the supposed New Moon script had been leaked. I was skimming through it during class, but by the time I got home to print it out it was already blocked. This makes me think that this was the real thing, or at least an early draft.

Anyway, other sites have come out with what they have though to be the scripts like A Twilight Kiss. Although it only has four scenes from New Moon, all of those posts are part of the top five to the fan site.

Whether the scripts are real or not, I have been enjoying reading others' version of excerpts from The Twilight Saga, especially from Twifans own Samuel, who has his own version of Edward's perspective. One of the best places to look for these is Fan Fiction, which has had competitions to which fans can write the best versions. Here is one of my personal favorites:

Her pulse quickened, as I placed my cold lips to her warm throat. As I inhaled her heady scent, my eyes were sent from flaxen to onyx. My senses were heightened to the point where I could hear her blood progressing through her body, traveling faster, where it then began to colour her soft cheeks.

This innocent act triggered an onslaught of deadly reactions as venom began to pool in my mouth, my throat burning in anticipation. My mind a haze, contained only one thought.

Oh, how effortless it would be. I would take my time with her, I would appreciate the delicacy that was her life. The exquisite aroma that was her very existence, so too, could be mine. The lifeline that sustained her, ran thick and luscious through her veins. Her pulse beating, her heart pumping, I could almost feel, what could only be described as liquid candy, flooding my mouth, and drowning my senses in perfect unadulterated bliss. That smooth saccharine taste would surely be my downfall. Never again, would I find such perfection. A scent, a flavor so potent, that years of fighting my primal instincts, would have little to no effect.

She was like a demon, sent from the very depths of hell to tempt me. Or perhaps an angel sent by God, to confirm my belief that I was in fact soulless, and had no place in his infinite order.


I paused. The most beautiful voice. Melodic. Mesmerising. It cut through my mind, filtering the vapor that hung about it, that had impeded all reasoning.

I remembered my love. I detached my mind and body from monster, to man. I removed my lips from her delicate skin, and lightly brushed them across her

cheek, letting go a sigh.

“What are you thinking Edward?” she asked.

If only she knew.

I think all of us can't wait until Midnight Sun is finished. I hadn't read the Twilight Saga until I saw the movie, but now I'm completely hooked and can't get enough.

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Comment by STUPID LAMB :) ! on May 9, 2009 at 8:15am
omg that was so good, yes i cant wait untill she finishes midnight sun :)
Comment by Davina on May 9, 2009 at 10:50am
“Isabella.” Her name was like a sigh, a euphoric exultation wrapped in velvet as it rolled off of my tongue. My favorite line that sam wrote...GO SAM!!!!!


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