NEW MOON: So Badly Done It Is Insulting to Fans

I haven't posted here in awhile because I didn't at ALL like what we were hearing about how NM was being developed, and was ticked off because Summit was allowing Weitz to put the entire Twilight franchise at risk by his stupid, lazy and clueless choices for NM. Once the movie came out, I didn't want to lessen the enjoyment of those who liked NM. However, with the rapid fall-off of movie viewer numbers, I think I'm not the only one who was disgusted to the point of being insulted by the ham-fisted way the director, Chris Weitz, and whomever else was responsible for the choices in filming NM destroyed the beautiful NM story.

New Moon was so pathetic, it defies description.

NM was not the Bella-Edward story Meyer wrote about. It was a disjointed meshing of about every campy, trite and cliche vampire element from about every vampire film ever made.

The crux of the movie's failures lay on the look of the film, which was about as far away from what Meyers described, it's hard to even connect the NM movie to the NM book. The blame for that lies with the director and the production designer.

The look of the vampires was one of the worst decisions made. Edward looked like Frankenstein (perhaps Weitz thought he was actually directing a remake of the "Frankenstein movie?) wearing Tony Curtis "Spartacus" pink lipstick. What the hell was that all about? Did someone forget to tell Weitz and his production designer that the Cullens are trying to pass as human?

Both Bella and Edward looked like they were 10 years older than the Bella and Edward of Twilight. Their makeup was so harsh--Edward's black eyebrows were so distracting--it looked like they stuck two black caterpillars on his forehead. Those eyebrows were like a man's bad toupe--once you look at it, it takes control of your mind and you cannot look away. Same with Edward's eyebrows. Absolutely captivating, but not in a good way.

The scene towards the end, where Bella asks for a vote about whether she can be in the family--sufferin jesus, to see all of the Cullens with the "Weitz look" in the same made me want to cry, scream and throw up all at the same time.

They all looked TERRIBLE. Poor Esme! Hell, poor ALL of them. And Jazz--AAGH! Wow, what a "look" they gave him! His hair, his eyes--absolutely stupifying. Esme--she had about a half-inch of kohl all around her eyes, makeup that made her look about 40 years old, and her hair was just ridiculous. Emmet was the only one who escaped relatively unscathed, but then the Emmet character is basically that of one very large gamboling black-lab puppy, and you just can't make a black lab puppy look bad.

And Alice! First of all, they got rid of her beautiful chimey voice, the only Cullen in Twilight who manifested the tone Meyers described in her book.

Oh, and this was the knee-slapper of character styles---when Alice and Bella go to Italy, they dress Alice like she's straight out of an Audrey Hepburn movie of the 1960s, and it was NOT a good look. The style was so out of character for Alice. It would have been a good look for Alice's grandmother maybe, because Alice's look throughout the movie was more of a matronly aunt than a vampire who was frozen at about the same age Bella was when alive. The style they gave her weighed her down--she was not the young, lithe, fairy-like Alice that Meyers wrote about and Hardwicke showed in Twilight.

I was so looking forward to seeing Rachelle as Victoria--I'm still ticked off they booted her. But, good thing they did, because the NM look they had for her was freaking bizarre and completely ignored the best thing she had going for her as a scary vampire--that she looks like an innocent Boticelli cupid, so when she goes all vampirey it is really a breath-catching shock. So, Weitz et al. didn't capitalize on that, but completely obliterated it. They made her beautiful, angelic, strawberry-blond hair into cheap-trollop red, and made her an angry, mean character for the entire NM appearance. Hello? If there is no range in a character, it's hard to show extremes, and without extremes, the the whole thing looks flat and normal for her.

And the wolves. Sigh. They didn't look real at all. Actually, they were kind of funny. Even the way their skeletons moved under the fur--I'm trying to figure out, "Wow, what is that bone doing sticking out there? that's not anywhere on a wolf. Why would he have an elbow coming out of the middle of his back?"

It seems that Weitz et al. could not get one thing right--even the meadow. How in the hell did they screw up the meadow? You could totally tell they bought blue silk flowers from a "99-Cents Store," and just stuck them in a bunch-grass meadow.

I didn't like the music at all. The romantic scenes between Bella and Edward had the most insipid 1960s-style romantic background music. I was waiting for the cheesy electric piano music to kick in at any minute.

That's it for me with the Twilight franchise. Unless Hardwick directs one of the remaining movies, I won't bother to see anything else that Summit screws up.

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Comment by Korry on December 24, 2009 at 7:22pm
Catherine Hardwicke, is that you?
Comment by Creampuff on December 24, 2009 at 11:50pm
Serious is this Catherine Hardwicke? I think even Hardwicke would have more sense than this. New Moon had a very different look than twilight but that was to be expected. What you are gripping about is completely off base.
Comment by Lone Nelly on December 25, 2009 at 11:23am
Seriously, a difference of oppinion is great, but have you even read the book, casue it sounds like you haven't!!!! Sure there are things I'd prefer done differently, but I don't think it deserves the slashing you are giving it. First Victoria - She was awesome... She is not a strawberry blond, but have red firey hair that looks like dancing on the water. In twilight she looked like she had stolen a rug from my grandfathers living room and thrown it around her shoulders. Her look was bleak and flat. Styling of jasper and Rosalie - agree, disaster. I don't like what happened to Alice either. But weather that was Chris Weitz or her acting - I guess we'll have to see. But my advise for you - save your money for something that doesn't get your panties in a bunch like this... I think it will work wonders for your sour mood. (I hope) and last - how can you not like Thom Yorke?
Comment by Twilight_Is_Love on December 25, 2009 at 3:50pm
Maybe its best you stick to the books.
Comment by Raechel on December 26, 2009 at 4:20pm
I whole-heartedly concur with what everyone above me commented.
Comment by Twilight_Is_Love on December 29, 2009 at 9:42am
Alicia Black--Raechel didn't write this blog, Morgaine Chya did. Raechel is someone agreeing with us :)


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