Trailer 1:

Edward and Bella's passionate kiss. But of course, we all remember this part of the trailer when we finally hear an "I Love You"!!

Edward and Bella talking quietly before the party. Its so cute how she touches his chest and he looks down at her face with loving eyes!! beautiful

Alice leads Bella down the stairs. Ashley Greene does a wonderful job as Alice. Portrays her beautifully. WOW WHAT A CAKE!
Then Bella cuts her finger. Jasper's face as he runs towards Bella. A-MAY-ZING.
Bella's worried stare looking up at everyone. Great!

AND THE WORST PART! EDWARD LEAVING BELLA! looks great. Close-up on Bella's face. She really does look like little red riding hood!

Bella lying on the forest floor. all curled up. it really does look great. kristen looks like she put more effort into this film. not that she didnt do the same in Twilight, just that she would've had to have the emotional capacity to do emotional scenes such as these.

Laurent in the meadow. Doesn't he look great?! And Bella's hair has a tint of red in it. Laurent lightly caresses Bella's face.

Jacob looks up. Ooooh those abs!! lol he looks fabulous!!! congrats to Taylor on his effort!

Laurent's face when he see's the wolves. (obviously not when Bella runs and says "JAKE, RUN!" they just mashed evrythin together.) This scene is where the pack chases and kills Laurent. BUT when Jake transforms that is a different part of the movie. It is when he meets with the pack and Paul and him have a fight.

And finally Jacob's transformation into wolf. What can i say?! It was greatEXCELLENT!

Out of all these amazing sneak peeks we have been fortunate enough to see, my fave part was the party at the Cullen's.

Hey, but this is just my opinion, guys. I'd like to know wat u thought about the 1st new moon trailer. Comment below an let me know what you thought and wat was ur fave part of the trailer.


BreeCullen xox

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Comment by Kennedy Meriah Cullen on August 21, 2009 at 5:26am
it was soo like exciting when we finally got an "I LOVE YOU" even tho it was a fade to black one lol , i love when they are in his room and shes got her hand on his chest when i saw it i just melted i love Edward and Bella they are the best, i think my favorite part tho was when she says to him in the begining ,

its still my birthday can i ask for something..
and he kind of looks at her like omg and shes just like
KISS ME and shes got these big gorgeous eyes and you know there is no way he can say no....
Comment by Bree Cullen on August 22, 2009 at 3:14am
haha yeah. i agree. thanx 4 commenting


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