New Peter Facinelli Interview from Chile Comic Con - talks about his feelings about the end of the saga and more

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 In this interview, the actor talks about his feelings about the imminent end of the saga "Twilight" and his desires to consolidate as a writer and producer of his own tapes.
- What do you think you did the invitation to attend Comic Con Chile?
'I'm very excited to be here, it all started on Twitter where I have many fans and everyone always told me to come to Chile to meet and the organizer of Comic Con contacted me through Twitter and I found it very entertaining to come to this country and meet the fans. I've never been here and it brought my daughter to know Chile.
- How about the global phenomenon of Twilight?
'It was an incredible experience for me as an actor, I feel very fortunate to be part of it. I have been working for 18 years in the industry and Twilight fans are very loyal. Even before the movies came out, came the fans of the books. Luckily they liked the tapes and have always given support.
- Have you ever waited for this success?
'I think nobody could have expected the success we have had. When we were filming, so just wanted to make a good movie for fans of the books and hopefully we could do a sequel.
-You once said in an interview that originally did not want to make vampire movies what made you change your mind?
'Yes, what happens is that the vampires were playing at the time they were writing the books, were different, more horror films, very violent, more like zombie movies and I was not interested in making such films. But when I read the book I realized that "Twilight" was not that, but it was a beautiful love story with vampires. It also reminded me of the vampire classic, which was more sensual, mysterious and beautiful creatures.
- How about being the greatest actor in the cast of "Twilight"?
-The other players have only 10 years younger, so I do not feel like the old guy, I'm more a brother than a father and we all come together. It's not like 'oh no, here comes the father' (laughs) I've never felt like the old. I worked with people 10 years or so.
- What do you think about your reputation for sexy vampire?
- (Laughs) I really think I'm aiming to be the grandfather vampire sexy (laughs) That would be something ...
- Do you feel sexy?
- No! (Laughs) walk around feeling sexy would be a problem, is that someone tells you to, but not feeling well.
- Any advancement of the fifth and final installment in the Twilight saga?
-Sale in November this year and is the latest installment. The first part was very intimate, it was about Bella becoming a vampire, and the second is a vampire, but has a child vampire and half human and Volturi see this as a threat and want to kill the child to our family and this is the greatest threat. Then my character meets a vampire series from around the world to fight them.
-As an actor what do you feel that this is the last part of the saga?
- As an actor you know there comes a minute that the work must come to an end. It was a wonderful experience in my career, and is bitter and sweet at once, because on one hand you're happy to go ahead with other projects, but also sad because you're not going to see your friends all the time.
- Have you seen "Hunger Games"? Do you feel like a match for "Twilight"?
-To me they are very different films. I saw and really enjoyed "Hunger Games", but not compared with the saga of "Twilight", in fact when it appeared "Twilight" everyone compared it to "Harry Potter" and are totally different. And the same feel to "hungy Games", so we need not compete with this film in any way. People can see the two without any problems.
-Produjiste, and protagonizaste write your own movie "Loosies" How was that experience?
'It was a wonderful experience for me because when you're an actor you have to tell the story of another person, but when you write your story and have the possibility to build a team, to provide jobs. I prefer that.In any case, always be working on other films, as I find interesting.
- Was this the first time you produced and writing your own movie?
'Yes, but once sold a Hallmark Channel movie that starred, but wrote only. I have another movie that I made script and I'll start working on it in summer.
- Do you have other projects in the pipeline?
- There are a couple of scripts I'm seeing, but I have also Facinelli Films, if not make my own movie. I like having that control, rather than waiting for other films that I can like them or not.
Source: The Vampire Club 

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