omg i actually cant wait till next year :D

i can finally go back to college woop :)
Remember me is out on the 12 of march ( just in time for my birthday :D)
Valentines Day is out on the 12 of February (taylor lautner and aston kutcher in the same film yay :))
The Runaways will be out (dont know the exact date)
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is out on the 19 november (but tbh the only reasons im going to see it is cause ive seen all the other ones and there would be no point in not going to see it although im getting a bit bored of the harry potter films every one is near enought the same harry nearly gets killed lol and in all the other films they have missed out so much thats important like they never mentioned that bill and fleur are getting married i mean come on the wedding is the start of the 7th book how can they not mention it and they left out the mirror that sirius gave to harry thats important in the 7th book and they left out dumbledores funeral, ginny and harry didnt really go out and they didnt break up at the end. the books are a million times better than the films (sorry for the rant lol :D) but the main reason im going to see it is Jamie Campell Bower!!!)
new moon out on dvd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

probably the best thing happening next year tho is Eclipse!!!!!!!!! cant wait for it to come out!!!! 9 of July!!! just 193 days!!!! if its as gd as new moon then it is seriously going to be an amazing film and i cant wait till the end meadow scene. if they have kept it really clese to the book then i cant wait to hear those words come out of his mouth omg i may even die :D and the "leg hitch" scene :D omg cant wait and the tent scene is my favourite part of the book so they better not have changed it!!!!! also i really want to see Bryce Dallas Howard as victoria i hope she is as gd as Rachelle. its going to be weird watching it and it not being her as victoria im going to miss her in Eclipse shes always going to be victoria to me :D

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Comment by backupStew on November 30, 2009 at 12:43pm
and taylor is not going to be illegal hahaha


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