Nextmovie: A (male) Twi-hard Reacts to the Razzie Nominations

It’s official. “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” – along with M. Night Shyamalan’s ”The Last Airbender” – leads the nominations with nine. Unfortunately, those nominations are not for the Oscars, the MTV Movie Awards, or even the People’s Choice Awards. “Eclipse” is nominated for nine Golden Raspberries (aka Razzies), an award that “celebrates” the worst in film.


I know. I screamed at my computer monitor, too.


No doubt you’ve already started organizing fellow Twi-Hards, lighting torches in preparation to lead an angry mob toward the home of Razzies’ founder, John J.B. Wilson. However, before forgetting your classy Twi-principles in order to enact some kind of “Frankenstein”-justice on Wilson, the face of this Twi-Hatred and a man whose two middle initials clearly indicate he thinks he’s better than us, please take a a moment to read this.

First of all, the people who vote to nominate “the worst” films of the year are not filmmakers, actors, journalists or critics of reputation. Before creating the Razzies, Wilson was a copywriter and publicist. He is no more of a film expert than you or me. He is simply an early proponent of the “Hater Culture” that pervades our culture today. When he created the concept in 1981, there were no Internet message boards or blogs for him to post his opinions, so he created an awards ceremony (OK, that was kind of a smooth move).


Being a publicist by trade, Wilson knows that to grab the public’s attention, he must nominate movies people care about. And people obviously care about “Twilight,” more every year in fact. That’s what’s most interesting about these nominations: ”Eclipse” is the first “Twilight” movie to earn a Worst Picture nomination, despite the fact that it generally received better a better response than its predecessors and earned a 50 percent approval rating on RottenTomatoes (the same percentage as the first, actually, but far better than “New Moon’s” 27 percent).


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Comment by Eden Courtney on January 25, 2011 at 7:36pm

Wilson gives new meaning to the term "cheap shot" - it's just too cliche.

Comment by Katie H on January 25, 2011 at 9:42pm

Aren't fans supposed to not care what the "haters" think?

Whining about Eclipse getting a bunch of Razzie nominations isn't going to accomplish anything. They're not going to have a change of heart and suddenly realize, "Oh my! We've made a terrible mistake! The work of these actors is pure genius!" Get over it.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm a twi-hard just like the rest of ya'll. But I also have the ability to watch these movies and know that the acting is FAR from stellar. It's actually laughable at times. Especially Kristen Stewart and her ever-present flat affect. And for a supposed hot n heavy couple, Rob and Kristen really lack chemistry on screen. They're awkward. Their kissing is awkward. Any of you could recognize this if you looked at the movies objectively. Do I love Twilight any less? No. Do I go to the midnight showings decked out in twilight gear, excited out of my mind? Hell yes. Is the acting in these films good? No. It's mediocre at best.

And "movies that people care about" are not the only movies nominated. Take Sandra Bullock, for example. Last year she won the worst actress award for "All About Steve," a movie that basically no one saw. It made a measly amount at the box office and was critically panned. Way worse than any of the Twilight films. But Sandra was mature enough to actually go to the awards ceremony, accept her Razzie, and laugh about the whole thing. Oh and what happened the very next evening? She won an Oscar!!! How awesome is that??!!! The Twilight kids could learn a thing or two from her!

I think the cast of Eclipse should have a sense of humor about themselves, show up, laugh, have fun, and accept any wards they win. I don't understand why the fans are getting so riled up. These movies don't ever get fantastic reviews. These movies aren't made to be critically-acclaimed. They're meant for the fans. The fans love them, not the critics. Reputable critics just don't give these films good reviews. Doesn't that say something? These people know what they're talking about. It's their job to watch a film and critique it. It's not some personal agenda against Twilight. Anyone with a knowledge of what makes a truly excellent film is not going to think of the Twilight Saga.  End of story.

In summation... my point is this: You can be the craziest fan out there and still admit that the acting in the Twilight films is, in fact, downright Razzie-licious. It doesn't make you any less of a fan. It just means you know truly great acting when you see it.



Comment by Katie H on January 25, 2011 at 9:53pm

And what the hell is with this quote, "Ultimately, this is just another minor blip from Twi-Haters who can’t stand the success of our beloved franchise. As Twi-Hards, we deal with that kind of mindset every day."

Really? Who does this guy think he is? He's convinced that movie critics (who are, according to him, all cranky old men - not even remotely true), have a personal vendetta against Twilight. They can't stand the success of the franchise? Um... they don't give a crap. They critique movies for a living. And this quote, "We deal with this kind of mindset every day." REALLY??!! So what are we? Some sort of suppressed race dealing with Twilight racism? Oh what a tragedy! We're all dealing with so much hatred and terror! Good god this guy is dramatic. I sincerely hope that not all die-hard Twilight fans are this egotistical and completely out of touch with reality.

Comment by Jean on January 26, 2011 at 4:49am
A Razzie was given to Sandra Bullock around the time frame that she got an Oscar.  They just are trying to boost their ratings, even if it is only people coming to their site to complain.
Comment by catherine on January 26, 2011 at 9:17am
yea know these PPL have no taste whatsoever!!!!!  IF they had ANY taste whatsoever they would VOTE for the films that NOBODY has EVER heard of instead of giving them GG!!!! I watched GG and I didn't even know any of the films but for alice in wonderland!!!!!! THEY should give the GG to the films that MADE the most money!!!! Twilight New Moon Eclipse were ALL VERY BIG MOVIES!!!! I am AMAZED that there is SO many PPL with Bad taste in this world!!! I understand that PPL have different taste...but come on!!! I don't get it...they give ALL these awards to films and actors that NOBODY ever heard of....and to put down MOVIES that R VERY big money bringers is Stupid.....EVEN the Crictics LOVED ECLIPSE!!!! so what gives???? I just think PPL who voted on this Razzy thing R player haters!!! they just don't like it that Rob Kristen and Taylor have ALOT of talent for young actors and they don't... Just my opinon!!!


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